1. Saw them twice in 1978 on their Buildings and Food tour, and it was a life-changing experience. Standing maybe 15 feet in front of them …. what focused intensity, especially from David. The only acts who came close were the Joe Jackson Band and Elvis and the Attractions, both in 1978.

    2. I had a ticket to see them at the Hammersmith Pallas in London , U2 were the support band. Sadly I couldn’t go. Regret it to this day.

  1. Life and Music…. it’s all about
    “Time and Space” . Carry on!!!
    And don’t forget to Smile🎵🎶🎵

  2. So, Byrne got to,“there’s a time in your life, when you ask yourself…” and I truly thought he was about to say, “where is my beautiful wife” etc.
    Oh well. His answer was pretty thoughtful, robust and reasonable, which is, at the very least, the next best thing to silly and surreal.

  3. I see his point.
    I’ll have to rely on my memory or watch Stop Making Sense if I crave it again.
    Greatest concert film of all time.
    RIP Johnathan Demme

    1. Talking Heads were an epic live band. But if u ever get a chance, please check out “The last waltz” by the band. It was filmed by Martin Scorsese and the guest appearances by great artists were numerous.

  4. The Wisest take on Music and what it means in peoples lives and how it applies. You can’t recreate the whirlwind of your youth, but you can celebrate it.

  5. If he had said “An exercise in nostalgia rather than development” I would say that he spoke z most epic and astute quote pertaining 2 z retirement of a musical (and cultural 4 that matter) legend!

  6. I need to learn about David Byrne and his Talking Heads more. I can still remember back to when I listened to that usual demo tune/classic hit song “Like Humans Do”, from time to time.

  7. You may find yourself in a beautiful house,
    With a beautiful wife,
    And you may ask yourself: well.. how did I get here?

  8. For those who love David Byrne and all of his wonderful creative outlets, I recommend his movie True Stories. It’s a fantastic film and stars a young John Goodman along with David himself.

    1. Driving through the desert and passes a fire hydrant. The festival of “specialness”. The suit made of grass. Both of them in the mall trying to score him a date – friggin’ classic. Their album version of the soundtrack was way better than what was used in the film, why they didn’t use the album version was odd.

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