1. Nothing’s Shocking is one of the greatest albums of all time and I’m a gerbil.

  2. Remember the part in Crybaby where they are getting their polio vaccines? Patty Hearst? Traci Lords? Johnny Dapp? So good.

  3. Always loved being around artists, for their ability to see the world through different lenses, which helped me to see my perspectives from still other perspectives. Two terrific guests. Thanks.

  4. OMG! Never did I think I’d see Perry fricking Farrell on MSNBC! Thank you Ari, this was great, you rule!

  5. Mr. Farrell you have reached another severly broken heart, I love your message. Mahalo from Maui!

  6. LOVED Jane’s Addiction! Ari, so love yr musical guests, esp combined with unlikely folks 😉 Way to do yr part to bring together disparate ppl & use yr talent with remembering apropos lyrics, it’s fresh 🙏🏽🌟

  7. Only for partying. Ya. I have had my 1st in 2 weeks my 2nd. Then party party. Travel Travel.

  8. Very cool that Ari had Perry Farrell. Perry is a great and visionary artist. I’m excited to see him and hear of his plans. I anticipate his (and his great band’s) new endeavors. I attended the very first Lollapalooza and had a great time. I will always be so glad I went.

  9. I love me some Perry Farrell. Jane’s Addiction was/is an important band, and I cannot wait to see them again! (Please, come to Houston.)

    The Jane’s Addiction/Body Count duet is intense, and one of the most creative, brave, difficult performance pieces I have ever experienced.

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