1. @Bob Heck – The somewhat good news is that the largest cities in S.D. have gone against their governors wishes and mandated masks. They managed to knock down their 6 out of every 10 people have COVID rate to 4 out of every 10.

    2. @Q TheMessiah – Proof that masks work.
      No mask mandate states:
      Idaho – 50.6% positive test rate. 1/2 the population is testing positive

      Kansas – Has a mandate but nobody cares or enforces. 44.6% positive test rate

      South Dakota – No mandate. 44.1% positive test rate.

      States with mask mandates:
      Vermont – 1.6% positive test rate.

      Hawaii – 1.8% positive test rate.

      Maine – 2.1 positive test rate.

    3. Where were you when BLM/ANTIFA were rioting in the streets? What about Joe’s victory street parties… Super spreader events. Were you in Mexico or at the French Laundry…smh🙁

    4. @Think about it – And please, don’t come back with “I’m not a racist”. Own it dude. You hate people of color. Don’t hide behind your “I’m not a racist” rant. Be honest for once in your life.

    1. @Billithekat Then why isn’t Biden doing anything about Covid since hes President? His political party has power to provide solutions and action in the transition of Presidency.

    2. @Dem and Dember Dim and Dimmer – Biden is President-elect. T****, your so-called president, is the one who has failed so miserably. Try reading the constitution regarding the transition of power. smh

    3. @Dem and Dember Mostly because your butt-buddy tRump has done everything in his power to block the transition.
      And BTW, why hasn’t Trump done anything about Covid since….January?

    4. @Doc Malthus What is Biden going to different than Trump? At least Trump on top of companies like pfizer for vaccine.

  1. About 20 years ago, as a specialist nurse, I was complaining about my salary to my sister seven years younger who was working for a bank and earning double my salary. She said you knew what you were signing up for. I said yes I did, but I expected a liveable wage. This year, it’s not even about the wage anymore, it’s about personal safety and the people you go home to, whose lives are also in danger because of what you signed up for. My sister changed her opinion when her youngest child, at four, needed cardiac surgery.

    1. @Gabe Dudley what makes you think hospital staff get more money if the diagnosis is Covid or the death is as a result? We get a salary and that’s it. You sound like a thinking person. Don’t believe the lies that come out of the mouth of a known liar and whinging con man.

  2. More people will die from the corona this weekend than died on 9-11. And t’rump supporters are like, “so what.”

    1. When was the last time mr.orange talked about covid? Is he still the leader of this country? He’s just ignoring what’s happening or maybe pretending it’s not happening at all. It just sums up that his election loss is much important than this virus.

    2. @ra5928 No no, let’s hear what Q has to say. Cuz maybe this virus was created by aliens as a way to identify the humans they want to mate with, and they’ll re-animate the dead, without us ever knowing!
      That’s the current t’rump cult thinking, right? 😅😂🤣

  3. Share and speak out. People are dying. Trump, the president is not caring one moment. He sees it as a number. People, you have a voice.

  4. Horrific, I work in the most intense situations alone. Working, knowing lives are on the other end. I don’t care about my needs, not the point.

  5. As an ICU/anaesthetic nurse, how do I feel? Even in the quiet of your home and before you sleep, you still hear and feel the hissing of the ventilators. It’s in the back of your head, and even though you think you’ve switched off, it’s there with you because you can’t switch off the magnitude of the situation. It’s like coming off a boat and still feeling the rocking beneath you. And that’s why I get really mad at people who don’t wear masks or wear it under the chin. But tomorrow I’ll feel better and leave the frustrations at home. Sorry for the ranting.

    1. As an American, thank you for putting your life and that of your family’s in danger every day. And for being there when family cannot to comfort these patients. God bless you❤️

  6. Traitor boy and the republicans have killed over 250,000 to date, but all you hear from them is fairy tales about voter fraud…..What a complete disgrace….

    1. What makes you look less than intelligent is your failure to see China’s role. I’m starting to think TDS is real….over 1.5 million dead worldwide🇨🇳

    2. @Think about it That’s weird, I didn’t know China was the president of the United States…Did I miss an election somewhere?…

    3. @INCARNATE It amazes me how that “think about it” tried to twist the narrative to blaming China ! The Qanon flat earth is strong in him.

  7. I’m from melbourne, australia. Some of you will recall we had a strict, hellish lockdown. Back in august, we had 700+ cases a day, and suffered 90% of all australias’ deaths from covid. 95% of the populace embraced masks, social distancing, and unfamiliar restrictions on our freedoms. After an initial stuff up, our leaders took it seriously, made the public accept the harsh truth of the pandemic, and were tough but fair. We are now on the way back, and today was the 37th consecutive day of no new cases, no active cases, and only 1 death in 5 weeks, a case that preceded the end of the lockdown, who unfortunately never recovered. We are perennially at risk if we drop our guard, like everyone else, but are 37 days without a single new case, noone is currently hospitalised with covid, and things are as normal as possible at this time. Conclusion, this is very real, but leadership and a relatively undivided populace will prevail.

    1. Christopher, you and Melbourne did us proud! You proved what can be done when people work together … masks, social distancing, strict quarantines, lots of testing and contact tracing, along with border closures and movement restrictions can and do stop this dreadful virus… it is the responsibility of each one of us to ensure the safety of those around us.

    2. And now you can go have have a snag from Bunnings. Be careful of those drop bears and hoop snakes mate

    3. Congrats. Must be nice to live somewhere where everyone cares about one another and leaders tell the truth about the situation and what to do to make it better and follow through.

  8. Medical personnel = Angels on our shoulders. They are working in a battle field and their patients take their last look on earth into their masked eyes 😢😷🇺🇸💔

  9. Im a Respiratory Therapist in a Covid ICU. We are drowning in COVID. All trump had to do was Say “Wear your mask”.

    1. 😭 my daughter also respiratory therapist in Southern California where cases are up. Stay safe & RESTED, Sweetie!

    2. Why blame Trump? Cuomo is in charge of New York. What about the BLM/ANTIFA riots or the Joe Biden victory street parties…lots of blame to go around.

    3. @Think about it Why don’t you go to your safe space together with your fellow smart people and leave us the sane ones alone

    4. @Think about it Isn’t a president supposed to guide and set good examples. Cheers from Australia where life comes first.

  10. What would a Doctor on a Covid ward know about Covid? We have the GOP and Fox to tell us it’s all lies and hype.

  11. I can’t even imagine what these nurses and doctors are going through. Day in and day out this tragedy unfolds.

  12. Re: tRumps Georgia rally. Hardly anyone was masked up. I feel sorry for the hospitals who will have to deal with the consequences of this rally.

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