ICU Nurse On The Frontlines: ‘Everybody Is Stretched… It’s A Day To Day Battle’ | MSNBC 1

ICU Nurse On The Frontlines: ‘Everybody Is Stretched… It’s A Day To Day Battle’ | MSNBC


Carol Williams is an ICU nurse who has been on the frontlines fighting COVID-19 in Aurora, Illinois. She says some of her patients are still in denial about the threat from coronavirus. She tells them, “Whether you believe it or not, you’re in the ICU now… The effects on your body are really taking place and there’s a real possibility you could die from this.”
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ICU Nurse On The Frontlines: ‘Everybody Is Stretched… It’s A Day To Day Battle’ | MSNBC


    1. No, I have not forgotten.
      At 15 I was cleaning a bar on weekends. Under the table.

      Having cleaned toilets at a dive bar on a Saturday morning, I can never look down on what someone else does for an honest living.

      I know you are there.

      Be safe.

    2. I started out washing trucks and taking out the trash at a HVAC company. I became an a.c./heating contractor myself at 37.

    3. Ahhh , affordable healthcare. Because everyone wants to go to 10 years of medical school for $12.50 an hour

    4. YEP, I gave them praise on my Instagram and YT channel. I’m a Hospitalist PA in Washington, D.C. The people that feed hospital staff and keep the hospitals clean are among the most CRUCIAL front line workers. No food, no life. No cleanliness, rampant infections and filth. I TRULY appreciate these men and women. In fact, I worked at McDonald’s back in 89′ to pay for my CNA (certified Nursing assistant) course. I worked as a CNA from 90 through 98′ whilst earning my college degrees. Back then, it paid $7.00/hr.

  1. It never was a job I could do, but now? They’re American heroes deserving all the protection imaginable. Their families need protection too.


    1. These are the same people who want to overturn Roe v Wade. Its not that they are murdered, its when they feel murder is warranted. Plus they feel its their right to become the executioners.

  3. Has a one noticed the pattern yet? A republican messes things up. And a Democrat has to fix up everything that was destroyed

    1. Has anyone noticed, if it weren’t for gerrymandering and the electoral college, there would never be another Republican President ever again?

  4. God bless all these beautiful Nurses,Doctors Frontline Workers all those who help to take care of these sick a dying patients, may u all be showered with extra Grace ,Health,Strength,compassion and also rest an relax to u prayers for uall.

  5. It could be at the end of 2021 with almost 1 million deaths and still people wouldn’t care. Covid19 shines a bright light on human nature, a person is selfish until it affects them and in need of help

  6. I really wish this public health emergency was not politicized. It shouldn’t be a question of food on the table vs possibly dying from lack of oxygen. Screw the political system and corrupt politicians!

    1. it is not one or the other.. if there is so much covid 19 in the community, people will not want to go out, they do not want to go out and get exposed in crowds or in small gatherings.

  7. Everyone here is shopping. The worse it gets , the less people in Arkansas/Oklahoma care. Mass delusion on a scale I never thought I’d witness.

    1. Same where I am. Un-frigging-believable. I’m staying home this weekend and “avoiding people like the plague” as they say. The post-Thanksgiving wave hasn’t even started yet. The two weeks before Christmas are going to be absolutely mental. And January/February are going to bring wave after wave of deaths 🙁

  8. Imagine your worst day on the job ever, where no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, you end up with another failure: in this case a patient dying.
    Now imagine repeating this day for 4 months straight.
    Much love to our brave medical workers who are legit heroes.

  9. If I was in charge , the people not taking precautions or saying hoax , would not be getting healthcare. They don’t care until it affects them so let the selfish die.

    1. I’m waiting for furious Trumpanzees to call in death threats to hospitals for “killing Grandma with that fake covid hoax virus just to make Trump look bad”. Because the rest of the world isn’t laughing hard enough at the USA these days 🙁

  10. Here is her quote: “Just stop…..
    Stop thinking this is just like the flu, it isn’t .
    Stop telling me the survival rate so it’s not a big deal, it is a big deal.

    Stop saying healthcare workers signed up for this, we didn’t.
    Stop ignoring science based recommendations of masking, social distancing, hand hygiene, and not gathering in large crowds, they work.
    Stop kidding yourself that this isn’t going to affect you or someone you love or know, it will.
    Stop thinking that only unhealthy people with preexisting medical conditions or elderly people are the ones dying, they aren’t the only ones.
    Stop being confident that if you get sick from anything, the resources to save you will be readily available, that may not be in this stage of the pandemic.
    Stop believing hospitals aren’t being overrun because of the massive influx of Covid patients at this moment, they are.
    Stop thinking if they make makeshift areas to house more patients there will be properly trained staff to care for them, there may not be.
    Stop believing that all frontline healthcare workers are properly protected with PPE, many across the country STILL are not.
    Stop ignoring that healthcare workers are also getting sick themselves, it’s happening.
    Stop believing that doctors are profiting from this pandemic, they aren’t.
    Stop politicizing this virus, it’s a public health crisis
    If you are taking this pandemic seriously, doing the best you can to be safe and protect others, THANK YOU.
    If you are not, please start now. I am begging you!” – Carol Williams, ICU Nurse

  11. “Here we are..”, it is the unknown that has me so scared for those Americans who refuse to accept the reality of covid. The average American used to be blessed with a strong educated mind that could easily discern the correct behavior to follow during any major crisis. Following doctors orders was an acceptable option. The desire to defend their freedom, or right to not have to wear a face mask or social distance, would not have been the issue to my parents generation. Doing good and keeping America healthy was second nature to all of us.

    The public generally knows the truth from a lie. We don’t have that capacity anymore. What can we say or do to help everyone to just hunker down and face the science of covid19? Everyone is different and diversity has always been a strength. Working as a team was a privilege. Whether you play team sports or you work on team projects in your job, you always know how important each “player/team member” is to complete a project, win a game, or discover a cure. In more desperation than political philosophy, I beg all of us to please be a team player and together we will win this germ war. If we continue to assert independent liberties they will only obstruct the justice all people seek at this point in their lives. America, the PEOPLE, you know better. Refusing to face the need your neighbor has for you to practice PPE is not going to actually bring us back to a place where we can go without PPE…truth, loves.

  12. Re: tRumps rally. Hardly anyone was masked up. I feel sorry for the hospitals who will have to deal with the consequences of this rally.

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