Ida Damages Louisiana Hospitals Packed With Covid Patients

Former FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate discusses the potential risk if hospitals in Louisiana, already packed with Covid patients, become more overwhelmed with trauma patients from Ida. 

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Ida Damages Louisiana Hospitals Packed With Covid Patients


  1. Most are probably unvaccinated people anyway. Just give them healing crystals and essential oils and they’ll be okay.

    1. @Louis Tully
      Yes, Israel demonstrated that vaccination rates need to be even higher before opening everything up

    2. @Louis Tully
      They had 78%. And yes, the Delta variant is a little more successful in breaking through the vaccine, but the vaccines still help. Why do you have an agenda to suggest otherwise?

    1. @Louis Tully No! I’m saying a miniscule amount have died from breakthrough cases after 185 million vaccinated people! Can you read? Personally I could care less if you people want to attempt suicide? Just hurry the fk up about it before you infect other people!

    2. @Louis Tully
      VERY few people have died from the vaccinations – no more than is typical of any vaccinations. Rare side effects are always possible. And still vaccines have saved more lives than any medical advance.

    1. @jonharson what’s it like being a unproductive member of society. you have my permission to cry about it on the short bus you ride.

    2. @V and you know this how? oh silly me what was i thinking. msm told you, never believe anything unless you see it yourself

    1. @Mark Evans
      We have all known Biden for decades. Most people know quite a bit about him. I assume your “facts” include the nonsense you copy off partisan hate sites?

    2. @Jock Young You are entitled to your opinion, but have you considered who benefits?

      Russia and China benefit by prolonging this.

    1. @V Well yeah. We have to keep explaining to you that they are EXIT ONLY. But do you listen? NO!

  2. covid deniers are wrecking havoc on this country and its time to stop the selfishness entitlement … when will the insurance co. step in since the gov. are inept and part of the major problems

  3. Another reason to get vaccinated. What if you had to be placed in a room with out an exit. Get vaccinated!!!

  4. But what is the predominant racial profile of the covid patients? I want to know whether I should blame DeSatan or dismiss the numbers as Russian misinformation

    1. try covering your body with the vaccine and see if it stops hurricane winds, how old are you? my guess 12 to 15

  5. Today I’m proud to announce I took my 23rd booster everybody! I’m now protected for another 2 weeks until the the fall variant the Delta Premium Elite Package Variant kicks in. Thanks again MSNBC for keeping everybody safe!

    1. @End Religion Actually fine sir, I’m a gender neutral giraffe who identifies as a tree. Don’t be a bigot

    2. @Martin Riggs bigot, lol. You should look that word up. Bahahaha. Lol. Hahaha. How embarrassing for you!!! 🤣

    1. @Sim Simmer oh I’m so sorry two letters were reversed in that sentence making it impossible for you to understand basic English. I fix that for you so now you can go back to drooling on yourself like a Simp.

  6. Friendly reminder that the leader of the republican party was so fragile of a snowflake he made FEMA doctor a map with a Sharpie to cover for the fact the Stable Genius didn’t know where Alabama was. 😅😂🤣

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