1. @Woody Twinkie What the hell are you talking about? Trump called trump a very smart man and has been unhappy with Biden’s sanctions.

  1. I feel so bad for those people. But I have been thru major storms in Fl. Lived here all my life. Hurr. Andrew. The gas will run out. Power will be out for a time. I didn’t have it for 3mths. At least we have a president that really is trying to get them help. That is more than we got.

    1. @Dementia Joe at least he doesn’t think bleach cures COVID or thinks windmills cause cancer

    1. Oh No ! Unfortunately not….Just wait for the seawater pooring into NY… No coastal defence along the 600+ miles oceanboarders.
      It’s only starting to get worse.
      No fraction of doubt about that.
      Sorry to tell you

  2. Welcome to what we deal with here in Dixie Alley we have those kind of weather conditions during spring leading into summer every year., you guys just got a taste of it ., and it’s not pleasant by any means

  3. “President Trump must be impeached for this leaked phone call!” – Jen Psaki
    “What about president Biden’s phone call to Ghani?” – Reporter
    “We don’t comment on any leaked phone calls.” – Jen Psaki

    1. What the f you’re talking about? During the first impeachment Psaki wasn’t even in the picture

  4. You *finally* get a parking spot on Riverside Drive and in the middle of a concrete jungle *a tree falls* on your car. The gods are cruel

  5. “Nature Deniers of of you”I would rather believe that nature is the cause of the changes of our climate. ..”NOT MAN”!

  6. Hurricane Ida was historic and will be retired. Record rainfall up to 5 inches per hour. Tornadoes. Incredible. And just to think it was the remnants of a Hurricane. Here in New Jersey Id say this was the worse flood event ever maybe with the exception of Hurricane Sandy. Incredible.

  7. Wait for it! Biden has to be impeached his administration is causing climate change. Trump had less flooding in 4 years than Biden in 8 months. Biden where are the paper towels!!

  8. I feel for all those who have gone through floods. When I saw boats picking up people at their doors it brought much pain and suffering to me because I went through the Nisqually Flood in Olympia, WA Feb. 8, 1996. It took me a month to survey the damage to my trailer because they had to rebuild the road because it was severely damaged. My landlord picked me up in a rowboat when the water was up to my thighs and I was never so scared in my life and you never get over that especially when you see things floating by your trailer.. There was over 8 feet of water in that park. Now we are so dry here, please send us the rain.

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