If Biden Defeats Trump, Does Trumpism Still Survive? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

If Biden Defeats Trump, Does Trumpism Still Survive? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


If Joe Biden deprives Pres. Trump of a second term, do the politics of Trump still survive? Fmr. campaign aide to Mitt Romney Lanhee Chen reacts. Aired on 10/28/2020.
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If Biden Defeats Trump, Does Trumpism Still Survive? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. “Policies focused on working class whites” doesnt policies that benefit “working class whites” also benefit all other races? At the end of the day whites and blacks need the same thing, less taxes, higher wages, better schooling.

    1. @Javier Gutierrez
      My grandma came home everyday from working in a factory and picked up trash in the yard in the projects. And then the young kids started helping. Then mothers told their kids not to pick up trash because of germs. But didn’t tell their kids to throw trash in the dumpsters . Parenting matters lol

    2. @EpicMusicLemon You know what happens when you get rich people to pay more? They leave and their companies leave with them, America is supposed to be free it isn’t supposed to tax wealthy people just because they are wealthy. Or they’ll just hire an accountant so they can lower the tax raise and then leave it to the poor people

    3. @Gadhhfhf Well you can blame the constitution for the ability to raise taxes. I agree with what you said and that is why Bidens plan while not fool proof allows Americans with small business, moderate sub 400k income will pay far lower tax than in the past 4 years, just as done in the 8 Obama years that pulled us out of Bush’s real estate recession crash. Remember million dollar companies don’t pay these taxes in fact the statistics show that many large companies pay barely any taxes whatsoever. But the CEO at the top making 25 million a year should indeed pay back into the country that allowd him to make that insane some of money. My question to you is what set of years in American history were the ideal Tax rates for you for the best economy? You would be hard pressed to find such a tax cut for the rich in ___ year(Reagan era? Nope Bush Sr? nope 60’s? Nope. Biden resembles 90’s republican platform and it isnt perfect but IMO better than the do nothing regime currently in. While I disagree with 15 dollar minimum, it really needs to be raised gradually especially as robots take more and more of these jobs. Anyway that is my opinion, I love the US for millions of other reasons but failing education system is not one indeed.

    4. @EpicMusicLemon You really think robots are going to take over? Robots aren’t as good as humans and have more chances to mess up. These large companies do pay a lot in taxes probably more than most of the us combined. These companies don’t owe anything to the country neither does anyone it’s stupid to say that they deserve to pay just because they live here

    5. @EpicMusicLemon They even tried a 90% raise on taxes on these rich people. But you know what happened? They didn’t pay for it because they found other ways because they were rich enough to find other ways to deal with it, tax raises really only hurt the working class

    1. The Southern Strategy according to the history books.

      In the 50’s and 60’s Republican leaders consciously appealed to many white’s racial grievances in order to gain their support.”

      How the current times will be recorded in the history books;

      “In the 2000’s Democrat leaders consciously appealed to many blacks racial grievances and inflamed racial tensions in order to gain their support.”

      Funny how history repeats itself.

    2. Would any of you be supporting trump if he was elected as a democrat? If everything played out the same would you be voting for trump even if the democrats hated the guy would you still vote for him if he was a democrat and did and said everything exactly the same?

    3. @KTOWELL1120 He is a liar…..If you read even a little of the Mueller report you would know why…..Trump has been a POS his whole life!!! He is a crook!!!

  2. “If Biden defeats trump” Isn’t this like “if Clinton defeats trump” because that’s what the news tells ya. Lmao. Yet the multi colored depressed land whales will once again be bawling on live tv because their fantasy of a perfect democratic world is ruined.

  3. “ working class whites “ why is MSNBC obsessed with talking about race LOL
    Insanity cannot be hidden

    1. @Marci LK As someone who is neither liberal nor conservative he hit the nail square on the head as I see it.

    2. @Carz N Stuff I don’t believe you. You cannot be non-partisan and believe one group of people is one way, and another group all another way. Just the fact of thinking that indicates a bias towards one group.

    3. @James Poff we are the same age and I feel the same as you do. The left wants to create racial tension. They’ve done that for years to gain support from minorities. They could care less about them. They play them like fools. I am white and my wife is a redbone originally from baton rouge. She’ll be the first one to tell you the same thing I just said.

    4. @Herman Hitt we must agree with you on that one. Too much racism from every side and nothing like American greed huh? That is sad but it is true.

    5. @Drift Wisp I must say that both of you guys have very good points. I enjoyed reading both comments. And both of you talk very civilized to each other. Even though we do like to rag on each other about who we think should be president, I hope we all do it and some kind of humor. Really, both of you have made great discussions. Semper Fi!

  4. If trump wins does trump derangement syndrome still effect all the snowflakes or will there be protest and riots and personal property damage

  5. I don’t see in the media who claim to look in the future past his presidency can’t find him in jail for all the past criminal activities he performed. If we give this guy a pass because of the fact he was a President, our democracy dies ever faster than our children will realize. They will be the victims of our mistakes.

  6. im letting all u biden supporters know if he gets elected you’re going to be extremely disappointed when all the things he said he’s gonna do is not done, just like hes done for 47 years

    1. What things has Trump said that he has done? Those hundreds of miles of wall that he boasts about were just replacements for existing wall. Less then 10 miles of new construction of wall have been built. Hillary Clinton is not in jail, even though he said she would be. China isn’t officially recognized as a trade manipulator. Trump pulled out of the Iran Nuclear Deal, and said he would replace it, but look where we are. No new Iran deal. ObamaCare was one of his biggest talking points in 2016, and that isn’t gone yet. He hasn’t done anything for the working class. Nice try, buddy.

    1. Thanks. Anyone whosoever believes in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is successful and will achieve everything in Heaven. All the riches are in Heaven fam for His believers don’t squander in this world, because this world is ruled by the Prince of darkness, until Jesus returns. God bless you and you all be safe. In Yeshua’ s name Amen

  7. I just realized I’m gonna have to walk about a dozen miles in order to hand deliver my mail in ballot because I don’t have a license and my bike is broken and I want my vote to count

    1. @Herb Derbler Gaping defect in logic, pilgrim—you can’t disprove a negative proposition. If you even took a logic class, I’d wager you were on the nod throughout.

    2. @Jed Belcher not my logic. I was referring to Don Lemon musing on primetime news about how a black hole could have swallowed the Malaysian airliner, which was a complete waste of every viewer’s time as that’s about as provable as saying “God did it.”

      Its fine though, you don’t need to prove anything to me with your cutting edge zingers about the origins of my intellect. I totally believe you’re a smartypants genius wearing suits that cost more than my whole education.

    3. It’s better than Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson saying in court that they should not be trusted because they make up stories…

    1. @Jed Belcher Biden’s lies will bury him when the results of Hunter’s laptop investigation are disclosed. Remember ol’ joe received a 100% scholarship & graduated in the top of his class too hahaha

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