If Chauvin Took The Stand He Risked Being 'Destroyed' On Cross-Examination, Says Legal Expert 1

If Chauvin Took The Stand He Risked Being ‘Destroyed’ On Cross-Examination, Says Legal Expert


Legal experts Chuck Rosenberg and Paul Butler discuss the murder trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin. Chauvin on Thursday decided against taking the stand, and with the decision the defense rested its case. Aired on 04/16/2021.
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If Chauvin Took The Stand He Risked Being 'Destroyed' On Cross-Examination, Says Legal Expert


  1. Chauvin might not be qualified to have an opinion on cause of death, but the nine year old witness and all the other witnesses sure thought it was murder

    1. @Crispin Fornoff once again. As i and im sure many people who actually educated themselves on this topic that you refuse to actually look at the real evidence for in favor of your politics and bootlicking have told you: the. Toxicology. Report. Did. Not. Say. That. It was around the same amount of fentanyl that a person would have in their system during a DUI stop. 3 times the normal dose wouldve led to cardiac arrest within 20 minutes. He was at the store 30 minutes before the cops got there.

      Stop lying and being disingenuous and just admit that you dont care because he was black bro. I have already explained it to you.

      And no. It is not legitimate for a cop to use because it is deadly force that has no place being used as a restraint for extended periods of time. He put over 91 pounds of pressure on his upper back (meaning shoulderbalde and the nape of his neck) which even the police chief decried as against regulation and against the teaching. Not even the other cops are behind him on this one. So why are you?

      The people i used it on were a present and armed danger to themselves and my bar patrons. As a bouncer i was not held to the same standards a cop should be. But you dont seem to think cops should be held to any standards. The way you argue in favor of them it seems like you think cops should just be allowed to be vigilantes. Want to prove that wrong? Stop defending a murderer that we have video evidence and eyewitness accounts against with false evidence and lies just because he has a shiny badge and a uniform on.

      When i was bouncing i only did it a few times and i A) got off of them them when they passed out (which chauvin did not for several minutes after floyd passed out) and B) i didnt have to be forced off of them by EMS (which chauvin did have to be).

      You know what really pains me in all of this? 2 years ago i was so stupid i wouldve done exactly what you are doing now because i lived in the same echo chambers you live in now. Its sad to see the state of our country because of people like you holding us back man. Hopefully one day you will grow half a brain and learn how to actually do research in an unbiased manner so that you dont have to lie all the time.

    2. @Jeff Burnham thats not what peers means in a legal context. Peers just means citizens. It means people of similar social class. Not friends or acquaintances. There is a reason that jury cant be made of cops: because cops have a very “us or them” mentality. For example: the lady cop who had to sue to get her pension after being fired for stopping another cop from killing someone and filing a complaint against him for using a chokehold. Those cops would never be unbiased. Thats why. Thats also why “peers” means something different legally than it does in a normal laymans context. If every jury was made of up people who were going to be sympathetic and biased to the accused in every case it would be extremely rare that justice would ever be meeted out to those who deserve it.

    3. @Will Payne antifa was not there. There was a single person who was once aligned with BLM who was disavowed by the movement years prior because he would go around breaking windows and acting like a CIA plant. Nice try though, that was the maga hats and the proud boys (which i have evidence for)

    4. @Will Payne the only people who think he deserved to die are the republikkkans. The klan hasnt voted democrat in decades, since the party switch. The dems want that cop gone in jail. The alt righters and republicans want him freed. Gee i wonder where the dems fit into this?

    5. @Aric Thompson Also, he was on methamphetamine as well, which is an upper. Fentanyl is a downer.

      Mr. Medic, what happens if you mix too much of those drugs?

  2. Has anyone ever noticed how disrespectful Joe Scarborough is to Mika? He constantly talks over her and cut off her sentences in mid stream. I can only imagine how he treats her at home. This dude is rude beyond rude and I’m surprised at how submission and accepting of this she is considering her campaign to women about “Know your worth” which makes it really embarrassing. Mika deserves so much better.

    1. Thats the way it should be with man and wife. Women trying to be equal in relationships is the reason there are so many divorces today.

    2. @Mr. Nobody Dude you definitely have the right username. We know you’re just talking foolishness because the boss of the house doesn’t know you’re on youtube.

    3. Yeah, but remember EVERYBODY on earth has minor faults. While annoying and rude, he isn’t hurting anybody and there is no indication it spills over into private life. She would also know to get a divorce if she felt it was needed. So until that happens, just remember he’s human and you’re watching an entertainment show and not a private cam of their daily lives.

    4. @HeraldKris I agree – he’s just annoying how he keeps saying the same thing over and over and interrupting people! He seems nice enough!

  3. The prosecution was amazing. He did his job on the cross examination too! I don’t see how a reasonable person could fail to convict.

    1. @Do no harm nothing would make me happier than to see your unrealistic, uneducated and delusional perspective be destroyed

    2. @Honor and Integrity your just a kid who still gets his underwear washed by mummy !
      I bet she pays for your wifi too !

  4. If (like Chuck R said) hang jury & free happened, it will be riot! Pray for justice! and
    ask for forgiveness it will serve him a peaceful heart.

    1. Nah, citizens need to start arresting cops and then saying that they feared for their life so that is why

    2. @Will Payne Citizens need to obey the law. Do stupid things, win stupid prices. Listen to the cops. Don’t resist arrest. Have your paperwork ready in a traffic stop. Turn the car off and keep your hands on the steering wheel. So many deaths could been avoided if people would just comply and be smart around cops.

  5. I would like to see what he was writing during the trial. I was like “for gods sake, put down the pen and save a tree”

    1. @DJ Lutz I’m pretty sure the video I saw showed that Floyd was black. And the 3 cops on his legs, back, and neck as he died, well they weren’t black. And since cops and black people have such a rosy history, I guess race isn’t a factor at all! I retract the race card, you’ve educated me.

    2. @Kayano Reeves Race wasn’t a factor,,,, poor training was ,And he should pay for his mistakes … Not everybody’sracist usually the ones that usually call others racist are the ones that are truly racist..

    3. @Pinkie Love So it’s the MN Police Department’s fault, not Chauvin’s? But I thought it was Floyd’s fault for resisting, or the bystanders fault for being hostile, or the exhaust fumes fault, or Covid’s fault? I’m starting to think it was my fault. Maybe I killed him. There was definitely no knee to the neck factor with a race component at all, right? That would be an absurd assumption.

    4. @Pinkie Love Ah, I get your logic. It’s usually the ones who call others murderers who are usually the ones who are truly murderers. Gee, that’s convenient.

  6. So the defense basically relied on the testimony of the Doctor that wants to classify the death of Floyd as undetermined. Yet so many times it turns out that the jury let’s the cops go. I can not imagine what will happen if the verdict is not guilty, but I am sure it won’t be good.

    1. Oh, I can imagine it. The rioting will be ten times more intense and it will probably spread nationwide.

    2. Not to mention that doctor didnt even examine the body so how could he know anything about Floyd lol. He was just doing guessing games and the prosecution destroyed him lol

  7. absolutely, there’s nothing he could say that would benefit him.
    he would end up lying under oath, incriminating himself or both.

    1. Unfortunately, if he said that he was a KKK Democrat and voted for Biden, he would be acquitted or a hung jury if there were Trump supporters.

    2. @Will Payne Don’t be friggin stupid! What a ridiculous comment! No wonder America is a mess!

  8. He should’ve testified. He looked right into the cell phone cameras knowing he was being filmed. He obviously thought he was doing his job correctly. An innocent person could truthfully answer any question thrown at them. Saying to the judge that he’s not testifying with that “I’m gonna get away with this” smirk made him look super guilty. If I knew I was innocent I would demand to be allowed to testify.

  9. DChauvin: I invoke the
    USA constitutional 5th Amendment,

    GUILTY: DChauvin executed “UNREASONABLE FORCE” directly to Mr. Floyd that was immediately contributory to Mr. Floyd’s death. Dr. Tobin’s evidence and expertise was formidable!

  10. I hope he gets life jail and maybe he will meet up with some of the people’s who’s rights he has violated .

  11. Wait even if it was carbon monoxide, who forcibly held him near the exhaust of a car? What kind of defense is that?!

    1. Defense is grasping at straws. Now they want to say if not the drugs, the fumes from the car killed him

    2. @Cherry Blossom next they’re gonna say it was the earth’s rotation that labored george floyd’s breathing

    3. @R I just can’t with American law. Hopefully, the jury panel consists of level headed ppl, but there’s ALWAYS one or two persons holding up deliberations.

    1. Go ahead, lose all your ethics and roll over for GUILTY until proved innocent and letting mobs rule our courts.
      You have no ethics.

    2. @Terry Michaels we all saw the video bro. he killed the dude before our eyes and the paid scientists can argue over data about oxygen levels and drug overdose likelihood, but we saw that man expire with his knee on his neck and knew the cause

    3. @Billy Bones No, you didn’t see that. I saw the whole video and your interpretation is all you have. Don’t make up crap.

  12. Chauvin should answer the question “Why? Why did you do it? Even with bystanders pleading with you to stop, Why?”

  13. He walks “ I ate too many drugs” people turn up ! “ people get fed up “ bye bye joe Harris lol

  14. It makes me sick he could sit there in a suit and speak, or refuse to.
    He should be getting a warm up having to show up in shackles and an red jump suit.

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