If Florida was a country it would rank 4th in the world for COVID-19 cases 1

If Florida was a country it would rank 4th in the world for COVID-19 cases


Alice Barr has the latest on the surge of COVID-19 and White House attacks on Dr. Anthony Fauci.


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    1. That’s the goal. Once we’ve all got it they have no excuse to justify the unnecessary lockdowns.

  1. And New York would have been first. The media’s double standard is appalling

    1. Please move to Florida. You’d have to be an illegal because even Amerikkka won’t take in an uneducated bum from Canada.

  2. And governor Andrew Cuomo killed over 5000 elderly by putting positive covid patients into old age homes.

    1. @Susan Huntley thank you I should have been more precise.
      From the New York times july 8 2020.
      The death toll inside New York’s nursing homes is perhaps one of the most tragic facets of the coronavirus pandemic: More than 6,400 residents have died in the state’s nursing homes and long-term care facilities, representing more than one-tenth of the reported deaths in such facilities across the country.

    2. @Susan Huntley from Global news back in may 22 2020.
      Cuomo, a Democrat, on May 10 reversed the directive, which had been intended to help free up hospital beds for the sickest patients as cases surged. But he continued to defend it this week, saying he didn’t believe it contributed to the more than 5,800 nursing and adult care facility deaths in New York — more than in any other state — and that homes should have spoken up if it was a problem.

    3. @Susan Huntley do you hate facts in general or just facts that make Democrats look stupid?
      Hush up child adults are talking .

  3. When you guys (the MSM and the political hacks) are pushing vaccines you relentlessly repeat the HERD IMMUNITY mantra. Now when it’s being achieved naturally it’s bad. I guess the only difference here is that no one is making any money on this natural HERD IMMUNITY .

  4. Every single news agent calls humains numbers… it is exactly how trump thinks and he has every American thinking the same like him or not he did that… numbers numbers numbers… if you pay attention you will quickly be sicken by the term… until this changes all is hopeless… no one cares… the numbers indicate so

    1. why?
      the disney springs et al NBA all star experience
      disney has infrastructure for MLB and NBA [and housing and eating establishments]
      the Special olympics are often held there too

  5. I would NEVER allow myself to be injected with a hurriedly made vaccine. All these extremists who are willing to inject are wasting their time because the antibodies – according to experts – only last a few weeks. So, effectively, the herd immunity hopes from a vaccine is a pipe dream. You’ll need to be injected every few weeks until one day you’re elderly and the vaccines won’t work on you anyway.

  6. so just behind Canada eh

    we’re tied with SWEDEN for the WORST OUTCOMES in the WESTERN WORLD
    because of??? QUEBEC
    and if Quebec had separated and was a nation/
    they would HAVE the WORST outcome on EARTH
    oh wait


  7. Playing sports as a kid I learned that its really the losers that have to make up excuses and blame others for their incompetence. I wonder if bone spurs are to blame for Trumps inability to stand up and take responsibility.

  8. If Florida was a country, Al Gore would have won the 2000 election, and would have been president.

    I can imagine a comedy skit, or a song, about what things would be like if Florida was a country, and not part of the United States.

  9. More testing =more cases=more propaganda then they play the blame trump game . Why are they running around testing everyone anyways up there ? shouldnt everyone be sick and hospitals full in a “Deadly Pandemic” Why are they inflating 10s of thousands of deaths . Anyone that believes this propaganda is walking straight into a trap

  10. Asked my doctor how much longer Covid-19 would last… And he said, “How would I know. I’m a doctor. Not a politician.

  11. Great Job Florida! Keep defying those lockdowns and masking up guidelines.

    Together we can make sure the rest of these children will contract this virus. Once we’ve all got it they’ve got no excuses anymore.

    Don’t worry, 98.35% of you will be just fine. My condolences to the rest….

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