1. You should see YouTuber What About Bunny, she can understand English and she just loves her human mom and her dog friends. She does not talk about number of followers or crowd size, and she never lies. 🙂

    2. @Walter Grace If you thought Joe was a racist, you would have pushed to the head of the line to vote for him.

  1. In other words, if Pence simply had the courage to break the law… Obviously, Trump has no regard for the law.

    1. @Cody can you try and stay focused for just a bit…We are not talking about violence in cites.
      We are talking about how much of a looser Trump is..
      thanks Cody for your understanding..

    2. @Shawn Corbin Could you please point out the law that would have allowed Pence to reject the electors.
      That would have sucked if he had a legal way and his supporters lynched him before he had a chance to do it…

    3. @Brain Gigantic Sorry we have a hard time letting go of a sexual predator that stood back as thousands of Americans died.
      We will try better I promise.

    1. @MyNeriah T is a malignant narcissistic psychopath. In his mind, he is always right. He’s the smartest guy in the room, brilliant, really and he’s also the best looking and the savviest person who also has street smarts. He truly cannot imagine that if something that is obviously true to others, but not to him, is said or done that reflects badly on him, such as someone with some authority saying he did not win the election, it flips him into a type of dissociative state where he speaks of himself in the third person. When he responds by saying something like “you must not like Donald Trump very much”, in his brain, it removes him from the entire thing being said. Whereas, if he said “me”, his ego wouldn’t be able to handle it, because it conflicts entirely from his own version of reality where the whole world adores him. He, himself, can never be anything other than the best and greatest … so he does the dissociative thang as he does not have to internalize it. Hope this makes sense!

    2. That is strange. I’ve noticed that. He may be dissociating as one part of himself from another part. So far the only mental illness we’ve seen is his narcissism (which is huge). If he really believes the lies he tells, he is delusional. If he thinks of himself in the third person he’s got a dissociated personality disorder.

  2. “Uhh uhhh, I didn’t tell him to do anything.” Trump had to think for a moment there to make sure he said the right words.

  3. “Our country” means “me” “the people” means “me” “the constitution” means “me” …

    1. @Corky Duke — don’t waste your time on these fools, he probably needs meds or is a troll

    2. @Steve Mann This is not a both sides moment. This election wasn’t stolen, there was a insurrection at the capital, and DJT is a traitor, a bigot, a thief, a liar, etc. And sad thing about the same applies to most of the elected Republicans in the country. As for the supporters of these Republicans, they are mostly just bigots, and suckers.

  4. It’s a sickness but I really enjoyed it. That, is why this man would do anything to further his goals – including tearing down your constitution

  5. It’s all about getting others to do the dirty work, never brave enough to do it himself, like January 6th.

    1. @Walter Grace There was nothing peaceful about an angry mob beating Capitol police with flagpoles & spraying them in the face with freaking bear mace while chanting “HANG MIKE PENCE!”

    2. @Walter Grace documented fact that some of you are facing at least 10 years in prison and/or a *hefty* fine because you allow a 74 year old sore loser to think for you.
      Because that’s the prize for destruction of *federal* property.
      And all that footage you idiots filmed? Then posted, because you were so proud of yourselves?
      Now being minutely examined by authorities, so far 500+ of you arrested, more coming, so many of you turned in by friends and family.

      “How sad!” If it wasn’t so pathetic.

    3. @Bob Stone actually based on the ratio of the number of people who were actually arrested for a violent crime to the number of people there on the day, the capitol protest was 99.2% peaceful.

    4. @Quaker 2019 Yeah, it is pretty pathetic that the federal government would falsely arrest and detain political prisoners like that. Especially for so few violent charges actually laid and absolutely no firearms charges. The American government has become weak, petty, subversive and tyrannical. Sad to see a great nation fall. Sad indeed. But, yeah, anyway, remember the FBI Whitmer plot? Mush worse scenario at the capitol protests.

    1. @Brian Jenkins i was stunned to see how many votes were fabricated and many voters having voted more than once, wonder how that can happen? hmmmm

    2. @My Boy Cyrus You mean like restoring good relations with our allies instead of pandering to dictators, or making sure stimulus checks arrived, promoted vaccines, rejoining the Paris CLimate agreement, stopped the XL Pipeline, reversed the Muslim ban, began exporting covid vaccines to countries that desperately need them, allowed transgedner people to serve in the military openly. And that is an incomplete list. Overall, not bad. Better than his shitshow predecessor

    3. @My Boy Cyrus How would Biden manipulate us since he is not sending a ridiculous tweet every 5 minutes but instead is working? Of course when you get handed over a country in desperate conditions you have to take some unpopular decisions, it’s not like when you get a country in great shape and it’s enough to create the highest debt raise ever in times of good economy and keeping down the interests rates while playing golf and watching TV to make the simple minds believe you are a great president.

    4. @Belly Dancer Em I asked for one positive thing. Not a bunch of negatives and an opinion or two. How’s your gas prices? Inflation? Kids in cages, I bet you like that. Crime, police defunding, looting. You know, real stuff.

  6. You could pinpoint the moment where he realized he was about to confess, and that that confession would get him in trouble.

  7. Only in America…….an intellectually stunted , mental patient, with dictatorial ambitions becomes a deity for people wanting to believe in nonsense and use violence to enforce it.

    1. @Walter Grace another racist troll. With lame comments, Trump lost get over it. Trump’s ego is too fragile to even consider running again, so if he doesn’t run in 2024 have you decided who’s racist enough for you to cast your vote?

    2. @Bob Stone At least you acknowledge that I’m a professional. Thanks, man. Haha, nah, I work for CNN to drive traffic. And you may have just gotten me a raise. I can show this to our director. My team’s been on top for over six months now putting in work to keep this afloat. Again, my team thanks you guys. In a weird way we kinda see you guys as fans. So, cheers to better pay and better days!

    3. @Dina Sequeira I didn’t vote in this election, sweet Dina. By the looks of things I’ll probably pass on 2024 too.

    4. @Walter Grace You people are dumber than a damn post. As soon as Biden announced his candidacy, Trump sent his delegation of idiots to Ukraine and held military aid hostage in a blackmail scheme to coerce Ukraine to announce a smear investigation into Biden so he could knock Biden out of the race. Trump got impeached for his troubles. I swear to god, Deplorables was an undeserved compliment and you didn’t have the good manners to thank Clinton.

    5. @Demetria Karnavas “You people”? Now now, Demetria. Check your privilege a little. Let’s keep things dignified. Focus on the trump rage, I’m just the vessel. I believe my manners are up to snuff, and will kindly thank Mrs. Clinton if I ever get the chance to meet her again. And let’s not forget that trump’s sons at least have the class to do cocaine and not crack, mmmkay.

  8. “Uhhh uhhh I didn’t tell him to do anything.” That’s the biggest bull I’ve heard lol 😂

    1. I liked “I’m not locked into anything.” LOL, that could change. Let’s have some justice!

    2. @ape kaspank … So… Deflection… Shoot the messenger…. More deflection… And childish insults. Gee! Why aren’t you president right now… With that logic.

    3. @ape kaspank Trump lost and will never be president again clown. You have to turn yourself into a contortionist just to make it real in your head.

    1. Are all democrats to stupid to realize that it’s normal for president to tell his vice president what he wants, but he can’t order him or coerce him to do it. So Trump never did anything that he was not allowed to do.

    2. @Myroslav Protsiv 500+ arrests, with more coming, from the events of Jan 6.
      Some of you will spent at least 10 years in prison and/or pay a *hefty* fine because you allow a 74 year old sore loser to think for you.

      *never did anything he was not allowed to do.*
      Sure he did.
      He held rallies that he didn’t pay for;
      He held events he didn’t pay for;
      He went on golfing trips he didn’t pay for;
      He used social media to spew hate, lies and misinformation;
      He allowed 400,000+ to die because he refused to listen to medical experts, and because so many of you take every word he says as gospel truth…..

    3. @Quaker 2019 yeah, he did the same thing that every politician before him did, and still continue to do, name one thing that he did that was not done before and was seen as totally normal.









    1. Who knows what the orange menace really thinks or knows about our constitution. He is just playing a part, spews what others tell him to say. If he somehow lost his Fox News ect. consultants, he would be lost.
      Though he would have his pack of convicted felons to push his buttons.

    2. @Mark Wagar And Putin. Never forget Putin basically owns him and managed to get him elected. He is, no doubt, still pulling T’s strings as well as most of the GQP I think. Kompromat’rUS

  9. “I didn’t told him anything, I td him what I thought”

    there it is folks. Bring pence under oath too.

    1. yup he basically explained the whole thing then said he didnt tell him to do it, yeah right they almost got him

  10. I don’t like Pence either, but He did protect the Constitution however, by not doing what Trump wanted!

    1. @Rob Hat 👈. That’s the title of bidens up and coming book written by his handlers. biden is too demented to color in a coloring book.

    2. @Demetria Karnavas that’s an image I *didn’t* want to take to bed with me…thanks, honey!

    1. At least he isn’t Biden out in public stating he was apart of the senate judiciary committee 150 years ago, and in the senate in general 180 years a ago.

    2. @Thomas Jackson Biden is great and you are jealous that our guy can speak in complete sentences and doesn’t incriminate himself every other day.

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