If President Donald Trump Is The 'Chosen One,' ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

If President Donald Trump Is The ‘Chosen One,’ ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Joe Scarborough: ‘Donald trump yesterday embraces the title of the King of Israel’ and ‘the second coming of God’. The Morning Joe team put together a little mashup in response to Trump’s outlandish claims.
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If President Donald Trump Is The 'Chosen One,' ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Next year they need to just take those 3 clips with him calling himself the 2nd coming, the Chosen one, the King of Isreal. Play them 24 hours a day on Fox News with a question to right wing christo-fascist, “What was that thing about the anti-christ thing again?”

    1. You fail to understand; they literally believe he is chosen by “god”! That’s how delutional they all are!!

  2. Trump has clearly bought into the cult conspiracies Falun Gong and QAnon. They actually  believe that Trump is the “Chosen One.” Its one of the main tenets of their cult.

  3. “Behold! It’s me The Donald! the one you’ve been waiting thousands of years for. Kneel and give thanks to me!”

  4. He’s chosen alright. Chosen to go to the looney bin. Maybe he’s just building an alibi so he doesn’t go to prison when his term is up. Innocent by insanity.

  5. Now just imagine if you will, if President Obama had made the exact same claim of being the ” Chosen One.”. Now imagine if President Obama had made that claim while wearing his tan suit.

  6. MSNBC left out what Trump really said , here it is; Trump *I am the chosen one to DEFEAT MSNBCANNIBALS!!!*

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