1. So if the government shuts down, can we stop paying taxes? No. The answer is no. We still pay them to sit at home and inside trade stocks, go on lavish vacations, the whole nine yards. I say for every day shut down, every politician loses ten grand a day from their yearly salary. I don’t get paid when I stay home, y should they?

  2. While I am working my butt off, just to survive, here’s my Vent Of The Day! In 95, was the first of 2 times working for the Census Bureau. There was a shut down. I didn’t get paid for a while. Hundreds of thousands could face not getting paid, while we are fighting inflation. Or I call it, Greedy Yuppies. Let’s see how this rolls over. While I don’t mind helping out other countries, in the world, how about we help our own? The Inter structure is falling apart. Homelessness is skyrocketing. There are numerous, like myself, that needs help. We always have $$ for war, but never enough for life! Why are those in control, who we elected, take long vacations, at our expense? How about those in control living in the real world for a few days? This is bigger than politics or one party! It’s been going on for decades. Also the trains are threatening to shut down. What strange world do I keep waking up to? Praying that there is No Shutdown or Strike. Prepare for anything and pray for the best!!

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