1. @QuickChangeTheChannel The small silver lining will be watching their voting class (useful idiots) suffer……

    2. Him and all the world leaders will get in their private jets and fly to a conference to talk about how the peasants will pay for the environment.

  1. Still driving the same but paying more. The numbers speak for them self. Canada’s new future pay more own nothing….

  2. we should be cutting MP jobs by 42 % that could really help with greenhouse gas emissions. Since they like giving themselves pay raises every year

    1. Well, I also read somewhere that 10% of the Canadian workforce are public employees. That seems dangerously high to me, if true. Imagine all those defined benefit pension plans our kids will have to support…

    2. @Rob no, I know you were talking about MPs but I meant public employees as I’m everyone employed by local, provincial and federal governments. This probably includes hospital staff as well (I imagine). I was just taking your thought and applying it a bit more liberally.

  3. Thank Jagmeet for this waste of Canadian money. (is it even currency anymore? They keep printing it)

  4. It’s hilarious they want to cut emissions but I’m looking for work right now and every company requires a vehicle or reliable transport (not the unreliable city bus service)

    1. Yeah I couldn’t get a job in deadmonton because I didn’t have a driver’s yet. I was an electrician

    2. @David M yea same in deadmonton myself and have a license no vehicle and it’s hard af to get a decent job lol

    3. they just want an open licence to raise taxes and take civil liberties away. “Environment” is all you have to say to a gullible and fearful populace

  5. im trying to figure out how taking thousands of extra dollers out of my pocket for carbon tax translates to thousands of extra dollars returning to my pocket ? how bad did he fail at math in community college ?

    1. too many cultists just stop thinking when politicians talk environment. We’re not allowed to question it.

  6. Trudeau has a huge carbon footprint travelling to Europe twice in a month and here in Canada every week

    1. In his own jet, no less. Like all politicians telling the poors to go buy an EV for the sake of the environment.

  7. How about we stop all private jets? Simple right? ….that won’t happen because that effects them….

  8. Canadian mines,Lumber,and paper industries have been abolished . So we buy our products from less environmental friendly countries

  9. Do I understand this correctly? Take more of our money because “pollution” and as a result we have less money we have to spend on things that “pollute”, therefore less “pollution?” Is that why carbon taxes keep going up?

    1. No even worst as you give all your money for it, the world actually still polluted because CANADA IS NOT the main player for fossil fuel pollution.

    2. @connor stiff true – Junior has spent the next 3 generations worth of GDP. Our children are tax slaves.

    3. @Moondymon23 after the government has pissed away how many millions processing the collection and payments back.

  10. “..we have limited time…” is the classic tactic of the pressure sales person (or con artist). Our children will pay the price of all this debt when they lose control of their futures. Our country we be up for sale one day.

  11. Trudeau flew 230 folks to the last COP vacation. He seems to be very helpful in reducing my carbon output like heating my home and driving to work though.

  12. B.C. Is ahead alright in collecting carbon tax.
    But ask if this saved in emissions.
    The answer is no! How about telling that side of equation.
    Carbon tax does not work!

  13. Increasing taxes never put more money in any of the people’s pockets. Can he show where the money collected for the carbon tax was used? I bet the money collected wasn’t used to better the environment.

    1. He had to pay for his 2 tours of Europe for photo-ops, and how could he have done that without these extra tax $$$. Don’t worry, he purchased carbon credits to offset carbon emissions for the trip also — also with these same tax dollars.

    2. The Salary for Canada’s highest officials are taking a hike starting April 1. Tells u right there. 🙂 Prime Minister is getting more money I can’t tell you the exact number I can’t remember but I believe it’s in the ballpark of 15-40 thousand more a year.

  14. Trudeau has a huge carbon footprint travelling to Europe twice in a month and here in Canada every week

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