If You Are Vaccinated, You Are In 'Good Shape,' Says Surgeon General 1

If You Are Vaccinated, You Are In ‘Good Shape,’ Says Surgeon General


U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, discusses the delta variant of the coronavirus, which Dr. Anthony Fauci considers the greatest threat to eliminating the virus from the U.S.

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If You Are Vaccinated, You Are In 'Good Shape,' Says Surgeon General


  1. I have been vaccinated for the first time in May 1st and was vaccinated again in May 29th, but at my job, they still have us wearing masks there so I have no problem with that.

  2. Why do some ppl act like this the first virus ever! I guess they will not be satisfied until ppl start dropping dead everywhere

    1. @Raven Bishop a very quick search will say otherwise. He did in fact get the covid vaccine. Educate yourself

    2. @Puggles McWardog He has been saying for months he would and that started last year.
      See the excuses why he didn’t.
      I only find videos where he in his own words would not take it.

    3. @Puggles McWardog Not fake. I posted the link below 2 hours ago.
      Look back months on CNN where he didn’t want to take it

    1. @Mark Pracht No Idea what you mean. Trump never mentioned bleach. As usual though, you trained seals were told something different and believed it.

    2. @Ralph Boyd until they what? Arrest me? I’ll just same I’m with BLM or ANTIFA and I’ll be good.

    1. @Lee – Child Of God 2 Nope – you are either misinformed or you are lying. YouTube is not “intentionally terminating a lot of accounts”. YT only terminates accounts for egregious violations of the terms of service. Your implication is that they do this for political reason, which is of course not true.

    2. @omi god Actually, they do. They take down videos and terminate accounts for political bias frequently and use a bogus “term violation” (complete LIE) to do so. They’ve done it to myself and many others. You’re ignorance is astounding.

    3. @Lee – Child Of God 2 Nope. Wrong. Accounts are terminated for violating the TOS, and for no other reason. You are simply lying.

    4. @omi god Nope. Not wrong. You ignorantly think that because it doesn’t happen to you or your friends/family that it means it must not be happening at all. EH! WRONG! It’s funny that you think your thoughts mean more than anyone else’s and that you think everyone else is lying but not you. You’re a narcissist who thinks they know it all. In all actuality, you DON’T know it all. So stop acting like it. Your disbelief and the fact that you’re brainwashed won’t ever change the facts of what others go through. So shove that where the sun doesn’t shine!

  3. The Delta variant is the predominant variant in the UK – nothing is happening. Stop with the fear mongering.

    1. Nothing is happening there right now because they locked back down after the death rates spiked in January at 1000+ per day… because of the Delta variant.

    1. In a “The Far Side” cartoon, there was an aerosol product called “Stopit”. It could be used on anything you want to stop, like an oncoming train, or a crying baby. We could use that product in a big way these days.

    2. Yes. The vaccine against peoples own stupidity is called COVID. It can help cure stupidity, although it is not 100% effective.

    1. You were vaccinated in infancy +childhood. How are you now? Researchers were working for decades on Pandemic Vaccines

  4. United States Supreme Court

    Jacobson v Massachusetts 1905
    They AGREED with a lower Court’s decision that States HAVE the authority to make a vaccine mandatory, it was in regards to a Small Pox vaccine.

    “The Court’s decision articulated the view that Individual Liberty is NOT absolute and IS subject to the police power of the State.”

    Zucht v King 1922
    Schools HAVE the authority to deny a student if they have not gotten the mandatory vaccinations.

    The B$ the Governor of Florida is pulling regarding proof of vaccinations is a violation of Zucht v King.

  5. ‘in good shape’ for a couple months, maybe less maybe more. we have no idea. we are running human trials in real time on the people, and we’ll have the results in a couple years.

    1. Reminder Operation Mockingbird is still imbedding literal C.I.A. agents in corporate media outlets to spread controlled-opposition propaganda and divide/distract the public from establishment interests.

      You can watch the Congressional hearing here on youtube with the testimony on the former president of CBS. Can also read up on the declassified documentation on Senate(dot)gov.

      Congress is an inherently corrupt swamp of career shills, plagued by a mass dual-citizenship epidemic and can ultimately vote on their own Congressional term limits, lobbyism regulations, salaries, audits, etc… Don’t expect much.

  6. Instead of getting vaccinated. Tell the people the truth — Get some sun, eat healthy, make a diet that works for you, exercise, be proud to be you.

    1. Get educated. Ur wrong and this isn’t just about u, it’s about our country. Russia’s spreading disinformation on the virus, the Covid restrictions, and vaccines bc Russia want to see our country sick, suffering, divided, and a weaker economy. If we don’t reach heard immunity in this country, don’t complain when cities/states have to go back to Covid restrictions. Everyone who could get the vaccine but chooses not to will be to blame for continuing to spread the virus around and allowing it to mutate.

    2. @Jane Doe u need help. You’re too drunk on propaganda. Russia has nothing to do with how you conduct your life.

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