Ignoring Mueller’s Warning About Russian Meddling? Big Mistake. Huge. | Deadline | MSNBC

Former Obama administration veteran Rick Stengel, DEMOS’ Heather McGhee, NYT Magazine correspondent Mark Leibovich, and LA Times’ Eli Stokols on Republicans blocking two election security bills after Special Counsel Robert Mueller sounded the alarm on future Russian interference
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Ignoring Mueller’s Warning About Russian Meddling? Big Mistake. Huge. | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. It’s simple really. Republicans need Russia’s help in brainwashing voters to vote against their own interests.

    1. @Wilbur Jenkins Not sure what you’re saying. Would you please explain in simpler terms

    2. Or the Democrats need to promise you more free stuff while jacking your taxes up . They say most older people are conservatives it’s because the know the game. I’m glad you will vote for 70 percent tax hike.

    3. nah we dont need russian help but boy did Ole Killery pay a HEAP for russian help tho eh? eh dems? steel report remember that?

  2. Ruskies like to meddle in everyone’s affairs! Just ask the Ukrainians, Chechens or anyone one of Russia’s neighbours unfortunate to be located beside or near Russia!

    1. @tecums3h he isnt just okay.for Russia to direct our elections, he fires and hires to please them.

    2. Yea Mueller testified they meddle in our elections..even when there’s no elections taken place…its incredible!!! Lol

    3. Unfortunately there is no proof our election system was hacked. That means fake news is lying again.

  3. Russia got trump elected in 2016 and they`re working on getting him re-elected in 2020. Why? unless there`s something in it for them

    1. Russian meddling resulted in influencing the votes of 0 Americans. If you have evidence that a single American switched their vote, or didnt vote, etc. Then show the evidence or stfu. Smdh

    2. They recounted votes at the end of 2016. They found no election hacking… Except they did find out that more people voted Democrat than living in places like Detroit.

    1. @Juan Lopez No, I mean the herds of illegals being offered free everything by the Democrats for their vote And the puppetmaster IS the usual suspect …the damnable Jesuits The Vatican is the enemy within….

  4. Mitch McConnell, Trump, and anyone else who supports foreign countries meddling in our elections should face a firing squad or a hangman’s noose.

    1. @xjaskix another Russian troll you are an illegal alien in the United States go back to rusSia.

    2. @Mads Horn I think deportation would be civil for crimes against our country.. But who the heck would take them?

  5. After Kobach’s failed attempt to kick voters off the rolls, the GOP is now relying heavily on Russian interference.

    1. As they come across the border to see dems waving free everything at them. LOL. Get a grip. I voted for Trump because I abhor those nasty Clintons.

    2. Democrats rely on thousand’s of immigrants that haven’t even lived in this country for 10 years to vote.

    3. tecums3h “It is a western culture war against NATO, the EU and equal rights that go against Christianity.” I am trying to understand this statement of yours, if you could, please restate it differently to help me in understanding?

  6. The Russian threat needs to be taken seriously. Why do you suppose Russia had an interest in seeing Trump elected? The answer to that question will tell us a lot. What do you suppose their interest will be in the 2020 election? Remember–Russia promised to conquer our country by attacking us from within. This is a 70 year-old promise.

    1. Michael Hoerig it’s because Liberals are putting boys in dresses Putin thinks it’s a abomination.

  7. They have been compromised. This is why the emolument’s clause is part of the constitution.

  8. McConnell must have a front-row seat at the Nuremburg Trials Part II
    McConnell, having a laugh, thinking we are all stupid, lining his pockets, using the constitution as butt-wipe. COME ON Patriots! This man is harming the Country, and smugly. HE IS ATTACKING US FROM OUR OWN HOUSE> GET MCCONNELL OUT< or at least isolate him like the pathogen he is.

    1. We need to have people with a backbone. We need EVERYONE 18 or older to vote. Everybody that supports elector votes is a communist! A Hitler student!

  9. 8:24 and thats when they’re not just straight out gerrymandering and paying people to go around to peoples houses an take their votes put them in sacks and “lose” them…

  10. McConnel in business in Kentucky with Putin’s buddy in aluminum business. So he will not move against Russia.

  11. Welcome to the Fascist States of America, McConnell is deputy Fuhrer. Fortress Amerika is a dying entity. Sad.

  12. Why is the spotlight not focus on Mcconnell?? Look into his wife’s connection to the Russians via her parent’s business and the manner in which she found herself in Trump’s administration…

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