Ilhan Omar Condemned For Remarks On US, Israel, Hamas And The Taliban 1

Ilhan Omar Condemned For Remarks On US, Israel, Hamas And The Taliban


Rep. Ilhan Omar is facing criticism from a group of House Democrats for remarks that they believe equated the U.S. and Israel to Hamas and the Taliban. NBC's Garrett Haake reports from Capitol Hill.

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    1. @G Eak I’m serious, what did she say that was bigoted or anti-Semitic in anyway? I’d love to hear your opinion on this.

    1. @FoCo 6.5 So you didn’t notice them breaking windows to get in and beating police trying to hold them back? fox and oan didn’t show it? 140+ officers injured in a few hours!…….

    2. @Hoppy Harrington figured burning, looting and killing people it had to be democRATs. They support killing babies after all.

    3. Pelosi is absolutely right.

      1- Omar was taken out of context. Whatever she meant, she obviously doesn’t hate America, but she does this crap all the time! She needs to STFU, learn how to articulate, get a better command of the English language, and learn her place as a newbie Rep. who doesn’t have the experience to come in and start telling the everybody what’s what.

      This is like that ridiculous “defund the police” mantra coming from these far lefties. “Defund means restructure,” they say. Well, did they EXPLAIN that? “Democratic socialism isn’t classic socialism.” Well, did you EXPLAIN THAT, Sanders? AOC? Do you just want to make yourself misunderstood and lose seats for your party? WTF??

      2- Pelosi is right to say there’s no equivalence between Hamas/Taliban and the US. I’m liberal, and I’m sick of that “Squad.” Progressive? How can you progress when your idealism gets you voted out of office?

      By the way, is now a good time for AOC to criticize the new VP – ON TWITTER – for telling Guatemalans not to come here now and get stuck on the Mexican side of the border where we can’t handle the flow or protect them from coyotes and kidnappers while Ted Cruz uses films it as propaganda to divert from his own party’s failure at immigration reform?

      Yes, the drug war is bad, and we bear SOME blame for that. But don’t act like Guatemala would be some thriving, rich place if we hadn’t intervened, and that we owe them citizenship because of it. AOC needs to offer CONSTRUCTIVE criticism or STFU.

      Do they have to tweet every time they have a thought??

    1. These news presenters and pundits would be convicted of promoting crimes against humanity and preemptive war at Nuremberg 2.

    2. There is absolutely nothing wrong with creating false evidence to start a war and tgen destroying that country and sending it into a civil war and causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands.

      Absolutely nothing at all.

      Its no different than slaughtering cattle to harvest their Leather. Right?

    1. Stella – If MSNBC was trying to protect her they simply wouldn’t run the story. You think they’re protecting her from… themselves?

    2. @kohl cooke if u can’t see the bias in npr u got more to learn…. I listen to them sometimes, not everything they do is garbage but they run highly offensive hypocritical and irrelevant pieces…its just that there arent many options of free radio. It’s a shame that I had to listen to npr spout bigotry on national radio about my people repeatedly and recently. They are garbage overall … tho they are better than MSNBC etc… they arent that different tho. I listen to both right and left wing radio. Both are biased. Though the right wing has a lot to offer nowadays, they just have some baggage they gotta deal with… the left has left reality and spreads a lot of lies and blatant manipulation nowadays. Think aboutn it…. u ever see them call out their leftie buddies for doing fake news? They only seem to claim the right does it. It’s more like national propaganda radio. They act like they need your money when look up research they get most their money from corporates. They take some gov money too I think… yet they spout racist garbage…. a bunch of self righteous condescending pos pretending to do journalism. Multiple npr reporters need to be fired.

    3. @kohl cooke No, there is no such thing as both sides of the news nor both sides of society in general. Only Fox News Channel has a one side of the news and one side of society in general. Cenk Uygur and The Young Turks has a one side of the news and one side of society in general. MSNBC, CNN, and NPR as well as AP have no bias because they serve all pragmatic centrists and moderates of American society. All pragmatic centrists and moderates like myself.

    4. @J Groovy “….simply wouldn’t run the story..” True. That is how msnbc and cnn never run the story of Hunter Biden’s corruption investigation.

  1. I love the new Biden administration new song for them and there Supporters. Tom McDonald Snowflakes so true!!!!

  2. How is this America hater and law breaker still in power??? Oh yeah, democrat privilege…deny, distract, cover up…

  3. Must be serious for MSNBC to cover it. They usually do less cover and more cover up kind of journalism.

    1. Anybody with an IQ over room-temperature knows that the MSNBC clown show has nothing to do with actual journalism.

    1. @J Groovy The same thing that the Democrats would DEMAND if a Republican said it: Removed from office, life destroyed.

    2. @Name Name If you read the tweet that she wrote and you can’t figure it out on your own, you’re too dense to bother explaining it to you.

    3. @djsgravely – That’s not how it works. There’s no mechanism for that. If there was, Republicans would have removed Liz Cheney from office (for telling the truth).

    1. Representative Omar is her own person. She’s not a part of MSNBC. And this story is non judgmental. It’s just explaining what is currently happening. That’s what an accurate source of news does. Something you may not be accustomed to if you watch Fox News.

  4. This going to implode in the Democratic face. Like a bad relationship one side is always at fault getting dehumanized and the other side is a narcissist that has excuses and gas lights there issues onto the other.

    1. That is one of the most accurate analogies I’ve seen and you’re absolutely right. This whole “Rules for thee but not for me” mentality is getting old, quickly.

  5. Stop gaslighting…
    If you must continue to accept “clarification” from a sitting congress woman for disgusting statements, maybe we should take her at her words and stop making justifications or excuses. The media has lost all credibility when as they continue to shill for Omar.

    1. They’re “justifying” her tweets by voluntarily running a negative story about her? Think, McFly.

    2. She shouldn’t have had to clarify anything. Its pretty clear that she was referring to two very real ongoing conflicts that the four entities mentioned are involved in, in which choices are about to be made that could make it impossible for victims of war crimes will be unable to seek justice for the crimes committed against them. The only plausible reason anyone could construe her statement as disgusting is if they are being willfully ignorant about the record of all parties involved.

  6. I’m tired of this we are not a democracy we are a republic I’m tired are these Democrats lying so much

  7. MSNBC forgot what context was the past 4 years but suddenly found it again. Great story guys!

  8. “Well the video gives additional context…”

    These people are such frauds. The unfair slant is so apparent that I can’t take anything they say seriously.

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