Illegal Dumping Increasing Cost to Build Jamaican Highway | TVJ News - May 28 2021 1

Illegal Dumping Increasing Cost to Build Jamaican Highway | TVJ News – May 28 2021


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  1. I never like this guy each time I see him or if I hear his voice a disaster is coming do not know when

  2. The old building is good land fill use them to bump up the gully where the road is going to build are you don’t know anything about land fill?

  3. This is why Jamaica is going to suffer. 200 million to build a high way meanwhile Jamaicans paying hefty light bills. Why not invest in a hydroplant or solar system islandwide to reduce oil import and high light bills? Build houses for the homeless and invest in more farming?

  4. I can help getting rid of the building blocks without it cause extra money for the love of Jamaica tax payer so check me just tying to help !!!

  5. Mrs shawn link me I can give you some advice how build roads don’t think you know it all I see faulty roads let me give you advice so read will build add stronger and better quality no jokes about that if you want better roads!!

  6. Steven Shaw I don’t trust you no more,,, you’re always working but are you really representing the people of JA. How u siddung deh n mek missa chin dem build dem long road yah without slip road eeh,,,by the time me tun back me gas run out

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