Illegal Events Still Rampant – December 8 2020

Illegal Events Still Rampant - December 8 2020 1


  1. What away dem a fight party ..but ignore crime..a that uno vote for ..bout J.L.P is for the rich
    P.N.P is for the poor…if me nuh sure pan nothing me sure pan that

  2. I dont here them a talk bout tax office crowd..are infront the banks…but from them a get the tax..dem couldnt care zero bout nothing…but tru poor people dance dem nah get dalla outta..dem a lock it down…one day u people will wake up

  3. It’s a problem for people to gather at a party but it’s absolutely Okay for people to gather around election time, parading. The government set the example and the people are simply following. Don’t blame the people, blame yourselves!

  4. Lock up the person who arrange that event……

    These people need to listen to government.
    And stop raise up the.covid 19 cases…

    Who give them permission charge them.. lock them up… jamaica law need to change and put in some hard charges.
    It time we pay a price for our action.

    1. You one of few who get this covid situation. Government
      Is not doing this for no reason. U are right. Keep sounding alarm

  5. the government is covid19 its ok for the satanic government to accept deportees with covid19, call election, but people can’t get together until it has to do with the government where they can make money from fake coronavirus

  6. Quick fi lock down people and mash up the economy. I’m willing to take my chance with covid, you people concentrate on the wanton murders on the island. Oonu sick stomach

    1. Hey p, I dont stand chance with covid. Maybe you can survive but many will not if we go like usa. Crime will go up because of covid. Just where do you think this virus will go? Disapear?
      Angry nuff that citizens dont listen to the government warnings
      Take a chance? No mask, party on, dance, yell, drink gather, bundle up on others? people will get sick
      That is a crime

    2. @YW123 Wallace why you think I not involved.?
      Been doing all that can including radio. You think u want grandpickneys sick or not in school. F y i, I also am old and at this point beg to live safe for all we.
      You do as much then talk

  7. What about the election that was held slave masters never wrong free the people black skin white inside roast breadfruit

  8. Look people, this no joke.
    No dicipline gonna get jamaica just like usa. No masks for young men. I had to ask for no mask man to back up just to sign receipt.
    Have you no respect for my mask and face shield?. Not wearing it for my beauty in old age. What is wrong with so many? This disease is fire and you are dancing on the tinder. Grow up let others try to live safe, selfishness get we dead

  9. Someone who kept a party recently told me that she finds out which Police will be on duty & depending in which Police she keeps the party….the irresponsible ppl are mask free.The Police are collecting $$$$$….I was shocked..Frome police station, GUILTY!!!!!

  10. Election keep it’s fine bank full tax office full what about those gatherings or it’s just the entertainment sector you guys targeting n those stupid artist dem bout them a do dub fi unnuh

  11. Ediot a event dem a worry bout what but di crime. stop di crime more important yuh a worry bout event.. fix di crime fuss more people a dead from it

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