Illegal Slaughterhouse Found in St. Catherine Jamaica | TVJ News - August 14 2021 1

Illegal Slaughterhouse Found in St. Catherine Jamaica | TVJ News – August 14 2021


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  1. If you gonna do something if is even a hustle, do it in a clean hygienic way, that place is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!!! only god knows what goes on there

  2. That’s why when I was living in Jamaica, my granny never let me eat from people because living in Kingston, yuh no know whey people buy them food from.

  3. God help us,hunt dont the others an lock them up,police officer dont care a who keep doing your job in the right way ,please check out the chines place too alot is going on

  4. Boy..from whe day I’ve been thinking about cutting out meat from my diet…and everyday me get a push to do it! Good gosh!!

  5. These people should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law , it’s all a Hussle until a pandemic strain
    Jumps to humans from unclean animals.

  6. Omg the dead animal on the ground, if it’s dead for too long, it can make you sick. I need to stop eat meat l swear, the government need to help these individuals because he seems like a good butcher and that’s a trade. He just need the correct facilities and training about food hygiene and health and safety training. It’s not every one gets a head start in life so poor people try to hustle in every way they can just to make ends meet, they are crying out to the government for help.

  7. These FOLKS have no REGARD for the Health of THEIR OWN neighbours.


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