Illinois whistleblower is feeling the backlash of fellow cops | USA TODAY 1

Illinois whistleblower is feeling the backlash of fellow cops | USA TODAY


Law enforcement agencies around the country threaten and retaliate against internal whistleblowers who expose misconduct by their fellow officers


One minute, 38 seconds. Esqueda, a former Marine reservist and 27-year veteran of the Joliet, Illinois Police Department, knew that was a long time to hinder someone’s breath, especially someone with drugs in his mouth and in medical distress.

Ten hours after the squad car’s camera recorded the January 2020 incident, Eric Lurry, 37, died of a drug overdose at a nearby hospital. Months went by and the public still had no idea that instead of getting Lurry immediate medical attention, the officers who knew he had swallowed drugs didn’t seem to care.

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