'I'm a criminal': Snowbird on returning to Canada under new measures 1

‘I’m a criminal’: Snowbird on returning to Canada under new measures


Travellers returning home after trips abroad are sounding off on their experiences with Canada's new border measures.

Cathy, a snowbird coming back from the U.S., says everything about returning to Canada has been "awful."

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  1. You were told not to go. Therefore you are responsible for your decision to go. I do not feel sorry for you. There are always consequences for your actions.

  2. That right it always about the money with these guys, something going to hit the fan soon. They think we are so stupid

  3. If only she was warned on the news or internet about returning home early due to changing Covid rules……SMH

    1. @Creepy Little Girl If only the CBSA and RCMP would defy the orders to up hold the “covid rules ” that are in violation of charter rights and freedoms.!!!!!!

    1. As they discovered in Germany in the 1930s & ’40s, there are consequences – terrible consequences – to standing by while anyone’s rights and freedoms are stripped away. Laughing about it, and supporting the government overreach, requires massive ignorance.

  4. Stop crying and pay up lady – you know exactly what’s going on and you made a choice. Keep others safe. Crocodile tears.

    1. You know, Rett, the over-reaching government will throw you under their bus too, no matter how hard you suck up. These dictates are not about protecting your health. They are about testing your level of gullible co-operation.

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  6. I can’t stop crying after hearing this sad story . I own a house in south Florida which I haven’t seen for 11 months because I diid what I was told and stayed the hell home.

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