‘I’m a little verklempt’: Analyst breaks down stunning new Webb telescope images

CNN Aerospace Analyst Miles O'Brien joins Becky Anderson to break down the latest photos from the James Webb Space Telescope. The stunning images feature the Carina Nebula, Stephan's Quintet and the Southern Ring Nebula. #CNN #News


    1. @blacksmoke3113 bro learning something new from you I never take learning disrespectful thank you for sharing your knowledge with me I appreciate it I love to learn

    2. @blacksmoke3113 but time doesn’t exist in space brother what if theirs wormholes that fold space and time ? Theirs so many ideas and theory that’s no1 is ever wrong

    3. @Near Presents UAP – UFO👽🐅 you should check out these content creators, there’s so many more than just these, but these are my personal favorites, and each had their own strengths and benefits.

      “History of the Universe” this channel is easily the best for learning about the evolution of our universe, and even approaches the topic of pre big bang existence without going overboard with conjecture or speculation.

      “Anton Petrov” this scientist does an amazing job at reporting current affairs in science, and though he’s a physicist I think, he will cover all fields of science as long as it’s a new discovery, concept, etc.

      “SEA” yeah, I know the name is counterintuitive to what we would expect from astronomy and cosmology, but trust me, they’re worth it. My personal favorite of their videos is the “Super-voids” episode and the “Biggest thing in the universe: The Hercules corona borealis great wall” episode. That one will blow your mind. It’s a gravitically interactive superstructure of thousands of galactic super clusters bound together by a nearly impossible alignment of Quasars. It’s BELIEVED to be a networked system that through it’s interaction created each other, i.e., one quasar set off a chain reaction of Quasars across a distance TEN BILLION LIGHT-YEARS. This is literally a tenth of the observable universe size in length.

      And finally, the distinguished professor”David Butler”. He has a minute series dealing with sub atomic particles, but his main focus has been on cosmology and how we know what we know. If you want to understand how we determine how far away things are, he’s the best option.

      I hope these are not just informative for you, but entertaining as well

  1. The universe is endless. How amazing and terrifying at the same time. Anybody still think we’re all there is? 😳

    1. @sami am um yeah… this is so much BIGGER than some bullshit fairytale used to keep the sheep scared and obedient!!

    2. @BATMAN for PRESIDENT just because you spout some random words from a “book” written by scared men…. doesn’t make it facts!!

    3. @BATMAN for PRESIDENT you just added an extra word “no” in your phrase. Correct the typo and you are absolutely right!

    1. They Search the Heavens looking for the Star that Moloch is Emprisioned on, they will free him by using the energy from 7 billion people dying focused with the CERN super collider.

    2. @Muttin Chops 3 – Not only dark but crazy as hell. Calvin seems to have ingested mushrooms before posting.
      Not to be judgemental or anything.

    3. @Jamtommy Somebody did something beyond your personal capabilities that you don’t understand so then it must be fake.

    1. Reporter #PatrickLancaster #PatrickLancaster, shows on YouTube, the word of Donbas from the lips of the people.
      #Сладков+ #Sladkov_plus #Wargonzo #КрупнокалиберныйПереполох #PatrickLancaster

  2. Yeah, it’s almost a shame that we humans can’t pull together as a planet and actually help each other instead of all the hate. If that were possible we could evolve enough to reach those galaxies. 🧐

    1. @Muru Roa or they probably already have reached us and they’re helping us now but the public doesn’t know it. But yeah we are too toxic to advance. We cause our own problems.

    2. Nearest galaxy is Andromeda at 2 million light years. If the speed of light is the maximum speed then it doesn’t take a genius to see that animals can’t make the trip all the way (as living things). Patience young Skywalker.

    3. @Gail Hitson Unlikely to solve the cosmic radiation problem. Maybe we scatter humans to as many nearby stars as possible hoping one or two ships find a hospitable planet, condemning the millions of other ships to certain death.

    4. Sounds crazy but the only way to reach those galaxies is having contact with a more advanced and old civilization who can teach us what to do

    1. @Kelvin Butler that’s what I think too I just think it was very rare for us to even be here and it had to be perfect

    2. @LaCosa24 X Correct. An astronomer and some physicists alike will tell you. We don’t even have enough data to estimate. But first, you have to think of how many stars are like our sun. Then, how many planets revolve in the habitable zone of those stars. But then you have to find out, how did planet Earth even develope like it did? Not only do we not know that, we don’t even know how all of our water got here. We now believe it has been with us since the dawn of our planet’s creation.

      So, we really can’t say that just because a planet is in the habitual zone, that it will have enough water and oxygen automatically, which also lower the odds.

      But if that is not slim enough. Even if a planet similar to Earth even arises, does not mean it will develop life, for we have no way to test what makes intelligent land animals even start to develop.

      Theoretically it is very possible to have a planet void of all but plant life, that never evolves into sentient life. (And even that would be rare)

      The odds of us being alone are greater than people think. If they truly knew, they would treat this planet and each other right and put everything into saving this one.

    3. You do realise the footage that the telescope is getting is over 15 light years old? The universe right now is not what the telescope sees, the telescope is basically a time machine

    4. Yeah, maybe they will find hundreds of planets crawling with big dinosaurs like the Earth was for 178 million years. WHOOPEE

    5. Its just a matter of time and cross finger will get our first ever contact maybe within the next decade.

  3. And we all thought that Hubbles images were the most amazing thing we’d ever seen… just wait another 20 years, they’re going to be even more spectacular than Webb if that’s even imaginable!

  4. I utterly love the new Carina nebula pic!! It’s now my new wallpaper on my phone. Absolutely gorgeous! Seeing this new image next to the Hubble image, it’s amazing to see the vast differences. I love zooming into the tiny red galaxy in the image!

  5. The images are awesome! I also love the reaction of the scientists who are genuinely overwhelmed by emotion. Historic day.

    1. Reporter #PatrickLancaster #PatrickLancaster, shows on YouTube, the word of Donbas from the lips of the people.
      #Сладков+ #Sladkov_plus #Wargonzo #КрупнокалиберныйПереполох #PatrickLancaster

  6. I love the new telescope! It’s like we’re viewing the universe in HD
    I may never get to go to space, but I hope that future generations get to have that honor

    1. @Kaleb Williams earth-like is a pretty broad category and those planets may not may require unrealistic teraforming before they’d be viable for normal human habitation. More significantly, they’re also so far away that we have no way to reach them in the next 1000 years even if we wanted to

    1. @S. Muk Dude, you would not survive two weeks without the knowledge science has generated. You’re denying science while using a computer. Fresh water? Electricity? Refrigeration? Modern food crops? You can’t have any of that if you deny this.

    2. @Andy Cutright I’m not denying science. But when ppl in their foolishness forget the real force behind everything and forget the actual purpose is cringe.
      The universe is created by some uncaused cause that is infinite, eternal and necessary. He is the ultimate reality. He originated all realities. He is what ppl call Allah, God, El, Shangdi, Baiame, Ishwar, Enkai.
      Science is us discovering the wonders God placed in it for us using faculties He gave us.

    3. @Robert Miller isn’t belief in God a common sense dude? How can you believe this magnificent reality popped out of infinite vacuum ‘nothingness’?

  7. I always forget Miles O’Brien is an actual human being in the real world. To me that’s just the ever-suffering Chief of Deep Space Nine.

  8. This is where I need Neil Degrasse to tell it to me like I’m a 7 year old. This stuff is fascinating

  9. I love it when humans do something to be proud of. As a species we should concentrate much more on this instead of war.

    1. Just imagine what we could achieve if we all banded together as one. Killing all ego, hate and selfish pride.

    2. @Iulian S you’re right, but not only that. Everything we do or have done is meaningless and worthless because we all die in the end.

  10. Seeing these images and thinking about what’s going on on Earth made me genuinely cry. Why do we live in so much suffering and not try to be nice to each other? We’re just a drop of water in the ocean.

    1. Where not even a grain of sand never mind a drop of water lol more like a bacteria thats been minimised by 100000x

    2. Why on earth are we here,
      Certainly not to live in pain and fear.
      Why on earth are you there,
      When you’re everywhere,
      Come and get your share.
      Well we all shine on,
      Like the moon and the stars and the sun.
      Ya we all shine on,
      Everyone, come on.

      -John Lennon

    3. Ultimately we chose fighting and killing over territories and resources when there is so much abundance.
      Humanity could have evolved into a peaceful race. But we chose not to.

  11. We are one, we are the universe observing itself.

    Imagine one of the cells in your body trying to explain and comprehend what they are, and how they aren’t just part of “your” body but they are “your” body.

  12. Imagine Carl Sagan speaking about these images!!
    “It is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is, than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.” – Carl Sagan

  13. so absolutely beautiful. so grateful to have finally seen this telescope launch and come alive and show us these. cannot wait to see what the future holds with this telescope and what amazing things it will continue to show us

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