‘I’m going to continue to speak up’: Jody Wilson-Raybould

Independent MP Jody Wilson-Raybould weighs in on the SNC-Lavalin plea deal and the controversy surrounding her Parliament Hill office.

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    1. Lamount Boucherville Liberals like you, who don’t care about justice, honesty, or integrity, but care only for their own self-interest.

  1. I’m so happy we have an honest politician in Ottawa. Too bad Ms Jody had joined the liberal party. It would be nice having her in the Conservative party.

    1. I gave her a lot of flak for trying to keep the office also, but it isn’t fair to try to define her by that one thing. When she was Minister of Justice she tried to serve honestly and with integrity and that is something that is worthy of respect. Even though I disagreed with her on the office issue, there is more to her than just that.

  2. The RCMP investigation was paused during the election, must really be active now, since Freeland has the role of PM, just not in name…

  3. politicians work for Canadians, not for other bosses. I wish she would not be so soft on criticism for Trudeau who sees himself as the fac totum of everything and needs to be scolded

  4. Didn’t make any difference in the election. Neither did any of the other blaring trudeau issues. WTF Canada! Really?

    1. Dude, more than half the country didn’t vote for the guy. Literally a Province and a half voted him in. He has no support west of Ontario. They called the election before my home province was even finished being counted.

  5. Her decision to sacrifice her powerful spot to fight for intergrity of the country is a silver strike in our Canadian history. So, the country should reward her at least an office of her choice as a trophy. And that would be a showing-off display for the country honor. And in showing the people’s judgement, we should support this reward to Jody Wilson Raybould. It’s a carving in stone to remark our country hero. Which would be being displayed in the Paliament until Jody retires or beyond ….somehow.

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