'I'm not gonna back down' says Trudeau as hecklers overshadow Liberal rally in Ont. 1

‘I’m not gonna back down’ says Trudeau as hecklers overshadow Liberal rally in Ont.


Liberal Leader Trudeau outlined his plan to create more jobs while fighting climate change, as hecklers gathered in the crowd.

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  1. lady , you need to learn the French Canadian language ! please don’t approach the podium ever again , thank you

  2. The him-becile wants to rebuild our economy that he and his party ruined?

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

  3. Jussie isn’t cracking under the weight of his corruption and incompetence, he’s being crushed into a fine pulp.

  4. Totally lost track of the real issues and focused only on staying in power. Pandering to a small electorate zone to hold on to power. Has made no attempt to fix the damage from last election.

  5. So stunning and brave… does he want a medal for tolerating mean words?
    Liberals are done, the fact that each one of their rallies have more protesters than supporters and ends in a meltdown is proof.

    1. I sincerely hope you’re right, Justin. But let’s not get too confident. I will only celebrate when it’s official that he’s gone. Right now, I’m only cautiously optimistic.

  6. Canada’s goes forward electing ppl who truly listen and care for ALL its citizens honoring THEIR freedoms. NOT by running a dictatorship or blocking all candidates from campaigning!

  7. Wish he came to my next of the woods so I could express my thoughts also with some peaceful heckling and protesting!

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