1. Someone should tell Gaetz there is no such “Get out of Jail Card” for pedophiles, good luck in prison.

    1. @Jeremy Rogers Oh I got it went back read the comments. CNN is so one sided and it’s supporters as well. Do as we say not as we do mentality.

    2. @M Hall Exactly, I can’t believe Fredo has the full to talk about Gatez when his lying snake of a governor brother kills thousands and accused of I think 10 by now of groping women. This guy is too much or are CNN viewers.

    3. @Jeremy Rogers . Yes he does, the left is so ignorant and don’t have a clue of what’s going on around them because CNN just feeds them what they want to hear.

  2. Are we all just going to ignore the fact his father just has 25 million lying around, you know just in case?

    1. @trainwreck told ya You’re talking out of two sides of your face Mr Hahaha… Trump caused 100’s of thousands of deaths and instigated an insurrection… still waiting for ‘justice’ there dude…

  3. They should tell him to get the money from his father. The man who’s responsible for his atrocious behavior.

    1. @Harry jr you grew up surrounded by criminality that doesn’t mean you perceive crime as something to strive for, your perception was presumably that crime was bad, so again it’s a bit irrelevant. Environmental factors isn’t just your neighborhood, it’s friends, family, TV, radio, nature. My father is a nice guy, it’s his birthday today as it goes. But he didn’t imprint his values onto me, he didn’t guide me or teach me. Everything did that.
      I understand what the point your making is, the nurturing aspect of parenting isn’t lost on me. My issues, if you can call them that, are 2 fold. You don’t leave the option of change, because you’re limiting variables and you’re assigning a share of blame to someone who isn’t involved.
      I don’t so far disagree with you past that point, I thought I might, but I don’t. I think I get you, you had a strong upbringing and you were taught respect and the difference between right and wrong in a difficult environment. So let’s try it this way, what if you grew up where you did, but didn’t meet your father until you were 16, nobodys fault it just didn’t happen. Would his teachings and that relationship still be a deciding factor in your life?
      Would your moral compass be okay or would it have a bubble in it?

    2. @Oliver Medley My friends were actual criminals. My father taught me not to go along with their schemes. Had any one of them had a role model like I did they may have turned out different. All four of my closest friends were in youth homes before they were 15 years old. Not a father worth a damn in the bunch.

    3. @Harry jr I appreciate your honesty. I concede that I was too general, your father sounds like a great man and you changed my opinion an inch to your side. Credit where it’s due.
      I still think it’s too late in Matt’s life to blame the father for the crime, but I think he has something to answer for if he was a crap parent. You’ve changed an opinion.

    4. @MIT ANDME
      Desantis, governor of Florida gave preferential treatment (virus shots)
      to his rich donors

  4. “Matt who? Gates? Like the Microsoft guy? Oh you mean Matt Gaetz. Don’t know the guy. Never met him.”
    – Donald J. Trump

  5. If gaetz still has the support this weekend and djt still has donors….. there’s no hope for these people.
    Let them s l o w l y walk off a cliff.

    1. @EndlessDemos I never said allegations shouldn’t be examined, but people should have a healthy level of skepticism because allegations could be nothing more than that.. as far as gaetz goes, If he did what he’s accused of, the guy should be tried and punished for. You claiming republicans are worse is subjective and not based on facts but on mere opinion because one can just as easily make that assertion for the democrats, and count the numerous times in history when the “side” who thinks they’re better has committed atrocious acts that far outweigh anything the republicans have ever done.

    2. @Stephie Hawn I was referring too the sexual misconduct allegations. I know it’s hard too stay focused with all the stupidity in your heart but please try.

    3. New York Times // 3/24/21 : Gov. Cuomo’s Family Is Said to Have Received Special Access to Virus Tests. Top health officials tested Chris Cuomo, the governor’s brother, when testing was not widely available, two people with knowledge of the matter said.
      Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s administration arranged special access to government-run coronavirus testing for members of his family and other influential people as the pandemic descended on New York last year, according to two people with direct knowledge of the matter.
      The move to make testing of people closely tied to Mr. Cuomo a priority was carried out by high-ranking state health officials, one of the people said. It mostly happened in March 2020, as the seriousness of the virus was still becoming clear to the broader public and testing was not widely available.

      Among those who benefited from the special treatment was the governor’s brother, the CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, and his family, who were tested several times in the pandemic’s early phase, this person said. The governor’s mother, Matilda Cuomo, and at least one of his sisters were also able to take advantage of the state-administered tests, the two people said.

      Chris Cuomo announced on March 31 last year that he had tested positive for the virus.
      That the governor’s administration effectively let well-connected people cut the line to determine whether they had been infected with a deadly virus that was ravaging the state was reported earlier by The Times Union of Albany, N.Y., and The Washington Post.

      The revelation comes as Mr. Cuomo confronts the most significant crisis of his political career, with many of his fellow elected New York Democrats calling for him to resign in the face of multiple sexual harassment allegations and questions about his administration’s handling of the virus-related deaths of nursing home residents.

      The State Assembly opened an impeachment investigation this week to examine both issues, while the state attorney general has started a separate inquiry, and federal agents are investigating the nursing home matter.

      The revelation of preferential tests could present an additional challenge to the already embattled administration. State law prohibits officials from using their position to obtain “privileges or exemptions” for themselves or others, or to attempt to do so.

  6. They ALL need to go… Abbott, Newsome, Gaetz, and Grandma killers brother! The swamp will start to look a little bit clearer!

    1. @white bird you drink the cool aid society feeds you. So, at 17 and 366 days (18), shes a “Woman”? Lol

    2. @R Torres need to raise it to 25ish or lower it to 16ish. Maturity is about the same between both age groups. Age is just a number. Stop being so stupid as to follow guidelines from a few bald white men centuries ago.

  7. They should look into Gaetz juvenile record. Wonder how he’s like during his teen years with girls his age at the time.

  8. He plays the ‘Blame the extortion’ card when we all know they wouldn’t have extorted you in the first place had you done nothing wrong……

    1. Gaetz, in his own words, was in the process of paying millions of dollars to the blackmailers in order to stop the accusations coming to light. He’s not a “smart cookie” as Trump would say. It already looks bad that he’s being extorted, let alone giving into the extortionists’ demands in order to make the accusation go away.

    2. @mxmurphyUntil people vote by paper again–not electronic, and take the correct precautions such as: no mass mail in ballots, updating registries regularly, no receiving/counting of ballots day of, STATE ID, and strict signature confirmation, there WILL BE a circle jerking. You are forgetting that Hillary Clinton accused President Trump of cheating too, via russian influence and other obscure means she doesn’t elaborate on. Will Demorats accuse future Republicans of cheating? Almost certainly. BUT DEMOCRATS WANT PANDORAS OPEN BOX. Last election, 9 months before voting, Democrats began the, “COVID EXCEPTIONS” campaign. Already then, Republicans fought against it because Republicans knew Democrats were opening the Election to cheating. Not one Democrat agreed. 9 months later, BIG SURPRISE!! Voter fraud. I personally knew Democrats were trying to cheat, literally 9 months before the Election even happened. Now, the Democrats want to pass laws to keep the COVID EXCEPTIONS as the new norm for Elections??
      Honestly, if you cant see that plain as day as, “The Will to Cheat,” you simply don’t want to. In that case, you want to close your eyes and believe the Democrats are, “Nice guys who would not cheat.” Maybe you wouldn’t, maybe many wouldn’t but what about those bad apples? Republicans will not let that keep happening without revenge and consecences, I assure you. They are likely to start cheating back as well. If Democrats keep cheating, Republicans WILL cheat. Not that I advocate the revenge; just the consequences.

      I figured you were the “professional”, otherwise you wouldn’t be making such statements. I’m not going to do your research for you. If you can’t provide a specific example, then maybe you are the one that needs to “ask a professional”.
      I simply asked a question that you clearly have no answer for.

    1. @Daves Ontherocks if I was diverting I would mention Brook Baldwin. Anyways ,why are we covering this ,they said no definitive evidence .Why do you guys keep taking cnn seriously.

    2. @tyler dawson u trump supporters are real piece’s of work. I want to say pieces of blank but i doubt youtube will let that go through..

  9. Is he going to have hidden donation renewals in his donation requests?
    Like his con artist teacher, trump?

    1. Yes if they are stupid enough to contribute one dime they are paying for the next hotel room for Gaetz to defile yet another child…

  10. I knew from the time this story first broke that there was no secret recording, no tapes to be released. Gaetz is making up the whole extortion story.

    1. @berlygirl123 Perhaps… but that’s his brother’s problem. Or should you be held accountable for your relative’s mess?!

    2. @Ms. Byrd If I knew about it, yes. Chris Cuomo knew exactly what his brother was doing. In fact, quite a few people knew about it and said nothing…until recently.

    3. @berlygirl123 You could know that your brother is a kleptomaniac but knowing that doesn’t ‘COMMUNTE’ his legal problems to you. Nor would you find it very ‘fair’ if you were arrested for his crimes. You are operating under the *assumption* that Chris _knew something_ about his brother’s actions as Governor; however, I doubt that man got his LITTLE brother’s PERMISSION or sought his guidance on how to run HIS office. He’s seems a tad bit too ALPHA for that!

  11. Ask for a ” Group Pardon” then slip into the group unnoticed. -Fail
    Create a conspiracy theory , extortion is the Red Herring.-Fail.
    Try to make friends in Sing Sing Prison .-Fail.

  12. I sure the fine print in his fund raiser contributions says “this money can be used however I see fit”. In other words, he’s raising money for lawyers.

    1. @Richard Blumenidiot I question the intellect of anyone who feels something is fake news but yet they spend the time to watch the video and then waste even more time reading and typing comments. In my own humble opinion it really makes you look dumb.

    2. @truth hurts so what should we call you GOP kiddie fiddlers? Oh wait, I know- Fox Fiddlers…

  13. What Matty is doing is collecting money for an attorney to defend him in court. He is preparing ahead of time because he knows its coming.

    1. @tyler dawson It is sad. For a guy who claims “facts don’t care about your feelings” but got offended by Harry Styles wearing a dress speaks volumes

    2. @Jacob Underwood you mean when he was threatened with violence ,come on your still proving my point that you never watched his videos or a full clip.

    3. @Jacob Underwood another GOP kiddie fiddler supporter crawling out of the woodwork. Hoping for seconds or even thirds no doubt…


    1. @takecare A That’s an interesting theory. And totally believable. But I think Nestor is his lover and Gaetz is bi-sexual. Just a guess.

  14. When do we get to be disgusted with the MEMBERS OF CONGRESS who did and said nothing after Geatz showed them those pictures? It’s almost worse that they waited til he was under investigation to say something. That is absolutely horrendous all by itself.

    1. For some reason the US is so slow at investigations for government information to indict any of them. Well we know why but lets get these people charged and move onto the next. It blows my mind that Trump was even president but more mind blowing is that someone as corrupt as Trump!!!

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