‘I’m Quite Worried’: U.S. Surgeon General On COVID-19 Delta Variant

Tuesday, the White House acknowledged that the Biden administration will fall short of President Biden's goal to vaccinate 70 percent of Americans by July 4th. U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy joins Joy Reid on his concerns about the COVID-19 Delta variant, and the importance of getting vaccinated.
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    1. Obedience, not the flu, not the lockdowns, not the documentation that is coming, obedience. Watch a short video, click on the red icon to the left there, leave a comment.

    2. @nova396 What’s wrong? It is ignorance. Pandemic is not Macdonald’s fast food. There is no quick fix. In the past, major pandemic happened once a century and can last decades. Up to 1/3 of the world population perished. 1/3 seems to be the magic number. I don’t know why. You have to ask this question, you are lazy (not doing due diligence) and du mb (not knowing these simple facts in the first place). Good luck! People like you needs a lot of it. 🤣🤣🤣

    3. @thegags it’s my choice wether or not I want some experimental vaccine! If you got it you’re safe, right? I don’t need my rights infringed by kooks! I trust my immune system more than the government! And it’s not republicans and democrats you goof, I know Democrats that won’t take it either. So stop trying to divide people! 🐑🐑🐑🐑

    4. @Erik w It’s called a “leaky vaccine” and could potentially be a HUGE problem? Look into Mareks disease with the chicken population as an example.

    1. @Makaveli Simple minded people these days I swear, let me guess low IQ 🤦 Can’t even tell the difference between sarcasm..

    2. @super genius right I’ll wait til all the testing for vaccines are complete. Btw the testing is currently happening with those who got the vaccine already. Check on y’all in a year ish time

  1. MSM: Listen to the science and scientists and take your jab.

    Also MSM: Listen to this has-been comedian tell you to take your jab.

    1. MSM: Here’s a comedian joking about something we all understand is common sense.

      But also the health officials in this country are actively harnessing the trust people put in celebrities to encourage people to get vaccinated. If people do a good thing for their health and for the health of their communities by getting vaccinated because a celebrity spoke favorably of vaccinations then who cares why they ultimately did it when the result is more protection against this virus.

    2. John Jones: MSM can’t be trusted.

      Also John Jones: Youtube posters and social media randoms is where I get my scientific information from!

  2. chris rock i dont know what they put in fruit loops … ummm it literally says it on the back of the box if u took the time to read it… but i doubt u even eat fruit loops your just acting like a sheep thats all..

    1. But yet it’s legal for this crap to be in our society. I’m serious man there’re many other ways we as humans can live and experience life on earth. This current model we have developed is not working and nobody is saying anything about it. It’s not normal for our society to be completely surrounded by all this junk food. We need to bring creative minds together and find alternative ways to exist on this planet. It’s not hard, people are just scared to make a change. Now some places on earth are doing this, but it’s in very small numbers, this needs to happen on a global scale. But idk, who cares anymore…

    2. @Derrick Landers okay! Smartypants. Lol i meant high fructose cornsyrup. It is poison. My skin on my face gets a rash when i have it so i stopped having junk foods and soda at a young age. I’d rather have nice skin.

  3. So, the weed, beer, strip club gold cards, lottery tickets, scholarships, donuts and burger giveaways aren’t working?

    1. Obedience, not the flu, not the lockdowns, not the documentation that is coming, obedience. Watch a short video, click on the red icon to the left there, leave a comment.

    2. @Chris Holcombe yup monkeys and bats are responsible for two of the worlds most deadliest viruses go figure WHY ISNT Fauci locked up is beyond all of us ..

  4. That’s like the ship captain screaming in a womanly manner :” we’re all gonna die y’all”

    1. This has never been about a virus. It’s always been about getting us all schipped. CAtherine Austin Fitts Planet Lockdown is a great vid to explain a lot of the evil going on in the world. She ties so many things together to make perfect sense. Please watch and share.

    1. @Lamar F. Psalms 4:69 *Lo for they shall be given the Loops of Fruit and it shall be from the serpent*

    1. I love how the vast majority of the comments on liberal media are conspiracy theorists. Y’all are going around saying the media is controlling people, and you’ve unironically become those exact people.

  5. Good old Covid card. Biden just got shut down on his voting rights bill, his infrastructure bill is about fall apart as well, so now they have to bring Covid back.

    1. Frontline Doctors continue to say we have super safe super effective treatments already…. But Leftist Politicians and the Media won’t nothing to do with it. They want to stay on their narrative no matter what.

    1. And the wide open borders flooding infected illegal people in by the hundreds of thousands and disbursing them around the nation. And they have all sorts of diseases not just COVID/HIV.

  6. It’s too bad Joy is so ugly on the inside, she’s actually rather attractive on the outside. Her nasty spirit ruins that though.

  7. He just says “not true”, not offering science-based rebuttals…while there’s evidence that people caught Covid after being vaccinated

    1. @Obed Reyes you’ve refuted nothing i’ve said because you can’t. yes there is such a thing as chemical warfare, but the origins of covid are still being investigated. regardless covid is a global pandemic and there are proven vaccines that can greatly reduce chances of contracting covid and nearly completely eliminate severe illness. you asked a bunch of rhetorical questions like your buddy tucker, but that’s not evidence or even an argument. baseless conspiracy theory with nothing backing it🤣🤣🤣

    2. @Hugh Dougall look my friend go back and reread what I sent. Because I argued every point you’ve mentioned. If you cant read we have a bigger issue lmao. With that being said I hope you have a nice day 🙂 I’ll walk around with chin high up and balls downlow just knowing I dont need to follow anyone not even tucker. I just like his opinion as their based on facts not fiction

    3. Obedience, not the flu, not the lockdowns, not the documentation that is coming, obedience. Watch a short video, click on the red icon to the left there, leave a comment.

  8. Millions have already been infected, millions have been vaccinated. Yet, they are still worried about another surge. Give me a break!

    1. It’s a way to scare parents and younger people to get the vaccine. They’re producing another part of the virus as we speak. Three months from now

    2. Ikr. It doesn’t make any sense. Unless this weapon was designed to not have last immunity & they are developing other strains & releasing variants intentionally. We all know where this is heading to but too many people don’t see it…

    3. @Yvonne Plant no one is buying what they are selling anymore. It should wake you up that they are trying to give away millions to get people vaccinated. Real threats don’t require you to bribe people.

  9. Funny how they use “celebrities” to push their agenda
    ….. glad to see smart people in the comments

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