1. Seems like their more worried about everyone else but Canadians who got Canadians backs it makes me sick to my guts

  2. A lot more complicated than this article and Mulcair is over simplifying things. If we didn’t do this, we’d be helping Russia more by causing the crash of Germany. Damned if we do, damned if we don’t.

    1. @Brian Kroger Well some would argue this is a necessary step… when you say ‘energy’ you are referring to things that are parboiling our planet. I am not sure if you are aware of a thing called Climate Change? Didn’t think I had to spell that one out… or are you suggesting we keep going, business as usual?

    2. @jimmyhumming Are you willing for the government to turn off you energy source to help Ukraine?

    3. Germany is screwed either way. They gave away their energy sovereignty. There are 3 key needs to any nation to maintain it’s sovereignty energy, food and military.

    4. @Cal Depen also look into what it takes to get EV batteries (humanitarian nightmare) and the pending toxic waste disaster the future disposal will lead to.

  3. Actually, Mulcair is the hypocrite on this. On Newstalk 1010AM last week he crowed about how unfair it was for the Canadian government to withhold this essential equipment from Germany. Which is it Thomas?

    1. @Hantz Tremblay Tom Mulcair has some courage to call out the hypocrisy – but not that much

    2. @Sapientum Octavus lol – for it to be a quantum superposition, it would have to happen simultaneously and at the same time! As it happens, there is a time gap with the latest realization that it was and is grossly hypocritical. We are all allowed to learn from our mistakes, even Tom M.

  4. “What we’re starting to sense in Canada’s approach here” ??? Seriously? This (waffling back and forth) is standard Canadian policy. Talk, talk, talk, but don’t take sides, and mean it.

  5. You don’t think that trudea didn’t involve the ndp in this decision Mulcair? Jagmeet probably gave a thumbs up for more concessions. You should know this so are clearly trying to cover ndp butt on this decision.

  6. Mulcair should know all about ‘hypocritical’… remember what he did to English Quebecers? I sure do.

    1. Trump. And they laughed at him at the time. So time passes. Don’t believe they are laughing now

  7. Hypocrisy? The NDP supports banning Canadian pipelines and using Russian, Iranian, and Venezuela oil by tanker.

  8. Tom should know that it takes years not months to build another pipeline and the Europeans have been developing pipelines connecting Caspian and North African gas

  9. I don’t know why I actually assumed an intelligent thought and possibly a solution would be constructed out of this man’s mouth. Formally useless doesn’t become useful overnight

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