1. Trump has made massive cuts to the CDC, and closed the Office of Pandemics two years ago. He is sabotaging our public health system. He should be laser focused on building hospitals and quarantine centers.

    1. Arthur Kroulik
      Naw. It’s dangerous because it’s so infectious, but it only kills 2% of the people it infects. It’s basically a really severe cold that kills more people than usual. It’s not going to end civilization or anything that extreme.

    1. @gb nq the DNA sequence reveals all the proteins the virus might make, such has already been identified.
      yeah there is a long FDA approval process for widespread distribution of vaccines to innoculate people, you mention it yourself. In all reality, the state of biotech makes this look like the chinese government culling the population more than a pandemic.

    2. @Mo ses I called you an idiot before and here you go reconfirming your an idiot by sprouting ridiculous and unsubstantiated conspiracy theories.

  2. It’s not exactly helpful that the virus can be transmitted before an infectious person has any symptoms, thus any knowledge of being ill. Quite scary.

    1. @10,000 of you for 1 Charlie Whiskey are you sure coronavirus doesn’t help for trump’s persistent presidency?

    2. @Zhu J.Y.

      Okay. Be a lapdog. Enjoy your Chinese servitude because you are too touchy feely to see what’s 2 inches from your nose.

    3. Pilfer Bean you’re missing the point here. The point isn’t about concluding something is a fact about conspiracy.
      Or spreading conspiracy to frighten people. Or the need to prove it wrong or true.

      China is hiding something by rejecting help or investigation into hubei Provence with WHO & US CDC. That leads to unknowns, your “fact” not verified by professionals. So that experts can NOT effectively deal with the virus we’re having.

      Fear is a good thing if you use it in a good way, it reminds people to be alert, to be safe, to better take care of themselves.

      And the incubation time can be as long as 24+ days, while the patient is transmissive being asymptomatic, it’s aerosol in certain close areas. Once you got it 80%+ chances you’re going to spread it to your family and relatives. Knowing these can be frightening, panicking, but it also helps to remind people to have relevant PPE.

    4. Pilfer Bean effective people deal in the known with speculations or imaginaries and conspiracy theories too, they just manage to find ways and evidences to prove what they think or speculate is true.

      Pathologist give tests to confirm things, that’s their ways of knowing the facts, and then finding ways to do something about what they know, and yes they’re wasting energy and time doing all those self-sabotaging things before they get their facts/answers.

      Do you think planes got invented before they know something like that can fly? Trials and errors, experiments and time wasting and self sabotaging in the progress for years!

    1. More likely a combination of China dabbling in things they shouldn’t and their incompetence in dealing with the results.

    1. No, no, this is the new series that come before Fear the Walking Dead, where they show how the thing got pandemic in the first place.

    1. PS Wright
      I think you’re worried. Maybe it’s beyond that. Maybe you should see your analyst?

      *Your lunatic leadership will not fund any border security, so we cannot screen, identify and quarantine disease*

    2. Oh here we go with another “Trump collude with the Corona virus” impeachment scam…..
      Is there no end to you dumbassocrats stupidity?

    3. If you’re not a rich white person then everything 45 does is against your interests and well-being. He is dismantling America’s tools for dealing with corruption, illness, poverty, old age, crumbling infrastructure, and on and on. He has done NOTHING for you if you’re not wealthy enough to live outside of the day-to-day America.

    1. @The Jordani Show More Africa than Asia if you go by continental plates which is the definition of continents. When I was at the Aramco office in Diagram, this came up in conversation, the middle east is in Africa.

    2. @John Wang after researching it I guess the definition of a continent is open for interpretation, I was just relaying the most accepted definition at least in Europe. Thanks for informing me.

    1. We should send Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, mad Maxine ,Chuck Schumer and AOC to China to see if they’re telling the truth and hopefully they’ll catch the disease LOL

  3. when you realize you left the barn door open at the same time you see the name above the gate is “apocalypse”……..

    1. they keep talking about person to person but China is spraying a mix of alcohol and water over every inch of their cities . the streets the buildings everything , person to person is only one part of the story .

  4. Transparency as is in the US??!! Pandemic: Iran, Italy S.Korea Japan, Hong Kong, need I go on. This is a Pandemic. Call it what it is.

    1. @Stephanie Lynn Yes. This is very sad and dangerous for those who live there and are already fighting many other epidemics currently.

    1. The American flights loaded a sealed box with seats inside. Presumably they kept it at a lower air pressure than the cabin pressure which is easy to do at altitude.

      But even with a regular passenger jet, the airflow is from the front to the back so you max out the fresh air intake, segregate the infected at the rear of the plane and close off the curtains. It’s how smoking used to be contained back when they allowed smoking on planes. The rear cabin was for smoking and watching a movie since they used projectors and actual film back then.

    2. Possible contaminated outside, non contaminated inside, Easy Peasy,
      No seriously I agree, its an enclosed Air space and I think mostly recycled air, I fly a lot Cabin air is not refreshed enough as far as I know

    1. @Rocky Comet you know the crybabies will cry. They cried before and soon they’ll cry once more. In the mean time….crying. Orange man good !

    2. @Cory Snyder one other thing , i think that you need a correction, Trump won 3083 counties nation wide out of ….let’s see…… drumroll please……..out of 3141 Wow! And your silly comment makese laugh! Damn near a total wipe out, and your over in the corner, “yapping it ain’t over” you can expect more people like yourself to be addmitted to your local cuddle a stranger club.

  5. *Surely the quarantine period should be at least 28 days rather than 14. One major study recommended 28 days.*

    1. IF we are on the brink of a pandemic, it should be set to a 40 days quarantine, no debate.

    1. Oh yes Dr. Trump is on it! Whater you doin’ Dr. Hoggly playin’ with yer Woggly? So, Stupid! Stop Commenting…..

    2. HogglyWoggly … when privileged think they won’t get a pandemic that is airborne
      A cocktail is needed Antibiotics /Chloramphenicol no way of knowing who will react and get Aplastic anemia which will accelerate the issue and kill you faster! This Med with conjunction with PROMACTA might work but is all trial & eras!

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