Impact of Covid-19 on Jamaica's Justice System | TVJ News - August 24 2021 1

Impact of Covid-19 on Jamaica’s Justice System | TVJ News – August 24 2021


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  1. Why didn’t Jamaica get the vaccine from Cuba instead of waiting on America? I dont understand the Jamaican government at all.

    1. They don’t wanna see the African nations strive. We have to create a system for ourselves, that’s the only way out. Else, we’ll be ever subdued. Just the truth.

    2. @Mario Perry I totally agree. I hope we can create that system soon because I feel we are running out of time with the next generation coming!

    3. @LION rule the jungle without fear Things takes time to come to fruition.

      First, we must take the time out to educate those that are lost. Knowledge is one of the most powerful tools. With that, one can do miraculous things.

      (Now we all see why ignorance is one of the enemy’s most powerful tools).

    4. @Mario Perry Totally agree. I also say we have to build a powerful army (That’s one of the things they understand and respect) and I would love to be the leader/trainer of that military. They would be some of the most well trained soldiers on the planet, soldiers that chew iron!

    5. @LION rule the jungle without fear That’s definitely a must have… Cause the enemy is always lurking day and night to devour whatever.

      Respect bro..

  2. “Larger than Life” no one is larger than Life…God is the author and finisher of everything and EVERYONE

  3. Question:

    Is the word PEOPLE no longer a part of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE in JAMAICA?

    Sounds like the ISLAND is made up of PERSONS only.


    Seems like it’s changed to “PERSONS”
    Frankly that’s not proper GRAMMAR.

    PERSONS is legit; depending on the Subject @’ hand.

  4. If people refuse to follow protocols then without a shadow of doubt, there’s going to be repercussions. Too many persons refuse to take this deadly virus seriously. It’s no respecter of persons whether you’re educated or illiterate, young or old,male or female, christian or non_christian, black, white or in between, healthy or unhealthy. Everyone needs to play his/her part in doing the right thing.

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