Impeachment could shape U.S. politics “forever”: Presidential historian

American University Presidential historian Allan Lichtman discusses the historic vote that may put U.S. President Donald Trump on trial in the Senate.

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  1. Yes, when Dems get back in power around 12 years from now, the GOP can try to screw the President for no reason. Cool the way Trump’s numbers are going up thanks to impeachment.

    1. Axios Research shows Trump now winning in 3 battleground States since impeachment began. Biden was leading all of them. Sorry SP, I didn’t realize you don’t have Google.

    2. Praveen Goel, the Axios Research which includes a team of experienced scientists and business executives that specializes in the research and production of drug impurities, drug metabolites, reference standards and isotopically labeled compounds and internal standards for mass spectrometry analysis??

    1. @Geo H Well sorry to burst your ego but all this impeachment has done is boost Trumps ratings and chance to win 2020…. Lie to yourself all you want but the data is there… Even the democrats agree its a trainwreck. Andrew yang has tried so hard to end this witch hunt but the dems wont listen… Goodluck in 2020… you will need it.

    2. You’re right, all he did was described the Democrats. Obama and Hillary both did wayyyyy worse but were never held accountable.

    3. @Geo H Tough talk when Trudeau let’s Chinese Politburo use stolen tech to spy on Canadian businesses

    1. Totally. Stephen Harper sold the oil patch to the Chinese for a couple of pandas and now Alberta is paying for it. He needs to be held accountable.

  2. The Prime minister could always give Mr. Trump advice on how to avoid a criminal prosecution… Having done so himself.

    1. @ChickenFriedRice Seton so why didn’t he say what crime Trump committed as grounds for impeachment? This impeachment circus is Russian collusion 2.0 that will amount to nothing because its based on nothing.

    2. ChickenFriedRice Seton you’re joking right?? Democrats have been lying to African Americans since the 1970’s. You’re a goof

    3. @ChickenFriedRice Seton Trump committed no crime: truth

      Leftists are always guilty of what they accuse conservatives of: truth

    1. GravityPlays, you weren’t supposed to assume that everyone is American and that the entire world isn’t watching this circus.

    2. @Justtubingby Well said 🙂 I’m not American either and basically everyone here is interested in these wild times.

    3. Justtubingby Perfect response! Canadian as well and I would not miss this circus for anything. Can’t wait for the Senates turn…

    4. Justtubingby when you make a comment on the internet it can be interpreted in a thousand different ways. It’s not like you’re using your voice to demonstrate emotions. I apparently read it wrong. I interpreted it as him being an angry American complaining about the impeachment, but I know now that’s not the case. also, I’m Canadian lmao

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