Impeachment Fact-Check: Military Funding Did Not Get To Ukraine, Shredding Trump Defense | MSNBC

Impeachment Fact-Check: Military Funding Did Not Get To Ukraine, Shredding Trump Defense | MSNBC 1


The House impeachment report documents more evidence undercutting one of the White House’s last factual defenses to impeachment – the claim that there can’t be an impeachable abuse of power if Ukraine ultimately got the military money that was froze. In this report, MSNBC’s Ari Melber draws on the evidence in the new House report, and other material, to show millions of dollars have still not reached Ukraine, raising key issues for the impeachment probe. Aired on 12/5/19.
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Impeachment Fact-Check: Military Funding Did Not Get To Ukraine, Shredding Trump Defense | MSNBC

28 Comments on "Impeachment Fact-Check: Military Funding Did Not Get To Ukraine, Shredding Trump Defense | MSNBC"

  1. Tseleng Botlhole | December 5, 2019 at 10:05 PM | Reply

    The truth will always come out

  2. Future Isscary | December 5, 2019 at 10:05 PM | Reply

    These deplorables just seem to spend all day and night engaged in criminal behavior. Trumpsters and those principled republicans, how is it you are OK with this? Can hardly wait until we have a Democratic president, be time to take away assault rifles, and no complaints will be allowed, right Trumpsters?

  3. Wait, did he pocket $35 million? I’m a little confused where the missing money went.

  4. Getting the money isnt a defense, and now we learn they didnt even get it all. It just keeps getting worse for Trump, the man who’s only defense is to call everything a witch hunt.

    • Supposed witches were burned at the stake, not a bad idea for this bunch.

    • @Anne Gonzalez And that really gets to me sometimes. Most of those who were killed because of the witch trials were indeed innocent women. Though I doubt Trump ever saw the hypocrisy or misogyny of using a historic wrong against women as his legal defense.

  5. WTF!

  6. On Aug. 7, 1974, Sen. Barry Goldwater, R-Ariz., House Minority Leader John Rhodes, R-Ariz., and Senate Minority Leader Hugh Scott, R-Pa., made it clear to Nixon that he faced all-but-certain impeachment, conviction, and removal from office in connection with the Watergate scandal.

    Nixon announced his resignation the next day, effective at noon on Aug 9, 1974.

    In his 2006 book “Conservatives Without Conscience,” former Nixon White House Counsel John Dean wrote that the Capitol Hill trio “traveled to the White House to tell Nixon it was time to resign.”

    In his 1988 autobiography, Goldwater wrote that after hearing their grim assessment, Nixon “knew beyond any doubt that one way or another his presidency was finished.”

    Nixon was all but certain to be removed from office for far less than what Trump has done.
    Earlier on Capitol Hill, McCarthy said that Trump’s impeachment was the weakest and thinnest impeachment in the history of America. Well that is just patently absurd. The weakest and thinnest impeachment in the history of America was when republicans impeached a sitting President for lying about a BJ. If lying about a B-J was the worst thing a president ever did, America would have no problems at all.

  7. Power corrupts | December 5, 2019 at 10:16 PM | Reply

    Agent Orange is still on the case.

  8. Oh my God you mean he still hasn’t given them finds you gotta be bullshiting me man .you gotta be

  9. Patricia Wilson | December 5, 2019 at 10:19 PM | Reply

    Just another Lie by the Republicans and Trump .MAGA,Vote Blue 💙 2020 ! 😁

  10. Edward MacLennan | December 5, 2019 at 10:21 PM | Reply

    Your move, Repretzelcans.

  11. Bet the farm, the cheeto has that 14% in his pocket. That thieving, lying pos just won’t stop being a criminal until he’s dead. Prison absolutely will not stop him. The whole bunch of them is steeped in crime(including the gop). Bring them down NOW, please!

  12. Yeah, “Individual-1” is in trouble here.

  13. I wonder if Giuliani butt dial call about needing money has anything to do with this…

  14. Trump just like all your shady deals they never work 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. Now we know why the Ukraine President is so reluctant to say anything about this situation , he still needs this money and is still waiting for it.

  16. Repblican: “Hey, no biggee… 14% is our usual skim, um…, did I just say that out loud? Dang!

  17. Guilliani;…”I have Insurence in case I disappear’
    Epstein;…” Thanks for sending over the girls from Miss Teen U.S.A., Donald
    Barr;…” Why don’t you Two Guards go take an Early Lunch”
    Epstein;… “I won’t tell anybody about your fath………”
    Trump;… ” NEVER MET THE GUY “

  18. Had he been a democrat he’d be joining Snowden in Russia.

  19. If the money did not reach Ukraine then i want my taxes back – cut me a refund check now

  20. Thanks for News I feel I can trust. Love Morning Joe and Mika( she is beautiful ) I wanted to say I hope MSNBC does not forget Bernie Sanders as he is very popular with so many young as well as seniors as myself. We know he cannot do everything he wants but Bernie is the best start for a better America for all of us. He has my vote because his message has never changed, he is a beloved person with a purpose. Bernie loves America and its citizens.

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