Impeachment: Highlights of Democrats case, first day | USA TODAY

Impeachment: Highlights of Democrats case, first day | USA TODAY 1


  1. censorship is a state of fact America it’s not! Don’t even pretend the Constitution has anything to do with the way the government operates today.

    1. @jean-claude schwartz I know I know I live on the planet with the Borg people with feelings but not spirit.

    2. @jean-claude schwartz referring to the reach El Trumpo had for personal political gain, absolutely.

    3. I saw this video once where a teenage girl had gasoline poured on her and was set afire because she didn’t have the money to pay her cab fare. All I get on the Internet these days is that God sucks or that he doesn’t exist at all. When it comes to God how do people feel living on a planet of the damned? Ever since Isis showed up there has been more and more media on the sickness of the human spirit. I can also remember watching this new world order take root during the change of the century. Maybe watching how sick people can be in their spirit is something you can laugh at on the Jerry Springer show but when these people start making laws you can bet that life is going to get pretty weird.

  2. Trump did not cheat ! He won fair and square in the 2016 election! The Republican better fight hard or there will be a CIVIL WAR again!!This time in BLOODSHED!!!!🇺🇸😡🛡🗡🏹🔫⛏🪓💣💥

  3. Schiff said Democrats don’t believe Ballot box, then Democrats don’t know or honor the democracy by people votes. Democrats don’t understand the election vote then they should go to Venezuela to live.

    1. I assume you’re on the democrat’s side based on your reply on another comment. However bad Trump is as long as he hasn’t been proven guilty he walks as an innocent man, pal.

  4. Just follow the facts people, don’t fall for all the lies from this administration. You too will be thrown under the bus if it comes to it. Just look at all those “friends” or business associates that have been arrested!

    1. Hardly a valid comment as only the Republicans have been investigated thoroughly by the opposition so far. Also the arrest/charges are petty and did not relate or prove to the initial investigation which was Russian collusion.

      If you believe in fairness (which I highly doubt) investigate the Ukraine money trail and see which side actually committed more crimes and the most damning crimes. Then come back and comment again.

      Right now, only one side is acquitted and that is the side that has already been investigated fairly by the other side and no Russian collusion was found.

    2. crxdelsolsir Research the business partners, business failures, and motives of the current Chief Commander. Then Read the Mueller report and trace the events of the Ukraine issue at hand. It’s like a puzzle. I will agree however both sides are corrupt. One however lacks the intellect to not be so obvious about it.

  5. Let’s get Joseph Biden and Hunter Biden out there so we can find out if there was really corruption behind hunters $83,000 a month job at a Ukrainian oil company while his father was in charge of United States policy to Ukraine. Let’s find out if there’s any corruption there that’s the real story if there was and Trump was totally within his rights to go after it!

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