Impeachment Lawyer Breaks Down Evidence Of Trump’s Attempted Coup

“It is a stunning request. And there are other things in the notes that jump out to be that I think will be very relevant to prosecutors looking at Trump’s conduct in the aftermath of the 2020 election,” says impeachment counsel Dan Goldman, discussing Trump urging DOJ to declare the election "corrupt."
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    1. The truth is that he is a great magician because he got away with his crimes for decades and made a fortune doing it. It’s only because he was elected president that he was unable to hide his grift any longer. He will ultimately be named the greatest con man of the 20th and possibly 21st centuries, I think 🤔

    2. Well, Trump did hide his taxes from the public to this day, despite saying he would love to release them except for …… the audits.

  1. Why William Barr is not under investigation, he was the top law official in the country, he suppose to work for the American people not Donald Trump agenda.

    1. We can’t rely on testimony from William Barr, not unless it’s corroborated by more reliable witnesses.

    2. He may very well be under investigation right now. We won’t hear about it until all the ducks are in a row. Remember, there are no do-overs in a court of law.

    3. @Sydni Downey If Nancy Pelosi’s commission succeeds since Trump is no longer on the throne and protected by McConnell and conspirators, things just may start rolling downhill. And you know what avalanches are, don’t you, Dear?

  2. Intel department spends countless hours making intelligence report, but the President of the United States prefer internet misinformation.

    1. tRump only agrees with things that serve his agenda. He believed Putin over his own intelligence agencies because it backed his narrative. “Many people are saying” is his way of conveying “I want to believe”.

  3. If Donald Trump doesn’t see the inside of a courtroom after this? Our governing body is a joke!

    1. Then we are already a fascist government and these messages could give us tickets to re-education camps or firing squads in 2024.

    2. A sitting President who fuels a Insurrection, he needs to be on trial, and if convicted face a traitor’s fate. That is what our Founders would have done.

    3. @Pirate’s Life our founder’s would not have the current Kangaroo court currently in session trying to convict him on innuendo and here say. In fact you or anyone else can produce anything he said that constitutes a coup or a riot.

    4. theyre still trying to figure out a way to make epsteins chick disappear. shes got the receipts for several powerful men from both parties. one thing dems and the GQP believe in is younger the better

  4. Tired of the Banana Republic line. I know what it means, but it doesn’t hit the target of the offense. American exceptionalism is not what we’re trying to preserve.

  5. I have no idea why it is so difficult to prosecute a former president. If he broke the law, put him in jail.

    1. That’s what Trump supporters wanted for Hillary over e-mails. This is MUCH bigger than that.

    2. @888strummer Trumpty Dumpty could have been arrested with the muller probe. But DOJ can only charge a sitting president with a high crime.

    3. @888strummer He asked the DOJ to state the election was rigged even though the DOJ concluded otherwise. That’s a crime.

  6. Stop the madness ! End the Trump & Co legacy by charging, trying, convicting and jailing these felons.

    1. All that wasted space in Guantanamo…..let’s get on with it. Trump may not have gotten Greenland (so crazy!), but how about a little piece of Cuba in the lovely Caribbean? Prime piece of real estate, Dahling .

    2. @Michael H At least we got to see Clinton’s taxes. Why should a president be afraid of public scrutiny??? Hmmm….guess who looks very suspicious by hiding his? Hmmm?

    1. Does it though? I think we should all be afraid! He’s not gonna pay! People around him, yes. I’m afraid he will actually be a candidate in 2024!

    2. @Rayne M Oh, yeah ,…just like he was sure to win in 2021.
      Pure Disney Fantasy . That’s Toddler Talk. Come back to Planet Earth, Baby.

    3. @Paul Bat no need to be nasty Paul! Just because nastiness is the current norm doesn’t mean it’s a personality asset! I have just as much right to speculate and discuss my speculation as anyone else, and I fear that we will see him as a candidate in 2024!

    4. @Biden is destroying our county hmmm for someone who says he doesn’t have a problem with spelling, you def have a problem spelling. Don’t you read your own posts? Oh wait…you can’t read

    1. @yootoober2009 “Never” is “never”. It only takes this one exception to demolish the “never”.

  7. Trump’s lawyers, Sir, the only way out of this is for you declare insanity and leaves the rest to us. Keep your mouth shut..Good luck with that lawyers.

    1. What’s ironic, is we are now up to 18 of the domestic terrorists that attacked our capitol, using the insanity defense. The Q-Anon Shaman was the first. They forced a mental evaluation on him in prison, and diagnosed him with multiple mental health issues, and are using it as a defense in court now, claiming Trump took advantage of his mental illness. Since that time, another 17 insurrectionists have updated their defenses to mental health issues.

      We already knew Trump supporters have mental health disorders, but it’s validating to see them finally admit it under oath.

    2. He literally cannot keep his mouth shut. You’d have to sew his lips together in order for him to keep his mouth shut.

    1. Putin is sitting back laughing his head off at how this has worked out, he exploited existing social fractures through trump, those fractures are now gaping canyons that will take generations to come back together ( if ever )

    2. Putin certainly underestimated Navalny. The guy actually survives to taunt him with nightmares. Well, Netanyahu is now out. Maybe Putin one day soon?

  8. The trouble with our so-called justice system is that it takes too long to hold the rich and powerful accountable, if indeed they are ever held accountable.

    1. It’s easier to convict a poor man for jaywalking than it is to convict a rich man for stealing millions.

    1. @J Nagarya And Rudy and McConnell and Jeff Sessions and McCarthy and Marco Rubio
      and Mike Pence and Ted Cruz and Jim Jordan and Stefanik and Taylor-Greene, etc. Like a swamp infested with encroaching anacondas in Miami.

    2. You are not the only one. That man violated the OATH he took to be the PEOPLE’S attorney. Instead, he became Trump’s personal attorney. Chicken Barr needs to be indicted, tried and put in prison for life. His law license revoked.

  9. When federal elected officials violate their OATH to protect and defend the Constitution — and try to do the opposite — is that not TREASON? Punishable by death?

    1. @J Nagarya yep. There are a few more penalties; fine of $10,000, jail, or both. that is besides the death penalty.

    2. @DERRICK BAILEY interesting idea. I’ll go for that for every complicit GOP in the Senate and in the House. Believe me; I’ll sign it.

    3. There are a few more penalties besides death. Those are a fine of $10,000, jail, or both. I would love to see every GOP elected official who violated their OATH to protect and defend the Constitution tossed into prison for LIFE with NO CHANCE AT PAROLE. They come out in a BODY BAG.

  10. The corruption that Trump brought to his 4 year reign is only now being exposed, more will come, count on it… Presidential Immunity no longer applies… How many more of his corrupt cronies are going to be arrested before the Law catches up with America’s #1 Criminal and bring him before a Judge & Jury to answer some questions?

  11. I’ve always understood how a collage hides integral elements, there’s so much corruption within the GOP’s 2016NationalConvention, apparent, as the delegates never adopted a single plank of a platform; with one exception: we’ll all hang with Trump and never hang at all. So now, there’s an image of an empty gallows, from Jan.6, 2020, haunting the Midterm2022Election.

  12. Charge Trump & the Trumplicans with “inciting a riot that resulted in deaths”. In 1989 in Window Rock, Arizona there was a similar riot on a smaller scale & 2 people died. People went to prison for inciting the rioters to retake their government.

    1. @Biden is destroying our county <----- A J.A.F.B. Joined Jul 19, 2021 Bot and paid for. Funny thing is the trump sheep are paying for their own bird brainwashing.

    2. @Biden is destroying our county You poor thang, I feel your pain trumpie, it must be stressful watching poopy pants donnie disaster getting kicked to the curb. Take a nap sweetie. Oh, on more thing, Joe Biden is donnie disasters president, and yours too.

    3. except…..only person killed here was an unarmed American citizen (woman ) shot by POLICE. THIS IS A FALSE FLAG MORON

    4. @Bob Bemister by calling me a name, you professed who you are. What do you expect when you are threatening federal police officers doing their duty behind barricaded fencing & doors in the Capitol? If the protest had been at the first line of barricades outside the Capitol by minorities
      They would’ve been shot on the spot for assaulting federal police officers. The Trumplicans had white privilege status to assault the federal officers. In the Window Rock,Az riot the 2 rioters were shot by police officers defending their lives. The case was a federal case. Research it!

  13. He didnt just try doors. He tried to pick locks and threatened locksmiths if they didn’t open the doors.

    1. So he recognizes that his behavior is bad, destructive, and getting worse.

      So he can distinguish between right and wrong. He just chooses to continue his criminal careerism.

    2. Because he tells the truth right to their stupid faces. That’s why they hate him. That’s why this propaganda encourages you to hate him. Because they are evil and he is the good guy

    3. @John Pitts 30,000+ lies and you’re saying he tells the truth???? Not too smart are John Boy!!!!

  14. No, Chris, it’s not just you!; and Barr’s silence, even though he abdicated, makes him a coup accomplice.

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