Impeachment Manager Mystified At Pence's Silence After Targeting By Trump For Mob Attack 1

Impeachment Manager Mystified At Pence’s Silence After Targeting By Trump For Mob Attack


Del. Stacey Plaskett remarks that while she would have enjoyed cross-examining Kevin McCarthy at Donald Trump's second impeachment trial, the most surprisingly absent voice from the proceeding was that of Mike Pence, who was forced to flee after Trump made him the target of his angry mob. Aired on 02/16/2021.
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Impeachment Manager Mystified At Pence's Silence After Targeting By Trump For Mob Attack


    1. Then this is a total failurePence has no political future. He is burned to ashes on both sides. I wonder if he has left the country

    2. Trying to play both sides and not rock the boat ultimately got him nowhere with Trump and nearly got him killed. I’d stay quiet for now, too, and save it for court.

    3. @cc 1k What court? He doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude for that. It might have a negative effect on his political career. He’s gutless like all trump toadies.

    1. That was their big mistake. If America could have heard from the GOP’s own mouths, that, “The Steal,” ain’t real, that would have been the killing blow! But, for the sake of getting on with Biden’s agenda, they didn’t take the time to break the GOP in two, and neutralise the threat. Now, we’re, “hoping,” that the criminal courts and the ballot box will be enough to prevent an all out Fascist State in America . . . Thanks DNC . . . Thanks a bunch!

    2. @Ash Roskell preventing the loss of democracy in the United States is a daunting task now. What saved their democracy this time also screwed it. The senate republicans hid behind the constitution, twisted the intention of it to suit their purposes. No amount of further drawing out of the trial would have changed that. They have shown their stripes over and over again. Excluding the 7.

    3. Why can’t you people just give over…always trying to rekindle fires… oh sorry shouldn’t mentioned fire… you burned quite a lot already?!

    4. @Marie-Flo Reddy give over? What do you mean by that? Maybe “you people” is a bit too much like pointing the finger.

  1. There is nothing mystified about lieutenants being afraid to testify against the mob boss when they know the boss will be found not guilty. Don’t blame them for a broken system.

    1. And the soldiers are loyal to the boss, and the whole lot will walk free to resume their criminality even if convicted.

  2. Pence is the national Person of Silence for the “Let’s Pretend it Never Happened – Club of Delusionals.”

  3. Pence shows lack of character also. Probably still thinks he has a chance for 2024 after he spent 4 years licking Trump’s boots

  4. Trump insulted Ted Cruz’s wife , and then Cruz offered to be his lawyer. After Trump tried to whack Pence , I can only wonder if Pence is pathetic enough to be Trump’s lawyer.

    1. McCarthy and McConnell were quite loud about how angry they were at the beginning, until they looked at their base and saw that they were still supporting the President. That’s when the testicles they were ALMOST about to grow immediately withered on the vine and faded away.

  5. PENCE IS A STAR WITNESS TO TRUMP’S CRIMES. There is no doubt that trump welcomed the mob to silence his voice forever.

    1. Pence is a poor man compared to the other senators. He doesn’t even have property. So he’s probably thinking the Donald can help him in the future. Besides, Pence may run for office again.

  6. Pence will bow low for his Orange God no matter the circumstances. However, for every action there is an opposite reaction, what goes around comes around, karma and so on… These evil people will pay for what they have done one way or another.

  7. Silent?!
    They’re friggin HOSTAGES 
    of the the fat mobster and his mob.
    Dont they know that gangster sagas never ever end well
    for anyone
    especially the mob itself

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