Impeachment of Donald Trump could turn into a battle for control of the Republican Party 1

Impeachment of Donald Trump could turn into a battle for control of the Republican Party


GOP strategist Thomas Rath says that many traditional Republican supporters no longer recognize the party under U.S. President Trump.

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  1. The two headed snake battles it self. Evil has never been stronger. Bow down slaves or face the mighty fines.

    1. @Stephen P not claims and they have more then enough proof just have an investigation and we will see’ and hold your breath that they did and went to courts blah blah blah’
      every single court threw out without looking at it. So let’s do an investigation and will be all over’ I’m sure if Joe got’ that many votes he has nothing to worry about ?

    2. @Smok3 SHO 60 is the total lawsuits over the election only 4 are from Trump himself and many are still ongoing

    1. @albertannationalist You can make accusations all you want, but the realm of law (should) deals with only fact and truth. The fact is that the election was legitimately won by the Democratic party.

      I base this conclusion on the fact that none of the ~60 lawsuits (weirdly concentrated on the swing states) to overturn results – including the one where Texas tried to impose its will upon the rest of the Union – contained no actual proof of wrongdoing written in the actual documents. Thus, even Trump’s appointees dismissed all these attempts to judicially overturn those elections.

    2. @Movies and Games How many investigations must there be until you’re satisfied? There have already been numerous ones. You guys want to recount and rerun everything until you get the result you want. Sorry but you lost. Get over it!

    3. @The Watcher Which investigation gathered and looked at the evidence? Not a single one….

      Let’s have an investigation where they actually introduce evidence in the court system…. How about just that ONE investigation? A proper one.

    1. @Geoff Hammond Trump only lost because of corruption…. Otherwise, if you look into the evidence of fraud, it would appear Trump won pretty bigly…

      Too bad there was never an allowance to actually investigation the well documented evidence…..

  2. There will be no battle. The Republican Party is already controlled, when its members decided to not have a spine. Way to f up your own party for the next four, possibly more, years.

    1. @Dethrone Gaming He posted another message that called the mob “great patriots” who were reacting to an election victory “viciously stripped away.” He also told them “We’re going to walk down to the Capitol.” He obstructed a peaceful transition of power which at its core what the constitution stands for. There was not one EXACT quote which is an impeachable offense but a culmination and failure to protect democracy and safety secure the Capital.

    2. @The Watcher words are very tricky i see did he say “go fight” or “we fight” exact words matter not projections

    3. @Sensible Sound Which part of your quotes does he incite violence again?

      You can’t fight like hell in court?

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