Impeachment Report Reveals Who Rudy Giuliani Was Calling - Day That Was | MSNBC 1

Impeachment Report Reveals Who Rudy Giuliani Was Calling – Day That Was | MSNBC


The House Intelligence Committee released its report on the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. Included in the report were phone records between the president's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and the White House Office of Management and Budget. The calls and texts between Giuliani and the White House were placed on August 8, with one call lasting about 13 minutes. During this period, Giuliani was trying to persuade Ukrainian officials to publicly state they were opening investigations into the Bidens and the 2016 election. The report also revealed communications between Giuliani’s associate Lev Parnas and Devin Nunes, the ranking Republican member of the Intelligence Committee. Aired on 12/04/19.
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Impeachment Report Reveals Who Rudy Giuliani Was Calling – Day That Was | MSNBC


  1. i am thoroughly enjoying watching triggered trumpers whine cry and whimper….i know…in the words of “your” 1st “lady”… “I Don’t Really Care..Do You?”…

    1. Stray – a quick search reveals a Florida arrest record as well! Go figure! The criminal-in-Chief gets the support of other criminals. LOL

    2. God bless her heart
      All she wanted to do was come to America
      She thought she got the big fish wound up being a slimy eel

    3. God bless her heart
      All she wanted to do was come to America
      She thought she got the big fish wound up being a slimy eel

    4. @Crystal Giddens no crystal. It’s not unbelievable at all. Trump supporters complain all the time about how mean liberals are. The converse is true as well.

      Turns out: we’re all just people, most of whom have emotions and at least some propensity for hypocrisy.

  2. Man this just keeps getting better and better. This must be that insurance Rudy was talking about. He’s been doing the bidding of his master Trump the whole time.

    1. @KZ Communism? Nah. They both believe in free markets, they just like a fairer tax code, and that is NOT communism. Also, Bernie supports the use of guns, so if you’re hearing they will take them away you’re misinformed all around.

    1. @C. Wilkins The only difference is the flag they pretend to love, and the language they speak. But basically, all Trump supporters are Kremlin assets.

  3. Rudy look both ways before you cross the street…….I think I see a bus coming and Trump is driving it.

    1. @Ryan Prosser I’m sure Trump could get the bus moving. But to hit his intended target? Probably not. He’d probably plow through a large group of children in line to see Santa, then get out of the bus and shoot Santa before saying that it probably wouldn’t lose him any votes.

    2. @Dave Schultz What’s wrong, afraid to respond to anyone yet? I mean, it’s not like the people you list are associates of trump and are now convicted, right? Am I right?

  4. Wow, dedicated “OMB footsoldier” at his/her desk by 07:17 am!
    (must have a big bunch of keys to the place then?)
    How many White House staff will be caught up in the HATCH Act net??
    Congress MUST revise the Statute of Limitations to 10 YEARS for the Hatch Act…

  5. What the white house swamp fails to understand there are records kept not just by themselves, all the allegations against GOP & POTUS are corroborated by phone records and others.

  6. Instead of running a Country, like USA, these criminals have a completely different agenda of what ir jobs are and who they work for?

    1. @Jim Bananas your assumption presumptions opinion and what you think it’s been over and debunked this show worse that the Schiff cartoon show

    2. @KZ
      Lies, lies, crass lies, and ugly calumnies…… Primitive comprehension, due to poor education……. Serious ignorance, typical of right-wing Americans (No understanding whatsoever of either Marxism, or communism!)… Poor, poor, disgraceful English (grammatical and spelling mistakes, absence of punctuation, inept syntax, etc.) due to blatant lack of education…..
      Last, but not least: your post is just pointless gibberish and it really insults people’s intelligence……… Instead of attacking the remarkably intelligent and well educated AOC (incidentally, your nasty calumnies could be qualified as DEFAMATION!), YOU are the ONE, who is the ignoramus, who should go back to school…… or just crawl back to your cave…….

    3. @Jim Bananas is that what you think the evidence how about no evidence no facts and Americans woke up to the marxist dictators on the left with Gestapo SS tactics

  7. “I do not know, Ask Rudy. Rudy has other clients, yeah yeah, I just won’t say where they work (all while At&T verified the OMB) . I barely know Rudy or Nunes. I was never a fan of Rudy or Nunes. Oh yeah, *NEVERMIND* , I do not know Rudy nor Nunes. Who are they? “.

    – *Donald J. Trump* –
    ( *Liar & Thief* )

    1. Buck Browning: Believing conspiracy theories from the lunatic fringe is no way to go through life. There’s so much delusion in your word-salad statement that addressing it in a rational fashion is impossible.

    2. clown is narcissist liar &thief and chief FAKE EVIL PRESIDENT,NAZI FASCIST WITH EVIL TRAITOR KLAN INSTALL AIN W H. ADVICERS . “””” LOCK EM UP!!!!

    1. Any relation to ‘Count Scrofula’ – ancestor of Scrotumus Shrivelus? Oh wait, different traitor. I was thinking of Giuliani. My bad!

    2. @Wallace
      Poor little Donie…… Stop being a snob, silly boy, you’ll soon have nobody to play with!!!!!!!!!

    1. Guessing he knows that Trump keeps a fleet of buses idling 24/7 just to throw his best flying monkeys under?

    2. I wonder how many of Trump’s criminal folks Putin will have killed in order to shut them up. Would sure save a lot of American tax dollars!

      “Russia, if you’re listening…”

    1. What brain he did have left shortly after Bloomberg relieved him as NYC mayor. He did seem to have one back then, and IMHO did a fine job of getting the city through the aftermath of the Trade Center bombings, but no more…….

    1. Discrimination is not a right. …yep. Ronnie used that tactic *88 times* in his 8 hours of Iran-Contra testimony.

  8. “I don’t really recall”.
    It’s funny how bad their memories are when it comes to who they met with or talked to on the phone. It’s not like it was ten years ago. Maybe they should have it checked.

    1. Well it’s not like hear say assumptions presumptions opinions and what someone thinks and only remember this person heard it from that person and I heard the conversation 20 feet away from this person that got from that person and I’ll bet it’s the whistle blower and all conversation

    2. Color me UGLY but , I had a dream like Martin Luther King that Devin Nunes , forgive me please , Senator Nunes , had a hand in this. Now he has to CHECK his phone records. Does any GOP member in D.C. tell the TRUTH anymore. Inquiring minds want to know.

    3. @Robin Williams Well take the inquiring minds to the basement of Congress with Gestapo SS tactics lie and collude and throw it to our democracy and Republic with hear say assumptions presumptions opinions and what someone thinks and see if it can stick…

    1. @Tata Mayo — Except repeating, that Donald “has done nothing wrong”, and his extortion phone call to Zelensky was “perfect”, because there is nothing wrong with extorting something from other countries. “We – Republicans – are doing it all the time. Get over it”. “the case is closed”…..

  9. My favorite part. Hannity: “Did you ever talk to this guy Les Parnis, or whoever his name is.” Right, Sean, you never heard this name before. Yeah, right!

    1. Whenever I watch & listen to Hannity it seems like he’s the worst actor ever. It’s so obviously an act but the simpletons who watch his show drink it up like it’s mother’s milk.

    2. Hannity is a joke. Nunes is a joke. Guliani is complicit as are the rest of the people protecting this plot to extort the Ukraine.

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