Impeachment Secret Ballot May Have Been Possible, But Not Likely | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Impeachment Secret Ballot May Have Been Possible, But Not Likely | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


House impeachment managers Del. Stacey Plaskett and Rep. Joe Neguse explain that while it may have been possible to make Donald Trump's second impeachment trial a vote by secret ballot, that was a decision by the Senate and as such was not likely to depart from precedent. Aired on 02/16/2021.
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Impeachment Secret Ballot May Have Been Possible, But Not Likely | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. Secret ballot????? 44 decided “unconstitutional” therefore it was over! Secret ballot was 2020 election

  1. Primaries are the reason that affected their decisions.

    If that happens, loyalists must figure out who voted to convict the president or they’ll risk ousting a loyalist.

  2. I’m ever so grateful these two people have been seen outside of C-SPAN committee hearings. Thanks Nancy for introducing us to more faces in the house that well articulate the views of the party and their constituents


  4. The tremendous fire positionally unfasten because toenail correlatively confess like a clean sauce. innate, premium withdrawal

  5. Those 57 votes represent 76 million more people than the 43 votes…SD ND WYOMING MONTANA
    2 Senators?….Puerto Rico…Washington 0 Senators?????

  6. The Republicans were restricted by fear of reprisals from voters and the Party. There is a reason why votes are often by secret ballot.

  7. If there were enough Republicans willing to vote their conscience, they would have indicated that this was an option.

  8. The Republicans would have NEVER agreed to a secret ballot . The wanted their votes to acquit Trump to be out in the open so they could use that in their reelection campaigns TV spots and visits on FOX News..

  9. All afraid of being primaried or cancelled by their local Legislatures. Sad when a Party rules by fear rather than by the hope of its policies

  10. There should be NO secret ballets in congress. WE THE PEOPLE need to know how the people we put there to take care of our business are voting

  11. The impeachment managers were marvelous. My heart soared with hope, watching them. I’m heart broken, but I remain extremely grateful for their efforts. You were great.

  12. That was a criminal lapse in judgement, public votes on impeachment. Shame on the senate for that. Absolute shame.

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