1. @Guided Meditation lots of politicians and journos have died in the last couple of months… God is getting rid of modern day demons

    2. @Gilbert Beltran Jr –
      Make sure you and your buddies storm the capital in 2024 when he looses again.
      And be sure to wear your name tag so the cameras can pick that up. lol.

    3. @Liala Liala –
      But are you sure he loves you?
      Just ask the 200+ QAnon believers that are in jail right now thinking that they were going to get a pardon from him☺️

  1. in other words, they know they have nothing, and instead of going after it, they are afraid all their ditry laundry will come out in the process…

  2. Democrats in words: “they were an endangerment and threatened our democracy”
    Democrats in action: Go on complete power grab rampage. Sign record number of executive orders, stiffle any political opposition, do everything in their power to ensure only Democrats could be elected from now on.

    1. @Lynn Lanier Soto-Shambach And you’ll party will have your head before they have mine.

      I’m a good ol tax payer. Socialists in power need that.

      Remember what happened to the Bolsheviks.

  3. There’s going to be a run on tissues for the Democrats next time you go to the store there’s not going to be any on the shelf …..

  4. She said people believe Trump “because so much social media” but social media is against Trump 🤦🏻‍♀️ this lady is so wrong

  5. “What’s really important” is that the ENTIRE country now knows to NEVER hire YOU to represent anyone!

  6. Mainstream media is biased as we all know….freedom of press must be revised because obviously those who lead media corporations have a political agenda…needs to be shut down for the sake of America

  7. They really believe they won 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 how stupid they are. They backed out of witnesses because piglosi was going to be supenoed

  8. President Trump just broke another record!!! 1ST President to beat two sham impeachments that proved the ones filing the unconstitutional impeachments are the guilty ones!

  9. When will Pelosi and Harris be brought to trial for the assistance/encouragement they gave to destroying other cities during the pre election riots?

  10. Funny how Raskin still feels the need to justify the legitimacy of Biden being president. A sign of uncertainty for sure.

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