1. @Scott Burton You’ve been looking for a new boyfriend it would seem then from your post???  And “”Buster”” WTF you’ve been watching a lot of children’s cartoons as well

  1. Didn’t he also contradict himself and say he wasn’t aware of who she was? But she is also bad news? I guess he doesn’t have to pick since his party will never hold him to one explanation.

    1. He uses the very same tactic on EVERYONE who goes against him. First, he doesn’t know who they are, but If they become an issue “he’s always known them and always knew bad things about them”. Trump’s followers don’t pick up on it because they’re busy seeking a win no matter what! Because of that, Trump can say whatever works at any given time and they’ll believe it!

    1. Well, witness to what a joke your system is. Also this is the fall of USA at the hands of your very nightmare Feind Russia. Good luck America

    2. @Cedrick J’mack Niddle glad you asked, I live in a system with public healthcare, gun regulations.., we address climate issues here,and weve political opponents who calls out racism even if its within the party. I admit, we’ve flaws. About why I am emotional… cuz I care, im a global citizen. It matters cuz your policies affect climate issues, trade and diplomatic relations between counties, jobs, and even family members friends etc.

    3. @Nimmy Wren the whole “global crisis” is nothing but a secular religion. Wherever you live, I assure you, your not addressing anything climate related. As far as healthcare, England has been announcing that they can deny medical attention to those who show bigoted behavior. No thank you.

  2. AGAIN we see a very clear case of the drumpf signature ploy…LIE LIKE A RUG..”AMERICA”……..it’s time for a change!!!!

  3. In the first 10 minutes of her speaking she clearly stated that Ukraine previously wanted her out of there so why is she surprised that this happened and why is this news

    1. @Kory M Those Americans were killed on a Republican’s watch. Anthony Watts once said, “When you resort to name-calling, you’ve lost the argument”.

    2. @GreatWhiteBuckwheat A Republican was on duty… For a mere 10 months, and did not have Bin Laden in the sights of a military operation, like Bill Clinton did. Bill scrapped the mission BECAUSE it was Bin Laden (prince of Saudi Arabia and Ally). That is why Bin Laden was able to carry out that mission.

      Nice try on that though. As for your quote… I agree, so you should probably not refer to someone’s comment as “stupid” as that is referring to the person who made it as stupid, thereby calling the maker of that comment as stupid. Since I am pretty sure you can’t follow this comment, it means by referring to my previous comment as stupid, you inferred that I was stupid, thereby calling me a name first, and obliterating yourself.

    3. @Kory M I’m happy you conceded that a republican was on duty during the Sept. 11th attacks. Have a good day.

  4. The American women took to the streets after con man’s election. Now they testify just before his impeachment.
    I’m proud of you all.
    Bless America.

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