1. So…what is your hospital’s Covid treatment “protocol”??…Please tell us it’s not Remdesivir and then intubation!?

  2. Following this discovery it was adopted in place of hydroxychloroquine in some of India’s largest states. By the end of 2020 Uttar Pradesh, which had distributed free ivermectin for home care, had the second lowest fatality rate in India.

    However, on January 15 2021 India followed the West in its decision to roll out vaccines. Two weeks later covid infections started to rise. 

    Some of the states which had the highest number of vaccine doses administered, such as Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, were shortly afterwards reported to also have very high levels of infections. This was followed by the precipitous spike in death rates. Was there a connection?

    A spike in infections following the vaccinations has been recorded in other parts of the world. Will Jones has analysed the UK data and shown that the spike in infections occurs specifically among the vaccinated. In fact, for a few days the vaccinated were actually hospitalised at a greater rate than the unvaccinated. There also appears to be an upturn in cases amongst the vaccinated in day 40 which cannot be explained. 

    The sudden rise in deaths following the introduction of the vaccine in Gibraltar, reported in The Conservative Woman, should also have sounded an alarm. 

    There was an alarming spike amongst the vaccinated in Israel following the introduction of the vaccinations.  And, tellingly, just as Covid infections spiked in Israel the rate in unvaccinated Palestine went down.

    Mechanisms have been identified which could contribute to an increase in infections and deaths following the vaccine. One suggestion is that people contract the infection while waiting for their vaccination. This could be particularly dangerous because the vaccine was not developed to reduce infection, but rather to prevent symptoms. This means if people become infected while waiting for the vaccine they could spread it to others without becoming ill themselves. A symptomless infection could be particularly dangerous in a densely populated country like India for helping to spread the disease.

    1. @Mays Ville I’m assuming you’re speaking for yourself.
      Have a good day. Truth is truth 💯
      If you don’t believe me do some research and you’ll find out much more..

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