In Battleground States, Newly Registered Democrats Are Outnumbering Newly Registered Republicans

In Battleground States, Newly Registered Democrats Are Outnumbering Newly Registered Republicans 1


Many of the early voters we’ve seen are first time voters. And in key battleground states, newly registered Democrats are outnumbering newly registered Republicans. Aired on 10/26/2020.
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In Battleground States, Newly Registered Democrats Are Outnumbering Newly Registered Republicans

77 Comments on "In Battleground States, Newly Registered Democrats Are Outnumbering Newly Registered Republicans"

  1. *”We won with poorly educated, I love the poorly educated!”*
                      – Trump, 2016

    Trump supporters: i dun no wut dat means but make america grate agen 2020!!!1!

  2. Imagine… being a newly registered voter… and you chose republican. You need to check your “human card” in at the door on that day.

    • Shampoo Doesnt taste as good as it smells | October 26, 2020 at 10:39 PM | Reply

      elaborate. last I checked the democratic party has defended slavery, started the Civil War, opposed Reconstruction, founded the Ku Klux Klan, imposed segregation, perpetrated lynchings, and fought against the civil rights acts of the 1950s and 1960s.

    • yes

    • Foniks Monkee – Okay, that’s being unfair. There are still a few respectable Republicans out there who don’t support Trump.

  3. I heard Latinos relate to the machismo of trump. The retirement account excuse is just to make it seem like a rational decision.

    • @wil s
      You sound stupid. You know very little about history and probably not much about anything else, really.
      Get back to school and learn before you spout off on about something you know nothing about.

    • @Carla Robbins I do. He puts forth a fake bravado. Its clearly fake but the appearance is enough for some. It would all disappear if anyone ever had a chance to see how he would react to being punched in the mouth but that will never happen.

    • Hard to see his behaviour as macho. He is weak and bluffing like any bully.

    • @wil s That was in the 19th century! Times have changed since then, bro. Infowars? You call that news? I call it propaganda.

    • @Margo The rest of us see how fake his act is.

  4. Just because they’re a “republican voter” doesn’t mean those “republican voters” actually voted for republicans.😉
    Just means they voted.

    • @Logan McLean Funny they never think it can happen the other way.

    • @Sebastian Addict
      It’s because CNN and MSNBC avoid reporting fake news

    • There is now no reason for the pro fetus crowd to vote for Trump. Many of them are also pro past fetus, which means they should vote for the candidate who will fight to control the virus and save hundreds of thousands of lives during the dark winter months as America takes the 1st vaccine, waits a month, takes the 2nd vaccine, waits two weeks, and hopes they are among the 70% for whom the vaccine will be effective.

    • Republican who voted for Biden and all Blue

    • Also vice versa unfortunately.

  5. also, remember that not all registered republicans are gonna vote trump. so biden’s lead could be even bigger than these party registration polls suggest.
    still, we can’t get complacent! polls don’t count, VOTES count!

  6. Asi-nine conspiracy theories and lies from conservative hacks, Fox and Trump have convince some people to consistently vote against themselves.

  7. Stephen Dedalus | October 26, 2020 at 9:53 PM | Reply

    This lady’s grandpa is emblematic of so many Americans: only their personal bank accounts matter.

    • I remember when President Trump was reelected, my baby daughter was in a stroller. Now I’m in late middle age, living with her and her family. My wife died a few years ago. I hope that she is in a better place. She has not been very happy in recent years. My daughter says that I’m not a burden, but at least when I first moved in with them I was able to help out with my social security. That dwindled and dwindled and now finally it is gone. Whatever happened to the couple down the block? Jim and Don? The ones who fixed up that old Victorian house that almost got torn down. I have not seen them in a very long time. I heard their marriage was declared null and void. You know with the new laws and all. They used to be so happy. And they always had the BEST game nights and everyone on the block was invited (and they always had the best craft beer!) They’ve been reclusive since their sons were taken away. I’m pretty sure I heard a loud argument while walking by their house after that happened. Since then I heard that they broke up. Hmm.. what could be on tv? Lots and lots of religious stuff. Its hard to find a documentary or science based program. PBS went under years ago. The government claimed they were corrupt and had been taking money from the Iranian government so they shut them down. Well, nothing worth watching on tv. Lots of End Days stuff. That’s all you see on there anymore. I wonder what happened to the nice neighbor on our street who wrote the opinion column for our local newspaper. I used to stop and chat with him whenever he was tending his front yard. They say he went crazy and was admitted to a mental institution. But no one has heard from him. I hope that he’s getting the care that he needs. Oh well lets check Fox Information channel, that’s the only news show that still exists. Wow, they certified the country’s six trillionaire today. Well good for him. We need those kind of people, they are society’s leaders. And they care about us. So I’m told. Grandkids will be getting home from school soon. Their mom and dad struggle to pay for the private school, but that’s the cheapest one they can find. They feel bad that we might have to move again. Well when the kids get home they’ll be telling me what they learned about God and Jesus. I want them to learn that people do have to take responsibility for their own lives as well. But I think it makes their mom nervous since it was recently made a felony to attempt to school your kids in any way other than the state way. My daughter is always telling me I should get out more. Go for a walk. It just kills my mood though when I see all of the homeless. And the way the police treat them. There is always someone getting on their wrong side. I heard one homeless woman was killed last week. Besides, the smoke level is pretty high today. They’re expecting wind will blow some of it out by Tuesday. I guess a hot wind is better than that smoke. Well let’s check the tv one more time. Maybe ‘I’ll find something…

    • And what is emblematic of so many Democrat/Biden supporters is having someone else pay their way. i.e. Free Stuff. They do not want to work for it like “This ladies grandpa” did. (LADY’S which is not even a word. Not lady plural as more than one) So get off your lazy butt Stephen and pay your own way.

    • @William H Music 2020 -sounds like you’re jealous they don’t have to hide like you…it’s ok to come out, the liberals have provided a safe space for everyone😁

    • @William H Music 2020 Only some conservatives find that offensive.

      You can’t even troll properly.

  8. Celebrities Donate Cash for Joe Biden to get Joe Biden elected.

  9. Maggie Hogland | October 26, 2020 at 9:59 PM | Reply

    Sure hope the biggest democratic voters registration is in Kentucky! Evil Mitch needs to be ousted!


  11. Every republican president has given a recession but this takes the cake 🤕

    When will Americans learn ?

    • @Miguel Valencia Yes it was, he exacerbated it. Had he made better choices, been a leader and made choices instead of doddering around, had he actually committed to action for the sake of the country rather then try to hide everything, and coordinated responses, the economy and stock markets would not have taken the hit they did. Instead he lied, hid, covered up, passed the buck, stymied, and made the whole thing chaos. So Yes it was caused by him, and it was going to happen anyway, ask any real economist. Trump was ballooning the economy, and figured he would be out by the time it collapsed…that is how con men work.

    • yes

    • @Chris Nelon Trump For Prison 2020

    • @Miguel Valencia We might not have hit it as soon as we did, however, it would have hit. His economics are based on greed not solid business base. The fed was against his actions, and warned him repeatedly, economist warned him repeatedly, his own economic advisor warned him then quit because he was taking us off the deep end. His tariffs are killing us….he has given the farmers alone 50 billion+ to offset their losses ( some talk about not being socialist) and who knows what to other businesses. No he was already killing the economy, Obama had just left us GOOD enough that it held on for awhile despite trump.

    • Miguel Valencia | October 26, 2020 at 11:07 PM | Reply

      @Dale Hartley so with that logic do you blame every world leader who had an economic downturn because of Covid? Was it all there faults as well?


    • Ashlynne Shain | October 26, 2020 at 10:39 PM | Reply

      @Sebastian Addict   My previously non smoking, 51 yo mother is in rehab in 6 hours away from me in Lexington relearning to eat, swallow, talk, and walk…with a tube comimg out of her throat in order for her to be weaned off of a ventilator shes been on for 2 and a half months. She was on ECMO for 2 weeks having her heart pumped and blood circulated through her body by a machine in order to keep her alive. She had Covid for 87 days, finally cleared it but due to her muscle loss, from being sedated on a ventilator and dialysis for 83 days, she will have to relearn everything. I havent been allowed to see her this whole time. So it ENRAGES me when people completely dismiss science…doctors…researchers…
      MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of people around the world and follow the lead of an ignorant, lying, POS…who does not CARE about anyone but himself and VOTES. You all laugh it off…disrespecting the thousands of lives already lost. My mom will NEVER be the same again. Trump has turned a global crised into politics for VOTES….silencing our doctors…our CDC…scientists…researchers because he lacks empathy, COMPASSION, and basic logical thinking. You will see when it affects someone you love. Its not a game. THIS is the real world….facts…Trumps alternate reality is NOT.

    • Ashlynne Shain | October 26, 2020 at 10:41 PM | Reply

      So sorry for your loss. I voted blue for the ones we have lost. 💙🌊

    • MyNameISJeff JEEFF | October 26, 2020 at 10:41 PM | Reply

      @Sebastian Addict bro we can see your recent comments and what’s with the incel avatar

    • @Sebastian Addict yes, because when you have nothing to say just friggan insult them, that is the intelligent thing to say. And they say civility is dead amongst morons, I say hardly.

    • God bless you and my condolences 🙏 stay stromg vote blue speak the truth

  13. Titi1324 Kiki13 | October 26, 2020 at 10:09 PM | Reply

    Vote vote vote. Many ballots haven’t reached DEM supporters although online checker indicated that their ballots were mailed to them early October. Every body check online for your ballot and call your county. Most important VOTE EARLY ANY POSSIBLE WAY!

    • YES!! Vote EARLY! Trump and the GOP are doing their best to suppress your VOTE! And with this pandemic, you might not be able to vote on Nov 3!

  14. Polls mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING unless we ALL VOTE! Don’t get complacent… GET OUT AND VOTE! 🇺🇸🌊🌊💙

  15. Of course they’re new voters. In the past, a lot of people didn’t vote at all because they didn’t believe it would make a difference. This year it will make a huge difference, almost everyone knows the great Trump experiment has failed miserably. Everybody’s vote matters. Vote him out , Dump Trump.

  16. Anchorbaby Dude | October 26, 2020 at 10:23 PM | Reply

    If the latinos in Tx. Vote for Trump & he wins then we deserve everything he does to us.

  17. Thomas Blewett | October 26, 2020 at 10:28 PM | Reply

    Will your grandpa still be worrying about his retirement when trump starts throwing people in concentration camps?

  18. Make America Sane Again | October 26, 2020 at 10:39 PM | Reply

    *Dear Republicans:* Nobody will know you actually voted for Biden. _Just do it on the low._ Be on the right side of history for once.

  19. The truth about Latinos is that they are right wind people specially from Cuba and Venezuela. Most that have migrated are supporters of right wind ideas and on top of that they are racist in their own terms.

  20. TRUMP YO SE MITE | October 26, 2020 at 10:48 PM | Reply

    Vote like our lives depends on it. Because they do, vote blue tsunami Nov 3.

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