In ‘Liberal’ LA, 100% Of Arrests were Minorities In Task Force Operation

A controversial "Rodeo Drive" task force in Beverly Hills overwhelmingly arrested minorities, according to new evidence and a lawsuit.  About 99% of arrests were of Black residents — and 1% were Latino — figures that reinforce broader trends in racial profiling in U.S. policing. Continuing a series of reports on the issue, MSNBC's Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber provides an update on the new data in this story, and emphasizes racial profiling is so common it is not a "partisan" issue, but rather prevalent in localities run by Republican and Democratic officials alike. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. Imagine if FOX News had a police division without know the party connection to anyone, what’s do you think their stop and frisk racial percentage would look like? We just say it, Ari. No, you’re wrong it’s very political.

  1. In Baltimore police drive around in a van jump out with assault rifles and snatch people off the street at random kidnapping style it’s insane. All you have to do is be standing on the wrong street corner at the wrong time.

    1. Give an example of when and where this happened. Do you know _anything_ about what the police were doing and why?
      Personally, I think you’re a liar. You’re describing a SWAT assault. They don’t just “snatch people off the street at random”.

  2. I like to hear the 911 call about the “stolen” shoes. I bet there was none. If there is no 911 call of theft, they did not have probable cause to stop and “frisk”.

    1. I would have asked for the incident or call for service number and went and filed a FOIA request of that “phone call” 🤷🏿‍♂️ If no call exists then I’d be serving them with a intent to sue letter for violating my civil rights!!!

    2. @Terrance Jones Dude can afford some high class lawyers too. I really hope he takes action against the police.

    3. There was no police call for shop lifting for this designer. They just stopped him.🤔☹😠😡🇬🇧

  3. I know the feeling…. I was sitting in my parked car on the phone when three officers approached with guns drawn and pointed 12 inches from my head then (after 90 seconds or so) they told me to have a nice day.

    Years later I’m still traumatized…..

    1. @Armandhammer lol. You are nothing but a copy paste right winger.
      Already know everything you will say or think.

    1. Kevin Santich — Democrats love passing gun laws that impose restrictions on law abiding citizens so they can’t even protect themselves in places like NYC, but they freak out about stop and frisk because it disproportionately targets the people that are doing the vast majority of the shootings. SMH.

    2. ​@Robert Johnson Stop and frisk allows cops to express their power over otherwise law obeying citizens.

    3. @The Truth is out there that’s okay, I’m not trying hard to look like a gang banger and I’m not breaking any laws like IDK carrying an illegal knife, gun, or delivering a package of Fentanyl. I can live with the possibility of being stopped and inconvenienced because I know there are thousands of people running the streets with illegal firearms and bad intentions and I want them to be very afraid of being stopped by the police. 🤷‍♂️

  4. That’s why I got out of Chicago. My son need to live. I can’t have that kind of stress worrying they gonna shoot my son for breathing.

    1. Yes but Chicago in and of itself has more gangs and shootings than anywhere it’s not the police officers it’s your neighborhood sweetie and The company you keep

    2. I’m sorry that you have to think and live like that. I am truly sorry. I’m so glad that you and your son moved to where you feel safer. I know that anywhere can be bad, but I little piece of mind, is better than nothing.

      Stay safe out there, in this crazy world we’re living in!

      Just Sayin, ✌️

  5. It’s always been that way Beverly hills, century city, Wilshire, Los Feliz, it’s pathetic, don’t breakdown in Beverly hills, There will be trouble, folks, nothing new here, black people live this everyday I’ve been black.🇺🇸😷

  6. I’d like to see the number of how many that were arrested were actually charged with a crime. And of those who were charged, how many were convicted.

  7. Someone should do a FIOA request for all mental evaluations and IQ test results for their police departments it would explain alot and it should be public information??

  8. The sordid climb coincidently surround because holiday consistently snatch minus a voiceless catsup. daily, overt decimal

  9. So I guess a relevant question would be: what percentage of the _criminals_ were minorities? Or are we going to see some kind of “police reform” quota that says for every minority person arrested, two white people have to be arrested?

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