In-Person Pride Celebrations Hit The Streets in NYC 1

In-Person Pride Celebrations Hit The Streets in NYC


Pride weekend is in full swing as parades of celebration return to the streets. MSNBC's Lindsey Reiser reports from the Flatiron District in New York.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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#LGBTQ #Pride #PrideMonth

In-Person Pride Celebrations Hit The Streets in NYC


    1. @James Smith how? Gas is up everything is costly. Our president has dementia and the VP is a hoke. How is this winning

  1. Congrats Mr. Eugene Daniels.
    🎵must be nice, maybe some who understands the life you live… must be nice, maybe someone who’s slow to take and quick to give🎵 – Lyfe Jennings

    1. *ZIONISTS*

    2. @TheMan WhoLaughs Zionist?
      Wasn’t the former guy that zioned himself to isreal?
      You trolling the wrong channel Jared

    3. wow ur a stuck up Canadian. we don’t want u here move to the US. love to c the comments ur replying to but looks like they are gone

  2. Think next year I’ll ask 100 male models to take part in the Pride march ‘male models for Pride’…..haven’t seen that before. Lol

  3. Hey whatever happened to that $15/h minimum wage campaign promise? It’s why I voted for Biden.

    1. @R L T exactly!! Like I want places like Walmart and McDonald’s to continue to pay such low wages that their employees have to rely on public assistance that the rest of us pay for.

    2. @R L T the fact that you are fighting against your own interests is mind boggling. Like you here legit wanting to pad the pockets of the Uber wealthy by exploiting people’s labor. Like what? 😳

    3. @You’re Beautiful Your mind can’t handle much boggling sweetie. You are addled as it is. Besides…I think I hear a frightening rattle. Not good.

    4. You aren’t getting it cause they know it’s a bad idea, The whole point was to get the vote, they got it so no reason to actually go through with it.
      The only politician stupid enough to actually attempt to fulfill his campaign promises was Trump.

      You should be glad though, higher minimum wage just equals higher rent and cost of living.

  4. Shame on this years NYC Pride Parade Organizers!!! My beloved uncle was a NYC Cop who came out in the early 1980’s and proudly marched every year. He put up with a lot of Abuse yet he stood up for what he believed in. This is the first time I have ever said Thank God he is Dead as I know he would be devastated to know he fought for his and others rights for nothing. WHAT A BUNCH OF HYPOCRITES!!!

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