In Surprise Ruling, Supreme Court Says Trump Cannot End DACA – Day That Was | MSNBC

The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that the Trump administration can’t carry out its plan to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. DACA temporarily protects immigrants brought to the U.S. as children from deportation if they do not have legal status. Trump reacted angrily to the court’s decision via tweet. Here’s what you need to know. Aired on 6/18/2020.
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In Surprise Ruling, Supreme Court Says Trump Cannot End DACA – Day That Was | MSNBC


    1. @Butch L Of course we are all descendants of the brown algae. But i guess thats a bit far fetched, really.

    2. @Wolfgang Preier Whoa so we are all descendents of a dark skinned minority? hahahaha :). I thought it was an amoeba.

    3. @T. R. Campbell I be all of them are kicking their ancestors for saving the first batch of colonizers on those 3 ships. Thanksgivingt yeah they are saying we should have left them .

    4. @Butch L I predict sometimes in the future someone finds that we are actual descendants of extraterrestial life and were planted on earth to fulfil a secret and sacred duty to find the correct ultimate question about life the universe and everything. We all know the answer.
      But sssccchhhh! Don’t tell anyobody!

    5. Butch L That’s kind of a myth. The Pilgrims attempted a form of collective farming. The plan was doomed for failure. The elders then allowed private plots and individual farming. The Indians did teach farming Corm.

  1. Banned from the Olympics and World cup,
    Russia can still participate In America’s 2020 Elections

    1. @John Mcsorley Because of people like you the US has lost manufacturing to China and CCP spies have infiltrated our universities and stolen all of our innovations.

    2. Not if everyone make sure they are registered to vote, then request an absentee ballot citing the epidemic, the GOP or terrified by mail in ballots and Vladimir Putin cannot put a Russian agent in every voting precinct.

    3. Putin is already checking his TV guide for the episode list for the next 4 years. Everyone know Russian television sucks I have heard what is happening to America as a great season.

    1. @Robert Smith I like to think that William H is just a bot, because it’s painful to imagine a human being writing the same short nonsense comments for years.

    2. If you cannot do that then this is not America. scolding Judges is part of the checks and balances.

  2. And he’s already threatening to replace members of the SCOTUS! Has anyone explained to him it doesn’t work like that? I hope they have decent security for these judges? Don’t want them to start, “falling,” out of windows? Russia style?

    1. Ash Roskell You seem to have an opinion about everything as soon as a vid is released irregardless of time of day. Hmm 🤔 it’s as if you’re more than one person. Which Ash Roskell shift is in at the moment- 1’st, 2nd or 3rd? So obvi a comp farmer

    2. @15k DOW 2022 you’re so obviously a frustrated trump polluted cultist to come up with this crap! Ash Roskell nr 8!🤣🤣🤣

    3. @Dave Ponsford That’s a tactic little children use as well when they want to get their way “Mom she is hitting me or Dad he is not letting me play too” so they change their mind and go with them

  3. Thank goodness there is still common sense among some in your country. ( I’m talking about people in power of course).
    Congratulations to the Dreamers
    A monumental loss, however, for Bunker baby!

    1. It isn’t a monumental loss for them. It’s a temporary set back. The Trump adm. is allowed to try again if reelected.

    2. They can dream all they want, don’t mean they belong here. It’s not our fault or our problem that both their parents and their home country are too poor and lazy to help them.

    3. @Scoobie Ruh-roh ! : Guess that means that all American descendants of German, Italian, Irish, Polish, and French ancestry all need to be deported immediately ..along with anyone from China, Japan and India, and the Baltic, Nordic & Eastern European countries, too; Should we finally sign over & relinquish the entire continent back to only those who can prove they were here before European settlers ? ..or did your absurd statement have some other sentiment and symbolic meaning ?

    4. So much for Democrats watching over minorities. A ship in distress does not pick up more passengers.

  4. Loses and hypes up his base of idiots by talking about losing the second amendment. He knows how to play them so well.

    1. @Scoobie don’t feel so butt hurt. I don’t trust any of these folks. I don’t subscribe to either party so nice try. I have my own mind.

    2. USA 🇺🇸: Venga, todos tenemos un montón de puestos de trabajo para todos, tenemos sistemas de apoyo para ayudar a las familias a ponerse en marcha y si usted puede dar a luz a su hijo en América ese niño será un ciudadano americano, 🇺🇸❤️❤️ también Bienvenido a América la tierra de los libres cuando llegue

    3. @Scoobieyou need to step away from your keyboard …you’re clearly drunk from too much of the Trump koolaid.

    4. yup hey they are going to take your guns….I will only take your life savings and your house and maybe you daughter and you car. PT Barnum said it best, then Forest Gump

    1. @Cascail Boutx Obscene? Democracts support Transvestites and HOMOSEXUALS. *FACT 👀

    2. @William H you’re pretty fired up little willy bitchboy…your uncledad must have spit on you more than usual.

  5. I have a question for evangelical supporters of Trump.

    If he can’t let you discriminate against LGTB, and he can’t kick out the immigrants, and he more than likely won’t be able to do anything about Roe-V-Wade, and he can’t even hold a Bible the right way up, what F#ng good is Trump to you?

    1. Orangelicals Kessel. Real evangellicals dont sacrifice their morals. Call them Orangelicals if u get my drift

    2. @William H absolutely correct sir- we want the goverment to stay out of our wives and daughters uterus. We also think you should stay out of our bedrooms william. What a concept I know- called democracy

    3. Somone from the evangelicals already spilled the beans on him and they might be realizing they made a deal with the devil.

    1. TrixiLovesYou Not troubling at all. President Obama stated that if he were to allow DACA, that act would be illegal and the constitution does not permit such. He is on record of saying this. Then later, he created DACA. The court wanted to require Trump to follow a legal procedure but yet rejected the fact that Obama failed to follow a legal procedure. This can still be resolved because all the court wanted to do was have Trump follow legal procedure. Trump now could issue an Executive Order canceling the Obama Executive Order which would effectively again begin the process of returning these illegal foreign nationals back to their countries of origin.

    2. @T. R. Campbell Obama said he couldn’t act like a king. Unlike #45. Obama’ admin created a memo NOT an executive order. The memo gives “no substantive right, immigration status or pathway to citizenship.” Obama’ decision *remains legal* ( regardless of RW whinings) because it has a rationale. Unlike #45′ recent actions. That rationale made clear that “in _the absence of congressional action_ ” referring to the bigoted blocking of bills by republicans who controlled Congress in 2012, the Department of Homeland Security would institute _a temporary program_ to defer deportation for “eligible individuals who do not present a risk to national security or public safety.”
      If all it took was an Exec. Order your Fuhrer would have done that already and everybody knows that.

    3. Dominant Allele Nope…the entire DACA theory is illegal and a violation of immigration law that was drafted by our ‘lion of the Senate’ Ted Kennedy. He promised America that if his immigration bill was passed there would be no need for additional immigration amnesty.
      We must understand today’s immigration law was drafted and passed as a Democrat bill. Joe Biden voted for it when he was in the Senate.
      Everything you posted is moot because US immigration law was broken.

    4. @T. R. Campbell You can whine and spin all you like but for once the right leaning top court of the land didn’t agree with you or your fuhrer’ racism. You RWers make up sht as you go along but fortunately there still is something called objective reality.

    5. Dominant Allele Oh put a cork in it. I’m not whining or spinning. Read the decision. The Court wants the Trumpster to follow protocol. That’s all. No spin, no whine. Try as you might, you won’t find any Constitutional authority for this decision. The Constitution takes precedent over objective reality. This was a political decision concerning foreign nations in (or brought to the USA) in violation to immigration law.
      BTW, what is an RW? And…what racism (a terrible and worn out word) have to do with this. Race is not an issue, only national origin.

  6. Trump and the GOP have tried their best to corrupt our courts. The rulings give me hope for our post-Trump future.

    1. @Eli Dicken thanks for the fake vanity Fair article. You might want to dig deeper.
      Did Trump hire these people?

    2. @Gorra solar how do you know that you are daca.
      25 million illegal aliens in this country. 800,000 became daca.
      Let’s recognize the 800,000 and deport the 25 million.

    3. @Gorra solar illegal aliens costs Americans over $250 billion in 2019. Despite what little taxes are paid.
      Illegals have kept wages stagnant and inflated the housing costs.
      Not to mention that we have Union teaches making over 100k per year, teaching 16 year old illegals the abc’s. How does that help American kids?
      Why should Americans have to sit in traffic as long? Remove illegals and there will be less traffic .
      Less than 5% of illegals work in the farms. Most overwhelmingly work construction.
      Why can’t you come here legally. We have a big front door in which many have used

    4. Which is exactly opposite of god and Jesus and Allah and Buddha and all those others that teach love and peace, the bible trumpeters in the middle do not realize they are not Christians if they hate and if they follow TRUMP.

  7. Finally a decision laced with humanity and compassion. Uniting the country instead of dividing. Just fair to those involved.

  8. Yes, nothing new here. Trump is losing traction. About time. America, come out of the fog! Wake up.

    1. Lady Liberty is an abuse victim that is finally finding the strength to get rid of her abuser.

    2. Wake up? Just watch Nancy Pelosi and crying Chuck Schumer if you want to see what’s wrong with this country.

    3. @Scoobie I keep seeing “crying” appear as an insult from the right. it’s like they think being open with emotions and owning them is weak, and that strength is being stoic and repressed and hateful inside….oh wait….

    4. @David Lafleche Not too mention the poor of other countries is not our problem. If they want to come here they can do it legally. Better yet work hard, vote and one day their country can be as great as ours.

    1. yup and did you notice from the Eskimos to the Native Indians, to the Incas and the Aztecs they all were smaller brown skin with Asian type features. All of you who think vikings discovered it first are WRONG . 🙂 somebody else walked over.

  9. These kids have only grown up in America, they don’t know anywhere else. We’re all immigrants in some way or another.

  10. So we have 40 million unemployed and now they have to compete with the caravans that will be headed our way watch.

    1. I hate to break this to you, but those Caravans are just passing through us and heading up to Canada, there is info on it that people are saying forget this place they just want to pass through

  11. America will never lose the Second Amendment. That’s just him trying to get his base all fearful over nothing. As usual it’s always about Trump and never about what really matters

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