In Today’s ‘Who Got Next?’ Podcast Host Discuss How To Build Financial Wealth 1

In Today’s ‘Who Got Next?’ Podcast Host Discuss How To Build Financial Wealth


During the stay-at-home lockdown, several Americans took to the internet to learn more about earning money from home. ‘Earn your Leisure’ podcast hosts join Tiffany Cross to talk about how to build generational wealth.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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In Today’s ‘Who Got Next?’ Podcast Host Discuss How To Build Financial Wealth


  1. No 1: Don’t only hope on the government for income

    No 2: As an individual look for different self income not only waiting wages

    No 3: Only Save The Little You Can And Think Of What To Do With it When it Become Good For Capital

    No 4: It’s 💯 good To Have Different Ways To Gain Income💸

    Because Government have failed us so therefore let’s try and survive💪..

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    4. I’m from Ukraine already working with him got my two friends involved they just recieved their profits $ after 14days I even became jealous 😃..

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  2. If the roles were reversed does Joe Biden think for one second the Republicans would hesitate at all to expand the courts? How can he sit by after what McConnell did to Obama by denying him his appointee to the high court? Then going ahead and giving Trump his in the 11th hour. Democrats will always be on the losing end, and never gain real power until they play hardball as the Republicans do. This is just a plain and simple fact.

    1. Imagine the medias reaction if Trump supporters tried to block the elevators of Democrat senators from going to the hearing to vote for Bidens nomination like leftists did with Kananaugh. Im guessing Trump supporters doing that would be covered a little differently by the “free press” lol

  3. Dude, doing the most talking — slow your roll. What’s the hurry? You’re talking like you’re on speed you’re talking so fast!!!

    1. I had to check that my playback speed wasn’t on 2x! Dude sounds like an auto dealership disclaimer!!!

  4. How I earn my money is by getting leftist who dont know how to improve their homes to pay me cash to improve their homes……

    1. Yes, but those liberals have homes, so they must know how to do other things to afford those homes and maybe they spend their time on things that make more money for them than trying DYI improvements to their home.

    2. @Borvo yea, they know how to be a cog in a machine, their skill that has allowed them to earn their money is only valuable for that purpose….

    3. @YTcanthandle Thetruth6.0 And I note that it is your skill in improving homes is what allows you to earn your money and is valuable for that purpose.
      – – – So what is your point?

  5. These guys couldn’t even hang on to their hair for half their life. So yea money advice by two no-bodies are giving good financial advice? WTF!!

  6. Take counsel together, but it will come to nothing; Speak the word, but it will not stand, For God is with us.” Isaiah 8 : 10

    Please like so more people can see this

  7. Msdnc has nothing good to post on Independence Day? 😱 Shocker there boy! 🇺🇸💥

  8. Trump’s Florida record rally is NOT on Youtube but Newsmax,Rumble…..Congratulations from China 🇨🇳

  9. EYL IN THE HOUSE!! for all the haters in the comments, y’all obviously aren’t financially free and need to check out market Mondays with Troy, Rashad and Ian Dunlop. keep doing your thing. assets over liabilities!

  10. shout out to my man HIM500, ashkaash, mg the mortgage guy, and the rest of them. All smart people who will bring back black wallstreet.

  11. US real wages have been stagnant since the 60’s. In 1964, hourly wage was $20.27 (in 2018 dollars). In 2018, it was $22.64. Neoliberal policies have done their job.

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