In Trump’s Ukraine Scandal, A Reprise Of Sketchy 2016 Characters | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

In Trump's Ukraine Scandal, A Reprise Of Sketchy 2016 Characters | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


Rachel Maddow looks back at the role of Ukraine and the origins of Paul Manafort with the Donald Trump campaign in 2016 and traces those threads to the new iteration of Trump's Ukraine scandal. Aired on 09/23/19.
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In Trump's Ukraine Scandal, A Reprise Of Sketchy 2016 Characters | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

89 Comments on "In Trump’s Ukraine Scandal, A Reprise Of Sketchy 2016 Characters | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC"

  1. Manafort and Flynn are traitors that should rot in jail forever.

  2. All the Kings men !! Oh dear

    • Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

    • @maggie craigie — You inspired me! So, here ya go: Today’s News!

      Humpty Trumpty skirted the Law.
      Humpty Trumpty had a close call.
      All the “king’s ” horses and all the “king’s” men
      Ended up in a prison while waiting for him.

  3. And Deripaska’s company is now a US person so it can interfere in US elections legally. Go Moscow Mitch!

  4. All I know is when your president is identified as ‘Individual One’ by law enforcement, you may have a problem on the horizon.

    • ​@Dennis Vance russian troll with empty account

    • @Alan G. your pres. is the one who had call girls pee all over him, just saying

    • Sava Ntile it’s a stunt, Trump won’t really win for president, he’ll drop out of the race, he’ll never be elected president, he’ll never last a year in the White House, the Mueller investigation will put him in prison, the Mueller hearing will reveal all, the Cory Lewandowski hearings will reveal everything, the hearings will tell all; the chorus of Orange Man Bad continues.

    • doppler you are? Thanks for telling everyone.

    • Alan G. I’ll say it again. Get a girlfriend. Or a boyfriend. We don’t need to know who you think about being naked.

  5. Looks like the Russian Internet trolls really don’t like this video in particular Rachel. Keep prodding; you’re doing great!

    • @John Smith John… you see that tiny icon at the lower right of your screen? No, not in your Task bar…. yes, that icon… that’s me, watching you and your activity… on Your camera.

    • @el bee Liar. Impossible. This is a Linux PC with no camera. Leftist Liars should gargle glass and gas.

  6. Wow, it’s been raining Kremlin bots on this development.

    • @Darrin Myers Привет, товарищ (greetings comrade)

    • @Will Wel Привет, товарищ (greetings comrade)

    • @Alex Velasco Killary and Bill had a big Russia problem (after receiving over $135M from Russian interests after taking clear bribes), So they try to Frame T. with Russia;
      Biden has a Big Ukraine problem – so they try to Frame T. (with nonsense) re. Ukraine.
      The DNC is one big criminal organization. With de@d bodies literally EVERYWHERE!
      You are truly in league with an anti-human, demonic horde. (who, btw, work for the SAME people Epstein and Ghislaine worked for).
      But enjoy your Soros-Bucks, on the way to a frightening China-Style anti-democracy.
      Dosvedonya Boris!

    • ​@you2099 sure dude. Whatever you say. At worst you are lying. At best you are claiming that two wrongs make a right. That is, you are making an amoral argument.

  7. Imagine the police line up – ” him , him , him , him … ” ad nauseum

  8. Common Sense A Super Power | September 24, 2019 at 6:06 AM | Reply

    *_”Only the best people”_* aka Russian crime mafia, oligarchs, traitorous campaign managers and other shady characters.

    • @Re Peat Who said anything about russia? You’re talking about someone else. That’s a whole other set of crimes.

    • @Re Peat Really!? Sudo intellectual? REALLY!? You’re not even pseudo-pseudo intellectual.😂😂😂

    • @Jimmy Jazz oh noooo you got me. Do i really have to explain it to you why i wrote sudo and not pseudo? Hmmm. Because im a russian bot. J6st go and jump.

    • @Re Peat It’s because you’re stupid. YOU’RE STOOOOPID!!!

    • @Re Peat Are you high on krokodil? We know that Ukraine isn’t Russia. We’re also aware that regardless of who Trump reaches out to to commit his felonies, Putin is going to want to protect him because Trump’s stupidity makes him a valuable ally.
      Mr. Russian Troll, do you ever get bored of your job? Honestly. It sounds like the most unfulfilling job ever conceived.

  9. Rachel Maddow “what a time to be alive” … If it was possible, I’d die and come back after Trump is gone, personally, I do not feel fortunate to be alive during Trump’s presidency at all, i feel lots of shame & embarrassment

    • Silent B&W movie – Drama Queen faces?

    • You’re misinterpreting the expression.

    • @jacen cade what’s the interpretation?
      I know Rachel since undergrad at Stanford & has followed her education & career … she is one of the most brilliant TV hosts, but, that statement is way off, I would NEVER say of Hitler “what a time to have been alive” that & trying to sound fair to conservative elements without basis is totally off, and, I know, she will understand and take it as a constructive criticism …

    • her point is that you are witnessing significant history unfolding before your eyes.

    • @RedroomStudios that I know & can read & understand her very well, but, that was off, and below her pay grade

  10. it’s difficult to comprehend the level of corruption we are witnessing right now… We may as well learn the Russian ntl anthem and marry-up to some mob bosses.

  11. Not forgetting that immediately Manafort got the job, the Russia-as-an-adversary policy of The GOP did a 180 degree turnaround.

  12. No one could make up this mess of a presidency and his traitorously shameless followers. I often wonder how dedicated the secret service is even being around Trump and his hideous family. Personally I’d duck.

    • Scotty Baker Don J, Jared and Ivana all culpable and yes they are low class for what they do and knew.

    • @Ianthe Oates Okay that’s better. We are getting somewhere. I like to know things before I debate them and I am not know for being a shameless traitor. So I am going to study up and I won’t be calling you any names if we don’t agree on thing’s. And I appreciate you leaving the First Lady and her little guy out of it. That I really appreciate. I don’t agree with everything the President does or says and think he and Antonio Brown need to be grounded from their social media accounts. I did notice you kept Ivan’s husband out of this. I must question why so as not to assume. If you don’t mind of course. Thank you.

    • Scotty Baker no of course children are the innocents. I think Tiffany will be left unscathed by history, unfortunately the older ones are less so. I do not know who you are speaking of unfortunately.
      Trump for me represents the worst character instincts in people, there isn’t one policy he’s enacted which has made my life or that of my family’s better. We are not part of the 1%. Actually that’s all he’s done in three years! We all just get too caught up in his chaos and divisive behaviour the voices screaming for better education, increase to the minimum wage, bringing back more of our health care options get shouted down by his need for the spotlight. I guess that’s why we are all listening to these Dems, they speak the language of what I’m concerned about. Both domestic and foreign and they have normal ideas WOW haha like not lobbying a nuke into a hurricane but addressing climate change initiatives head on. I don’t have to go anywhere near his new reason for to indict, as a president he’s failed every promise to his supporters, he’s failed as an Allies and has us on track for a recession thanks mainly to a flippant remark he made to the press Corp on steel and aluminium tariffs. It keeps on going….

    • Scotty Baker hi again I’m a bit surprised you didn’t debate actual policy with me. I’m used to the die hard Trump supporters who blame everyone else for this administrations lack of integrity but I thought you’d be happy to debate his achievements, and with that the obvious reason he has made a difference in your life to support him. I leave the legalities at the door simply because neither you nor I have any power over this, it only raises ire. Sticking to policy’s that I’m interested in and you are interested in, promises made for his voters, promises not kept and how we want an American president to represent us all is why I believe Trump must go. He’s set the bar so low even hearing impeachment today wasn’t a surprise so I watched a movie to block out the insanity. I recommend Ted for that it’s hilarious 😂

    • @Ianthe Oates Thanks for your quick response and I meant to say Ivana’s husband. As for not responding so quickly that is because I recently had my second shoulder replacement surgery and ever since 4 or 5 a.m. I have been in pain. Also I was waiting for these inquiries from Ukraine to come in and I just didn’t feel well. The pain pills are pain. Pills are making me sleepy and I have an appt at 11:00 so let’s push this off until later. And thanks again for quick response and leaving me with some things to ponder and research.

  13. I’m sure little Corey Lewandowski is going to be added to that list of trump criminal alumni any day now.

  14. I think this vid has been trolled judging by the amount of dislikes.

  15. This isn’t a 2 hour movie. It’s a 3 season made for NFLX series.

    • agreed… I’ve been saying that since day one! it’s a complex and intertwined story spanning the globe.

    • And like most Netflix Original series, each season keeps getting a little bit worse and nonsensical. Huh…

    • Happy Golden-Mountain | September 25, 2019 at 3:02 AM | Reply

      Mike Marder yeah. And your just reading it in English. You should read what Chinese are saying. (We love trump in Asia, he gave us all your business and new trade routes. And all the things that would normally go directly to the USA and marked up …. is now cheaper at home. So we don’t have to purchase the grade A products in America anymore. )
      To … paraphrase a quote, China’s Xi…. “democracy is a failed system. Trump is the example on how democracy has failed. We should not allow democracy to invade our country.” Then Hong Kong happened. So odd huh.

  16. She’s funny… “No one can ever take this away from you!” Thank’s Rachel!

    • Heather King-Smith | September 24, 2019 at 4:38 PM | Reply

      Cowboy-Food TV ikr? I was like, “Thanks?” 😬😄

    • Eyehayt Apricots | September 24, 2019 at 5:19 PM | Reply

      We lived through a historical time. Witnessing a radical right wing Russian puppet in the White House. The silver lining is once Trump is removed. We can fix all the holes in our system that he exploited. If we survive Trump , we will have witnessed the lowest chapter in modern American history.

    • Eyehayt Apricots That’s literally the reason I tell everyone why I support him. Not at first but, he has changed our country for the better, just not in the way he planned!

    • Rachel: No one can ever take this away from you!
      Everyone: Thanks I hate it

  17. Looks like Russian troll accounts are on the job again.

  18. The trolls really are freaking out about this news story. Tells me a lot.

  19. Connect the dots my friend …. Connect the dots . WE ARE AT WAR ….. Our democracy is at risk .

  20. That’s bullsh*t about not being able to indict a sitting president. That was only a f**king memo!!! Where does it officially say this? Show us!

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