Income benefit, hiring credit top proposed pandemic aid bill

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland details the government's proposed bill which looks to change Canada's pandemic aid programs.

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    1. that’s only if you consider Canada in any way separate from that never ending disgrace its lawless staff are!

    1. @Rubicon world economic forum is just a company like the we organization with sake holders and donations an makes a lot of blogs press release and bogus reports to make money does not do much action.

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  2. Anyone who doesn’t understand the relationship between Government spending and inflation should not be finance minister. Or in any other position of authority.

    1. when the government borrows fiat money from a private bank, it doesn’t matter who is the minister of clowns.

    2. @Hyperpandas If you had no idea that I couldn’t care less what you think about anything, what else don’t you know. Probably nothing but ignorance flows from your mouth. Let me guess, a crownazimafia family member?

      I cheer when any harm comes to any crown agent and their families because Karma is the only law that is still applied to those lawless terrorists. And who doesn’t love justice, the lawless!

  3. If only Canada could sign a treaty called Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and sign it into Canadian law enforced by the Canadian Human Rights Commission. They could call it The Human Rights Act. Section 28.1.

    Well actually that is exactly how it is but the Human Rights Commission’s Mandate that those laws don’t apply to Canada and its staff. If only anyone can show me where any crown agent has any authority to mandate any thing, least of all unconstitutional and in violation of many human rights laws, National and International! But since when are legal standards applied to the government of Canada and it staff?

  4. Aparently she just ordered new equipment for the Royal Canadian mint. The existing machines are starting to burn out.

  5. So I hear today they are throwing a measly 4mill to BC…. like scraps to a dog… Hmmm… Didn’t the WE Charity get almost a BILLION dollars?

  6. So for the next 5 months? Haha there are literally no lockdowns and everywhere is hiring. What is she even talking about

  7. The feds will cover all confinement costs and room and board if you obey. You are free to do what we tell you, LOL! -Jello Biafra
    She is giving medical advice,

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