Inconsistency in Sha'carri Richardson Comments on Drug Result - July 3 2021 1

Inconsistency in Sha’carri Richardson Comments on Drug Result – July 3 2021


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  1. 9 Gold Medals at the WC and 2 Gold Medals at the Olympics. No weed needed, no promises made, no blabba mouth. Go SHELLY Go.

    1. very valid point, but there’s no way to test results to show whether it’s in competition or out of competition

    2. @Fola the ProVerbalizer u can tell by the levels in the blood. The amount she had in the blood indicated it had to be used on the day of competition. That was reported and when i was watching speak for yourself they said the amount she had meant it had to be on the day.

    3. @Creus Anthony Rodrigues-Rodney what was the actual level she had in her blood? If you can answer that I’ll put some credence into what you’re saying… otherwise it’s just he said she said. And I suggest you actually do your own research as to how levels of THC in the body change over the up to 30 days that it can stay in the system based on how much is used, how often and so many other factors…

  2. As it relates relates to miss Richardson…… have you seen this alleged interview by this alleged male reporter where he questions her concerning her mother’s death and sets off this chain reaction that consequently got her banded. I haven’t seen it I haven’t read it I haven’t heard it. Have you? Or is this the way her PR team is going to spin this in order to gain sympathy and support?

    1. @Speedy G she was not in a really close relationship with her mother at the time, & yes she did lose her mother. You all too much, I’m Jamaican & we wouldn’t want people speculating about Bolt when he was running, what about when he lost his friend. Have some empathy.

    2. @Mel Johnson I doubt most of us are disputing that her mom passed. What is being discussed is the circumstances or reasons given for consuming THC. She appears from the trials to have a close relationship with her grandmother. One would assume that either the grandmother or another family member would have informed her before a reporter. Now stranger things have happened but sometimes things don’t seemed logical as reported. Also she did do a stupid act (because she knew she would have been tested). She may not be stupid but it was a stupid act ignoring the reason why she did it. Unless she has smoked it before and didn’t return a positive result. I guess the concentration in her system was much higher this time.

    3. @Mel Johnson nobody could speculate about bolt because he never tested positive for anything! She’s a liar point, blank, period….smh….she’s not humble

  3. Finally I get some informative comments and analysis on this incident. It’s amazing how bias the US mainstream media is. This story was first broken by the Gleaner and not one of the US media houses.

    1. Thats becuz the Gleaner is Nosey and weed is legal in many states
      USADA and WADA need to take that off the ban list

    2. @MrJd354 if you think the IOC banned marijuana because it’s merely a simple social drug, you have a lot more to learn. I’ll leave you with two words: DRUG MASKING!

    3. @MrJd354 complete illogical comment but people say free speech.

      Calling a news outlet nosey 🤷🏿‍♂️ 😂

    4. @lincoln kingston 👏 logics points to this way. No conclusion but atleast it makes more sense.

    5. @MrJd354 It’s not nosey it’s called doing your JOB. If you have one and not doing a good job of it that’s between you and your boss. The Gleaner is doing its job by delivering consistent and credible content to its audience, subscribers and shareholders. Unlike others who have things to hide they don’t.

  4. I don’t see why it even matters. She got in trouble and she took responsibility for it. Marijuana is in no way a performance enhancing drug so I just don’t get the argument here.

    1. I can understand that but what I get from this that brings everything she has said into question, for me, is that it makes no sense to be doing weed the day of competition when you know that you will be tested. As a result of that thinking, the IOC is now digging deeper because it makes more sense and give reason to think that the act is an attempt to mask the use of another substance. The doctor, (see 1:19-1:33 of this video) states that it is a well known fact that weed stays in the body much longer than most drugs, as a result, it is career suicide to be taking this drug on the day of competition, BECAUSE, you will be tested and it is sure to be found. From his comments, it seems the IOC uses pee instead of hair sample. I hope this helps. Now, can someone share the link to the interview where she was told on air, or on camera, that her mom had died? That makes no sense to me either…

    2. It is too much of a lame excuse to knowingly take a banned substance, during competition time only to later apologize. That is like shooting oneself in the foot but then expect the public to feel sorry on her behalf.

    3. The celebrities who saying she should run would they say that if it was a jamaican?? A next thing rules are rules

  5. When really analyzing her comment, yes a lot is questionable. I noticed the following. If one knows that something is wrong but one does it anyway. For a usually very confident Sha Carri, she beat herself down lacking confidence when she said that she is sorry. My verdict to that, since she had already pulled out of the 200, to reduce pressure on herself, there was yet still too much expectation by the US public and media, who hyped her up so much, she ended up having cold feet and went ahead and smoked the forbidden weed. This resulted in a forced ban, instead of her calling the 100m quit. This put’s her in a position of still grinning the relay team events, whereby she cannot be singled out, should the team not win. The fact is she knows that the competition is really, really tough out there.

    1. @Milkyrainbow The way, you perceived it, yes but you do not represent the opinion of everyone. The video has asked a question and I have answered and explained myself as to why I think so.

  6. Longggg….wayyyy to go for this brad to outshine and being in the limelight like Flo Jo. Better luck next time ……you need it !

  7. For someone as talented as her, on the brink of a potential Olympic medal, it dosen’t make sense to do this.

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