Increase in Homeless People in St. Ann | TVJ News - Oct 12 2021 1

Increase in Homeless People in St. Ann | TVJ News – Oct 12 2021


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  1. Government over the years have gotten a lot of infrastructure money. And we have not seen no infrastructure set up for no homeless

  2. You don’t need politicians ONLY to help the homeless. People / citizens can contribute in different ways. Everything people blame government.

    1. Civilians can do SO much and NO more!!!! Not everyone have a platform like a ms Donna to get money to help ppl…. And the benefit of ms Donna where she live nuff capture land there that she can set up a little house for the ppl she raise charity for… government can do MORE the money BELNAVIS did rob off to set up electric station for him electric Porsche could have gone into an initiative to get a parcel of land.,, and set up livable tents for the homeless with a central place they can bathe, use the bathroom and cook them likkle meals… I saw there is a place in Los Angeles that did that… simple… but no then ah pocket the money and give dem friend

  3. Ye man this is the sad state in st ann… while govt officials out here toasting with drinks on lock down day! And the MP was busy using money to install electric charging station for his electric Porsche….. bare slackness!!!! And ppl out here hungry and homeless…. The regular civilians can do so much and no more out of the pittance we get

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