Increased police presence in Nova Scotia following violence

Increased police presence in Nova Scotia following violence 1


Public Safety Minister Bill Blair provides an update on additional RCMP officers being deployed to Nova Scotia and investigations into the violent acts against Indigenous community members.

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16 Comments on "Increased police presence in Nova Scotia following violence"

  1. This country needs to ask themselves, are we Canadian or an American state?

  2. Didn’t they want to defund the police, not that long ago?

  3. The law has to be the same for all citizens. You can’t have different rules, that’s the problem.

  4. Bill Blair and his liberal overlords are completely incompetent. This issue should have been addressed shortly after the Court’s decision instead of festering like a cancer.

  5. what’s another 22 Nova scotians

  6. So more RCMP officers available to tell Mi’Kmaw to do as the mob says?

    The RCMP needs to be INVESTIGATED. Never in my life, did I think I’d see RCMP watch a mob loot a building while telling the victim to just let it happen. This clearly looks like dirty cops protecting their drinking buddies.

  7. All citizens should be equal. No privileges for different races or ethnicities. Its the only way we can all be equal

  8. Government of Canada needs to educate Canadians of all ages on our treaty obligations to First Nations as well as who and where the sovereign nations are. Too many comments on the issues around First Nations show an utter lack of understanding. The schooling system failed me too but I’ve been able to self educate myself to some degree since I began hearing about the residential schools 5-6 years ago. The fact that we have separate nations inside our borders with whom we have treaty obligations should be common knowledge to all Canadians and those obligations should be upheld with pride and respect.

  9. Your the criminals government. The biggest mob in the world ever made.

  10. Michael Stewart | October 19, 2020 at 10:01 PM | Reply

    More RCMP to stage more false flags. Divide and concur is the names of the game. Stop playing games with Canadians. Were done…

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